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the HTC_Alpine has a 64M DiskOnChip rom, and 64M Flashrom.

the DiskOnChip contains the \Storage directory

the flashrom contains the bootloader, the osrom, extended rom.

=80000000-80040000= bootloader
=80040000-82700000= osrom
=82700000-83f00000= extended rom
=83f80000-83fa5800= boot splash
=83fc0000-83fc0024= serial nrs
=83ff8000-83ff8040= device type
=83ff8040-83ff8060=  ??? some signarure?

Content of Extended ROM for Qtek 2020i:

  • CAB-MMS20020-Alpine-ENU-21DEC04.CAB - MMS Sender
  • Caller_ID_Alpine_Generic_WWE_RC16.CAB - Photo Caller ID application
  • CV2.41.386_wwe.CAB - PDF&PPT viewer
  • - ???
  • JMM101257_wwe_1004.CAB - Java Midlet Manager
  • PhonePad_Alpine_Generic_WWE_RC11.CAB - PhonePad with T9s
  • SmartDialing_Alpine_Generic_WWE_RC13.CAB - Dialer application (the one, whitch popup, when You press green "answer" button)
  • Version.CAB - check and set version of ROM
  • Zip_Alpine_Generic_WWE_RC11.CAB - zip application

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