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Artemis FAQs

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Q: Technical Terms and Jargon - where are they explained?

A: Wiki:FAQ#Technical_Terms_and_Jargon

Q: How can TMC work properly by simultaneous powering device?


Q: How can one disable "Static navigation" in the SirfIII-Chipset for better pedestrian navigation (e.g. hiking or geocaching)?


Q: Does the inbuild FM-radio supports TMC?

A: There is a hardware element that is required to translate and use the TMC data so it is impossible too. As of yet, no HTC devices support this. (from HTC-support)

Q: Is there an Infrared port?

A: No.

Q: How to perform a soft reset?

A: See Wiki: Artemis_Resets#Soft_reset

  • Simply insert your stylus on the small hole on the left side of the device, and press till you feel the "click".

Q: How to perform a hard reset?

A: See Wiki:Artemis_Resets#Hard_reset

  • On a T-Mobile Compact III (UK) go to settings>system>Clear storage & follow the instructions. Not sure if this is the same on all versions.
  • On a O2 Xda Orbit (Germany) press left and right software button, then press for two seconds the reset hole with the stylus, but do not release the buttons. Keep pressing those buttons, until display shows confirmation question for a hard reset.
  • On a SPV M650 (Poland - Orange ver.) Turn off the phone. Press the two soft keys and then power on the phone - press the power holding the soft buttons. When the phone is on You can release the soft buttons. There will be the screen confirming the hard reset and formating the partition.
  • On a HTC Artemis (P3300): Press both soft keys and insert stylus into soft reset button and press. Release the soft reset button and keep pressing the soft keys. When the "This operation will delete all your personal data, to manufacturer default" appears on screen. Press Green call button to restore manufacturer default, or press other keys to cancel.

Q: After flashing rom from another phone my artemis didn't turn on?

A: its called a phone dead ..........try and renter with boot-mode camera + reset