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DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ROOT OR INSTALL A CUSTOM ROM IF YOUR PHONE IS A LIFELINE! There is a GOOD reason why this voids your warranty and manufacturers recommend against it. Once you leave the 'safe confines' of your stock ROM, anything can happen! For most people the results are well worth it. However, most people also experience some issue at some point - crashes, complete loss of functionality (boot loops), inexplicable crashes, etc.

Generally however, if you READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON ROOTING CAREFULLY AND READ THIS WIKI before you do anything, you should be ok.

But remember that everything you see here is driven by volunteers with jobs, families and real lives that take priority over giving free support to you, so you are on your own!

Do not ever demand support from the forum or post stupid questions that have already been answered here or in the forum. Read this wiki first, and then search the forum, before posting any new question.

If something has been covered in the Wiki or on the first page of the main thread, and you go ahead and ask anyway, you will be completely ignored at best, or summarily executed (forum style) at worst.

You have been warned!

What is AuraxTSense

It's a ROM created by an awesome Spanish guy called Neophyte. He brings us this awesome ROM. DO NOT BOTHER HIM WITH ANY QUESTIONS THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED HERE AS HE IS A VOLUNTEER DEVELOPER ONLY.

IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO ADD, THEN ADD IT. This Wiki will only be as good as the contributions it receives. Rather than blast poor newbs, welcome them to our ever growing community and point them to this Wiki. If their questions are not answered here, we have failed them. We have succeeded when there are no more repeated questions on the forums, and Neophyte no longer has to waste any of his valuable ROM developing time answering them.

Main discussion thread here [1]

What is the latest stable version?

8.2 --NeoPhyTe.x360 06:00, 04 November 2010 (CDT)

What is the latest experimental version?

7.9 --DroidBois 21:57, 18 October 2010 (CDT)

Where Can I Get It?

Either check the download links on the main thread here [2] OR use ROM Manager (my preferred option) and look under 'Neophyte'.

Using ROM manager you are able to select the appropriate version for your needs, either stable or experimental.

Where Can I Get The Extras?

Install extras from the downloadable flashable Zip files. Flashable means click to open or open in ROM Manager and follow the prompts. Again - BACKUP FIRST. What I do is use DropBox to copy the files to my phone, and then click on the files from within DropBox and they automatically open in ROM Manager. Ensure the file has actually downloaded FROM DropBox first or you will abort with error.

Deleted Apps Stocks, Teeter, GDB

Look under the Download section in the first page of the main thread for the latest links.

Download links for extras to be inserted here. Thanks to xenix1 for the suggestion.

Working drag and drop in helix view and black HtcClock

xda thread :

Originally Posted by sub0min0us

rosie.apk from AuraxTSense 7.4 (Working drag and drop in helix view). Included in the zip file is the HTCClockWidget.apk from espreso mod (black). If you dont want the clock then remove it first using Winrar and flash the file. You need to disable the verification in clockwork before flashing though.

Richard Trip's Wifi N driver

For a good and stable Wifi N version check out Richard Trip's V5 wifi N driver. Even when screen is off, wifi stays connected. Speed is great as well. Oh and you might also flash Richard's V5 kernel (NoAudiomod version). The combination is a good one, maybe even advisable. Here's the link :

Fix for slow SD card speed (Read) with HTC's Froyo Kernel --Tested by : oijkn 15:03, 26 October 2010 (CDT) ROM Version 7.9

Some members of XDA have looked into the problem of the slow SD card speed and discovered that the poor performance is due to HTC reducing the read-ahead settings in their new kernel. That patch will increase the read speed to SD card, you will see the difference after reboot your phone :)

File:Http:// Froyo cfq V5

Latest News

AuraxTSense Version 8.0 released!!! --NeoPhyTe.x360 05:58, 4 November 2010 (CDT)

For people with market problems in download, UNINSTALL MARKET ENABLER and reboot.

