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[[Category:Ainol|NOVO5 Basic]] [[Category:Ainol Tablets|NOVO5 Basic]]
[[Category:Ainol|NOVO5 Basic]] [[Category:Ainol Tablets|NOVO5 Basic]]
[[Category:Ainol NOVO5 Basic|NOVO5 Basic]]
[[Category:Ainol NOVO5 Basic]]

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Budget 5" tablet from Ainol marketed as the worlds cheapest Android 2.2 tablet in 2011.



In addition to the specs on the right-side

  • Processor: ARM9 core 600MHz CPU, Mail-200 GPU (RK2818)
  • Resistive touchpanel
  • 720p HD video playback capable
  • G-sensor
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 1W stereo loudspeakers
  • Charging method: USB cable



Common Issues