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The WebOS operating system is based on a Linux kernel and was initially developed by Palm in 2009, was acquired by Hewlett-Packard 2011, and LG Electronics in 2013. HP made the platform open source and it became Open WebOS.

Version history

webOS version Release date Notes


RTM The 1.0.2 OTA update was already available on the first day of sale. Some Pres required this OTA update from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 while others already had 1.0.2 pre-loaded.


5 June 2009


19 June 2009


29 June 2009


23 July 2009 First release for Bell Canada


RTM for Palm Pre from O2 1.2 was already available in the United States when the O2 phones were released with 1.1.2. The 1.1.3 update was already available for European OTA update when the phones were available for sale.


13 October 2009 OTA update released only in Europe for GSM Palm Pre. Available on launch day. When released, 1.2 was already available in the United States.


28 September 2009 This was the first release said to support paid apps from the App Catalog.


2 October 2009 for Sprint, 6 October 2009 for Bell Canada

Pixi RTM This was a Pixi-only release. Version 1.3.1 was already available for OTA update when the Pixi was released


14 November 2009 for Sprint and Bell Canada

22 November 2009 for O2 Europe For European carriers, this was the first OTA update following 1.1.3.


2 December 2009 This was a Pixi-only release


Not Released Appears on the Palm Open Source Packages page as a release, but was never released on any known carrier.


28 December 2009 Only available on Sprint.

4 January 2010 for Sprint, 5 January for Bell Canada, 25 January for Verizon Only released in North America

12 January 2010 Only released in Europe


Pre-Release This appears to be a pre-release version used when testing the AT&T Pre and Pixi.


26 February 2010 for Sprint, O2, Movistar, 28 February 2010 for Verizon, 4 March 2010 for Bell Cananda, 5 March 2010 for Telcel Mexico This is the current version released for Telcel Mexico Pres.


31 March 2010 in Europe, 1 April 2010 in Canada Released only in Europe and Canada

31 March 2010 for Sprint, 29 April 2010 for Verizon Released only in the United States

Pre-Release Seen on a reviewer pre-production Vodafone Pixi Plus phone, presumed to be functionally equivalent to

RTM for O2 Pixi Plus Released only on the O2 Pixi Plus, supposed to be functionally equivalent to


RTM for AT&T Pre Plus Only on the AT&T Pre Plus, supposed to be functionally equivalent to


RTM for AT&T Pixi Plus Only on the AT&T Pixi Plus, supposed to be functionally equivalent to


14 July 2010 The update was made available for different devices over several months starting 2010 July with the last device to receive this update, the ATT Pixi Plus, receiving it in 2010 October. Some carriers (notably Telcel Mexico) never deployed this update. This is the final update for Pre and Pixi, and so far Pixi Plus phones, with some carriers releasing further updates for the Pre Plus and others not.

9 May 2011 For the original Pre and Pre Plus devices. Some bug fixes but has no new features. [1]. Current for Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi, and Pixi Plus.


22 October 2010 This is an RTM release for the Pre 2. Many webOS phones used by consumers currently still use 1.4.0 or 1.4.5 and may be left on those versions indefinitely.


19 November 2010 This is an RTM release, for Pre 2 phones or unlocked devices.


8 March 2011 Available on the Pre 2 through an OTA update and the Pre Plus for O2 Germany and Vodafone Europe through a USB-tethered "doctor" update.


15 May 2011 This is an RTM release for the HP Veer.


August 17, 2011 This is an RTM release for the HP Pre 3 [2].


September 28, 2011 This is an OTA release for the HP Pre 3 [3].


July 1, 2011 Initial version of webOS for HP TouchPad.


August 1, 2011 Update for the HP TouchPad.


October 18, 2011 An OTA update for the HP TouchPad. Ability to pair non webOS phones with the HP Touchpad. New Camera app for photos and videos. Support for playing Ogg Vorbis and FLAC lossless music files.