Remember to perform a COMPLETE WIPE AND CACHE CLEAN before EVERY flash - either new install or upgrade!

For information on how to retain your apps, data and settings between flashes, see my guide below --DroidBois 03:11, 15 October 2010 (CDT)

It's best to reset battery status before flashing! (Thanks to RascarC!)

How to disable the camera sound!!

Use RootExplorer (or adb) to remove/rename /system/media/audio/ui/camera_click.ogg

8.0 Bug Reports

No bugs known yet.

Some people have noticed problems with 2G/3G signal. There is not a bug, It's because of improves of battery done, you can "fix" it entering on AuraCPUManager app installed in rom, and tip on DISABLE option. All problems with signal will be solved.

Current Feature Requests

Baking in security

Re-install deleted apps

Either re-install deleted apps (especially Stocks) or release a version with deleted apps left intact. The flashable Zip doesn't seem to reinstall Stocks.

HTC Desire HD mods

Add hibernation mod and notification recent apps like Droid Incredible Android Developers did .. .

Current Questions

Neophyte / FloHimself / mayku / Shawe_ewahs - can we have a little more information on what the following means, especially the bit about GPU+

Version 8.0

  * UVOC kernel _ [email protected] #18 - @998mhz Default - Max @1190mhz -CFS.SVS.UV.OC.GPU+.SDfix.LZmaCompresion

Abomb asks "So with the new Aura CPU Manager can we still use SetCPU, or will that hurt more than help with battery life?" YOU CAN USE SETCPU Disabling on AuraCPUManager

Droidbois asks "Is the overclocking feature of the new kernel a risk to our phone hardware?" NOT, BECAUSE IT USES SAME VOLTAGES AS ORIGINAL HTC KERNELS

Kernel based on source.

AuraxTSense 8.0 kernel Featues:

  • Overclocked (1190MHz max)
  • Undervolted (950mV min - 1300mV max)
  • Static Voltage Scaling
  • CPU governors: interactive smartass powersave ondemand performance
  • Completely Fair Scheduling
  • Read ahead buffer size 128kb ("sdfix")
  • Lzma Compression (1,72mb zImage)
  • Completely Fair Queuing
  • Kernel modules: auth_rpcgss.ko, lockd.ko, rpcsec_gss_krb5.ko, bcm4329.ko, nfs.ko, sunrpc.ko, cifs.ko, nfs_acl.ko, tun.ko, exportfs.ko, nfsd.ko, fuse.ko, nls_utf8.ko
  • GPU: Added writecombine flag & enabled shadow writes on kgsl
  • Bluetooth: Fix bluetooth sleep bug


-Radio (Also works with latest

-Partition ext2, 3 or 4 wiped (for APP2SD+)

Wipe Cache and Full Factory Reset is essential, always! Some have reported no problems with not doing a wipe, but it's a gamble. See my guide below on retaining settings and apps if this is an issue (use Nandroid settings restore and Titanium restore). You will not get any support on the forum for problems or errors without doing a full wipe before install, first.

Another Method To Install

This assumes you have a rooted phone

1) Install ROM Manager, and buy it.

2) Look for 'Neophyte' heading under ROMs to download, find the latest AuraxTSense ROM.

3) Backup your current ROM, back that off the card to a PC. Don't restore any data or Titanium backup from your old ROM. When changing ROMs you need to start fresh as this may cause problems if you don't. Set up everything from scratch. Sorry, you will just have to suck it up. Also, Wipe battery stats (thanks to RascarC). This just gives more accurate battery readings.

4) Partition your card, ROM Manager can do this. For reasons why, see below section on app2sd+

5) COMPLETE WIPE and install ROM, using ROM Manager

6) Wait a long time, do not touch it, make sure it is plugged in to external power. Can take 15 minutes or more.

Integrity Checking

A user recently reported an issue with a corrupted download causing the flash to fail and the phone to lock up on boot, requiring a re-flash. It is now recommended to perform a full integrity check on the ROM file before flashing.

