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Yuandao Window N90 II

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Window N90 II
N90 II
Window N90 II.jpg
Model Number: See Page
Device Type: Tablet
Manufacturer: Yuandao 32px
Release Date: May 2012
Operating System: Android Android-icon.jpg
Dimensions: 240 x 185 x 10mm
Weight: 580g
Display: 9.7" IPS 1024*768
Chipset: Rockchip RK3066
RAM: Not Known
Internal Memory: 16 GB NAND, 1 GB RAM DDR3
Memory Card: microSD/HC up to 32Gb
Networks: No
Wi-fi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
USB: Not Known
Bluetooth: 2.1
Video out: microHDMI
Camera: 2 MP auto-focus
Secondary Camera: 2 MP
Battery: 7000 mAh
Other features
Additional Features:


The Yuandao (Window) - 9.7" N90 II dual core 2 features a Rockchip RK3066 processor clocked at 1.6 GHz with an integrated quad core mali400 GPU, Bluetooth, Ext 3G compatible, WIFI
Window N90 II tablets offers leading, easy-to-access multimedia and entertainment features at low cost. You can:
  • Connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or connecting an external 3G HSDPA+ modem supported.
  • Access your email while on the move.
  • Keep in touch with your friends via your Contacts and social networking applications.
  • Listen to rich, full-impact audio up to 1080p.
  • OS 4.1 released from supplier and available at firmware page.
There are three different version of N90:
1) N90 - the 1st one
2) N90 dual core
3) N90 dual core 2 - with Bluetooth
This article is related only to N90 dual core 2 - with Bluetooth. BZ-CZ version are available in marketplace, they had same hardware but different firmware.
Downloading firmware from chinese bbs or supplier site, description to refer is: N90双擎2. CZ/BZ can be found behind your tablet (like serial no.), download accordingly.

CPU Details

The Rockchip RK30xx series uses a dual core Cortex A9 CPU.
This high performance mobile processor is a Dual Core Cortex A9 processor similar to the Samsung Exynos 4 SoC. In terms of performance, the RK3066 is between the Samsung Exynos 4210 and the Samsung Exynos 4212.
It integrates a dual-core Cortex A9 with separate NEON and FPU coprocessor.
Many embedded powerful hardware engines provide optimized performance for high-end applications. The RK3066 support most full-format video decoders at 1080@60fps, also supports H.264/MVC/VP8 encoder by 1080@30fps, high quality JPEG enc/dec, special image preprocessor and postprocessor.
Embedded 3D GPU make RK3066 completely compatible with OpenGL ES2.0 and 1.1, OpenVG 1.1.
Special 2D hardware engine with MMU will maximize display performance and provide very smoothly operation.
RK3066 has high-performance external memory interface (DDR3/LPDDR2/LVDDR3) capable to substaining demanding memory bandwidht, also provide a complete set of peripheral interface to support very flexible application.

  • 40 nm.
  • Dual core Cortex A9 processor, clocked at up to 1.6 GHz.
  • Quad core Mali 400, clocked at 250 MHz per core. (Support 1080p Video Decoding)
  • DDR, DDR2-800, DDR3-800 support. (up to 2GB)
  • HDMI 1.4 Interface to support 3D-video 1080p@30fps
  • 2-channels TFT LCD Interface with 5 layers and 3D Display (1920x1080 Maximum Display Size)
  • USB 2.0 Interface + USB OTG 2.0
  • SD/MMC Interface
  • 5 I2C; 4 UART; 2SPI; 4 PWM
  • High speed ADC interface and TS stream interface

Rockchip RK30xx ARM Cortex-A9 announced






Key Combination

  • You can reboot into recovery by powering off the device, holding the VolDown + Power Button

How to upgrade

I. Preparation

1. Choose and download an IMG (Firmware):
a) StockROM: Yuandao Firmware download page
b) CustomROM: Vondroid CFW for window N90 II (BZ-CZ version)
c) CustomROM: TNT Official Release 3
2. If necessary download "RKbackTool".
2b. Alternate US/English Download RKbatchTool: US/English RKbatch Tool and Firmware
3. Extra Driver shouldn't be needed, Win7 will recognize the device -> therefore don't install manually ADB, or USB-Driver.
4. Charge Tablet to >70%

II. Flash

1. Turn tablet (off) and disconnect every cable and charger.
2. Start on PC "RKBatchTool.exe" and choose under the item "FW Path" an IMG (see I. Preparation).
3. Now press Volume (+) on tablet -> keep pressing and connect at the same time the tablet (upper microUSB port, not OTG) with PC -> as soon as you hear the PC is successfully connected or you see in RKBatchTool under "Connected Devices" a green light, then you can stop pressing Volume (+) and the tablet should be recognized from "RKBatchTool".
4. Click in RKBatchTool "Restore" (not Upgrade) and the flash process should begin; the first-time boot will last longer than normally - you can close RKBatchTool and disconnect the USB cable as soon as the tablet is booted.

More instruction can be found here.


4.0.4 users

1) Link: Download Morobo
2) Download this modified SuperOneClick - Short Fuse
3) Install Moborobo and open it
4) Make sure USB Debugging is enabled on your tablet (Settings --> Developer Options)
5) Connect your Window N90 Dual Core tablet to your PC
6) Wait for Moborobo to see the device
7) Extract the contents of SuperOneClick
8) Run SuperOneClick.exe
9) Click on Root
10) Click on Yes (it says device is already rooted do you wish to continue)

4.1.1 users

1) Download this zip
2) unzip it
3) start adb - instruction here
4) adb root
5) adb remount
6) adb push system/app/Superuser.apk /system/app/
7) adb push system/bin/su /system/bin/
8) adb push system/xbin/busybox /system/xbin/
9) adb shell
10) chmod 04755 /system/xbin/busybox
11) chown /system/bin/su
12) chmod 06755 /system/bin/su
13) sync

Alternate (Simple) Method using Moborobo

1) Download SuperOneClickv2.3.3-ShortFuse+icestage instead of the un-remodified SuperOneClickv2.3.3-ShortFuse
2) Follow the other steps in 4.0.4 users section above


Open your tablet.
On the CPU board between the CPU/Memory zone and camera zone there are a few plots.
3 of them marked with GND, TX and RX and the more important 2 more UNMARKED but contained in a square (the place of a micro switch)
So the tablet wont start... OK
Fire up the RK batch tool and load a stock firmware
Shorten the two plots (the missing switch) and keeping them shorted press POWER, if everything goes OK then computer will recognize a new device and installs it.
The well known green square should become DARK BLUE!
WAIT process to finish
WARNING again, use the USB ports directly soldered on computer motherboard (backplate), I have concluded that the front USB on 3 computers dont work for tablet upgrades.
Info are available here


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