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Windows Mobile 6 Parts For Cooking Reference

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On this page the different Parts, Packages & Files that can be found in The Windows Mobile Professional OS are described. With a Focus on what they are good for and which ones are needed at a bare minimum to get the OS running. This information will be set up in three main categories, the SYS, XIP & OEM.

When the pacakge is acompanied by a MUI (Multilangual User Interface) Package it will be mentioned with 0XXX instead of a particular Localization code. (0409 English, 0407 German etc)

Devices with different screen resolutions will also have variations in the packages naming schemes. You will find 192 (VGA 640X480), 96 (QVGA 320X240) & other variations. 192 files and packages can be used on QVGA devices but compared to their 96DPI counterparts they are bigger because they carry larger icon craphics (crappy graphics)| for a larger resolution. Using 96DPI files or packages in Devices with a larger resolution can result in apps not starting up, not having icons or graphics or the OS not booting at al, so this is generally not advised.


The SYStem files will mostly be similar in most Operating Systems, but sometimes some parts are taken out from ROM to ROM.


Base_DPI|Base_DPI_192, Base_DPI96|