MD5Sum file fingerprints

When you perform an md5 check, you are comparing the fingerprint from the files you downloaded to the fingerprint of the files on the server you downloaded from

Microsoft Windows users: md5sum program can be downloaded

Linux users already have this installed natively.

usage: md5sum <path-to-file\file>


In cmd prompt (Dos shell). (presuming you downloaded the Binary to your desktop and the ROM is on your desktop too)


3a5079c5f7ff27e06992bff7a34ab726 *

b66e8d23fc1c87d193e4f4c50afa1fce *

06232bf923dab767e711a7f5d2bc1a52 *

If the file you downloaded matches the fingerprint in bold here or posted by Neophyte then you know it is correct.

More info

Retaining Settings

For those wishing to retain settings between flashes of AuraxTSense versions, I found the following helps:

1) Take full Titanium backup, and back that up on your PC just in case

2) Take a full Nandroid backup (I find ROM Manager works for this)


4) If in doubt, re-read Point 3

5) Make a nice hot cup of tea, flash, sit back and enjoy the show with a smug smile on your face.

6) After it all settles down, reboot in to recovery, find the advanced backup settings somewhere, and restore data (only) from your last Nandroid backup (not the ROM, just the data)

7) Reboot, run Titanium, restore all apps and data.

8) Run Market Doctor from Titanium to restore all Market links.

9) Reboot just to be sure..

10) Move on with your life.

I've found with this, I can upgrade between ROM's no problem and retain all my settings, such as Locale which is an incredible pain to set back up again.

Removing overlay file-system

(With the addition of 8.1.3 this is no longer necessary as Neophyte has removed it from the official rom)


From adb in recovery type:

-adb shell
-mount /system
-rm /system/bin/unionfs
-and now you have fully write with your s-off


App2sd+ requires a Linux (EXT) partition to be created on your Micro SD card. Why? Because EXT is the native Android filesystem, as Android is based on Linux.

How to create partition?

  1. (wiping your card in the process) with ROM Manager
  2. on linux with Gparted. Find this either on a Linux PC, a bootable Linux CD or DVD (most have this option, like Ubuntu, to boot off their installation CD), or the Gparted bootable CD.
  3. on Windows, see SD card partitioning

I have heard recommendations to place the partition the end of the drive. No idea why, but that's what I did, and it works well. I have 900MB EXT3 partition at the end of my card.

Regarding formatting under windows, and how partitions work.

When you format your Windows partition (if you have partitions), does it format all the other partitions too? No. This is because a partition is a 'logical hard drive', the OS sees it as a hard drive, almost like a physical device, hence each partition can have any file system from any OS and function independently, be mounted or unmounted independently.

EXT 2,3 and 4 are Linux file systems. Windows hates Linux so will not acknowledge it's existence. It will just 'show' a blank partition, and probably prompt you to format that too if you give it half a chance. Do not do that. Windows refuses to support EXT file systems so it will only end in tears.

So if you format your SD card, say it mounts as 'D' Drive, then you will only format 'D' Drive if you click 'format'. If you have a second FAT32 partition, on that card, mounted as 'E' then you have to select that too.

If you have a second Linux partition (i.e. what you have now with app2sd+) Windows 'won't' see it so you can't do anything with it, unless you pull up Disk Manager and you will see a 'blank' partition that you can format as FAT32, but can't mount to access.

Seeing if app2sd+ is working

Quick System Info shows you the A2SD partition. Handy stuff. Remember that installing to your internal memory actually installs to your external A2SD+ partition now (still seen as internal memory by the phone) and installing to external memory installs to your FAT32 partition which is seen as external memory by your phone. To understand why you'd need to look up 'symbolic links' in the Linux world, I will spare you the details. It's all down to the magic of Linux. That's why the partition does not show up when you mount your phone in Windows, as Windows does not recognise Linux partitions, which the appsd+ partition actually is, whereas a Linux PC will see it.

