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Also known as the itsutils tools collection.

Most of these utilities run on the commandline on your desktop machine, and do stuff on your PocketPC device. Most work on many platforms, not just the XDA.

you can browse the source with viewcvs here or download the source+executables here

recent binary downloads:

  • itsutils.dll The dll that is copied to your device to do all the work remotely.

if you want to run these tools on a smartphone, don't forget to sign itsutils.dll using 'signcode.exe'

  • pps.exe views process and thread information.
  • pregutl.exe examines, changes, or deletes registry keys.
  • psdread.exe reads raw sectors from the SDCard in your PocketPC.

or in a flashcard reader attached to your PC.

  • psdwrite.exe writes raw sectors to the SDCard in your PocketPC or in a flashcard reader attached to your PC.
  • psynctime.exe syncs your PocketPC clock with your desktop, and fix the 'lose-focus' problem.
  • ppostmsg.exe sends or posts windows messages to wince windows. you can also use this tool to list all the windows and childwindows of your device. ( something which the official wince windows api can no do )
  • prapi.exe interacts with your wince device via the provisioning API. currently you use this to change policy settings, and set or delete registry keys.

Wallaby only tools

Experimental tools

  • pmemmap.exe dumps what memory blocks are used by the current process.
  • dump.exe Hexdumps a local file in various ways.
  • tlbdump.exe dumps the contents of the virtual memory translation table.

ril experiments