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XDAtools is a set of tools that deal with the ROM of your device. As you may know, your little device actually contains two computers, one being a PDA and the other doing all the telephone functions. Presently, XDAtools deals with the ROM of the PDA side of your device only, it does not allow you to do anything to do with phone ROM upgrades (which are also called 'Radio Stack Upgrades' or RSU).

XDAtools replaces our earlier tool XDArit.

Using the OS Image Tool that is part of XDAtools you can read the Operating System ROM image from the flash-ROM memory of your device to your harddisk, and put another OS image in your device. All of this can be done without using SD-cards for transport. This set of tools will replace our previous tool XDArit as the means of moving ROM images to and from SD-cards, should you want or need to use SD-cards and the bootloader as the means of getting a ROM image in or out of your device. You can even read and write images to and from bootloader SD-cards through ActiveSync while your device still has its OS running.

Start the osimagetool with the argument "--register" to create file associations that will allow you to perform useful actions straight from Windows Explorer.

Also included is a tool to fix or replace a bootloader without ever even leaving the Operating System.

Download: ftp://xda:[email protected]/Wallaby/Tools/

NOTE you can use OSImageTool only to manipulate Wallaby roms with version numbers starting with 3 or 4. ( the pocketpc 2002 and 2003 roms. ) roms for other devices, or the newer 'windows mobile 2003 second edition rom' for Wallaby, are laid out differently, in a way that OSImageTool does not understand.