Changing / Migrating SD Cards

Thanks to dimcus

1. Partition your new SD card so it'll have fat32 and ext2 partitions (latter could be different size or even ext3 type).

2. Do nandroid backup from Clockwork mod recovery

3. Copy all files from fat32 partition to the new card

4. Replace the card.

5. Go to the recovery and made restore. This will restore all files on your ext2 partition.

(Can someone please verify this works and sign your name here)

Verified to be working. Use Amon-Ra recovery or ROM Manager to partition your card if you don't have working linux / gparted installation in your machine (bluelavender)

Making Your Friends Jealous

BTW PicMe is a great application that creates a web server on your phone that you can pull up in a browser to take screen shots and send to your envious friends. Enjoy.

What is Undervolting?

Undervolting (a.k.a. UV) is a way of increasing battery life by reducing the amount of electrical power drawn by the processor. The downside of (excessive) undervolting is that there may not be enough power for the processor to remain stable.

Normally the processor may draw (say) 1.275 mV, but - due to a little 'engineering overdesign' by the manufacturer - it will often remain stable even if it is reduced to (say) 1.1 mV. Lower voltages reduce the draw on the battery, so that battery life is extended, with the added advantage that processor will not get as hot. Undervolting is particularly successful if the processor is also slowed down. Alternatively, when a processor is overclocked (i.e. the processor is made faster), it may require more electrical power (it is working harder, after all), and so they are also overvolted (and battery life is thereby reduced).

Of course the panacea is to undervolt and overclock so that the battery life is extended, and the system is faster overall; this is called undervolt-overclock (a.k.a. UVOC). Alternatively, there are some systems that attempt to adjust the voltage dynamically, so that the system is undervolted whenever possible (thereby increasing battery life), and overvolted when required (assuming the processor is able to increase its speed dynamically) - HAVS is one such system.

Note: Your success with undervolting and overclocking will vary not only between make/models of handsets, but even between instances of the same production run.

See: [[3]]


Version 8.0

   * New Kernel UVOC _ [email protected] #18 ---- @998mhz Default - Max @1190mhz CFS.SVS.UV.OC.GPU+.SDfix.LZmaCompresion (Thanks to all that have make that I build this kernel) -> GPL Source:
   * Updated kernel modules.
   * Updated Aura CPU Manager (to change CPU Values without loss Aura config)
   * Modified ScreenState, after 12 minutos in Sleep, DATA connection switches to 2G, and with the screen on 2G/3G (thanks to      FloHimself for this) - (For Disable this or temporaly,, in auracpumanager choose DISABLE, and screenstate will be disabled, included data switch)
   * NEW Launcher & LockScreen completely made by ME (If you use it somewhere, CREDITS)
   * Added new Vietnamesse, Thai, etc to Locale.
   * Updated Maps.
   * Updated Market.
   * Updated CarHome
   * Updated YouTube 2.07
   * Fixed Wifi Hotspot
   * Fixed VPN connections (¿?)
   * Improved wifi power to save battery.
   * Added a lot of new Wallpapers.
   * Zipalign.
   * Fixed read ahead buffer size ("sdfix"), Improves read speed of sdcard.
   * More Improves Battery & Performance, for better speed between menus.
   * Tweaks.
   * & more I sure forget haha

Version 7.9

   * New Kernel UVOC 2.32.15-piranha _ [email protected] #16 ---- @1113mhz Default - Max @1300mhz - BFS.HAVS.UV.OC.GPU+ (thanks to FloHimself)
   * Added new Aura CPU Manager (to change CPU Values without loss Aura config) (Thanks to creators mayku00 & Shawe_ewahs)
   * Updated ROM Manager.
   * Updated Google Search
   * Zipalign.
   * Improves Battery & Performance.
   * Fixed OpenVPN (try it)
   * Changed Bootanimation.
   * & more I sure forget haha

Version 7.8

   * Based on Official Sense FroYo 2.2 (FRF91)
   * Rooted
   * Market Fixed
   * INTERACTIVE& powersave Cpu Frequency Available.
   * Theme modded by me
   * dalvik-cache2sd
   * Undervolted Kernel Original of FroYo 2.12
   * 720p/h264 Camera
   * APP2SD (require partition ext) thanks to AdamG
   * Working HSDPA Icon
   * Wake up From Trackpad & power
   * Desk Clock
   * CIFS
   * Adobe Flash 10.1 update
   * CFQ module
   * Open vpn
   * Supports ext4
   * Very fast, Clean & stable
   * Optimizations RAM and active sysctl.conf
   * Battery Percentage modded by me FLASHEABLE ON post #3 (thanks to judison original icons)
   * Car Panel
   * Nexus One Photogallery
   * List Host block y apn massive
   * Superuser Permissions 2.3.1 by ChainsDD
   * busybox with Droid Explorer support
   * Brut Google Maps 4.4.0
   * Moddded Bootscreen to Nexus
   * Added Launcher2 original FroYo
   * Added, Quickoffice, spare parts
   * Deleted Teeter, Stock, Plurk & others.
   * Disabled booting sound HTC
   * WiFi N nextsense & 7.5.2 (Optional Download:
   * WiFi N 7.4
   * WiFi N 7.7-7.8-7.8.1 ->
   * Zipaligned
   * Deodexed.
   * Launcher2
   * ADW Launcher
   * HTC_IME mod
   * Included Languages: English, Chinese, Arabic (not totally), Czech, German, Espanol, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish.



Please enter information, links and screenshots of themes here. Please also indicate if you have tested the them, and with which ROM version.

                                                ===Black Espresso Theme/Mod === 

Tested by: xenix (7.8.1)

This mod include BlackLock, EspressoBar and CleanNotificiation Flash via recovery. Also Rosie.apk is includet and will be overwritten !!!.

                                                 === Theme Carbon Ara V1.6 ===
  * BlackEspressoMod (Modded with carbon fiber print)
  * TransparentNotificationPullDown
  * ExpressoBar ala Zaphyr
  * Circle Battery Version I
  * Fancy icon set by trinityEon
  * Blue carbon elements by trinityEon
  * Homescreen Drag and Drop in helicopter view
  * Personal Icons from my Ubuntu theme
  * Widget and bar from AuraxTSense v7.8.1 theme
  * Different Icons from LaGaDesk-BlueNight theme
  * Transparent AppDrawer
  * New icons for the android market
  * Internet browser in bleu
  * New icons for Gmail and Calendar
  * Correction and modification for some icons
  * and more....................

For apply this theme you have only to download it with the link below, copy the file in your SD card and then flash it with ROM Manager. Reboot your phone and enjoy !

Original topic from author (redlion57) ==>

Theme Carbon_Ara_V1.6 ==>

Tested by: --DroidBois 17:55, 22 October 2010 (CDT) ROM Version 7.8.1 --Oijkn ROM Version (v7.9 ~ v8.0)

                                                       == SOME SCREENSHOTS ==
Snap20101022 145331.png
Snap20101022 145544.png
Snap20101022 145438.png
Snap20101022 145506.png
Snap20101022 145349.png
Snap20101022 145337.png
Snap20101022 145408.png
Snap20101022 145549.png
Snap20101022 145605.png
Snap20101022 145623.jpg
Snap20101022 145455.png
Snap20101022 145925.png
Snap20101022 150036.png
Snap20101022 145956.png
Snap20101022 145737.png
Snap20101022 145838.png

Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen

  1. Super Circle Battery with %, version [A-I]
  2. Custom style battery, version Z
  3. Themed icons for status bar
  4. Customizable notification drop-down window
  5. Bootanimation changer

Jonasl's HTC_IME high res keyboard

Customize the HTC IME keyboard with this online kitchen you have to register but itś for free.

SetoThemeMod BRS

Another theme compatible to AuraxTSense ROM. Two style in it and most system apps are modified. Now BootAnimation is avaliable too!