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HTC Blue Angel/Research

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Getting Started

Have you already browsed HTC_Blueangel ?

There is now a working Linux Kernel and HaRET at BlueangelKernel

5 minute install guide for linux on the blue angel: BlueAngel_Linux

Find people that are interested in running Linux on the Blueangel at in #htc-linux

Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated. If you have any other info (even things that are the same as the Himalaya) please post it here or create a new appropriate page for it and link from here. Also if anyone wants to add some structure to this page go right ahead. :)

Please contribute your board id`s after you booted the latest BlueangelKernel

There is a forum thread going on where this ongoing effort is discussed.

If you have one of these fantastic devices and want to unleash the power of Linux on it then please contribute to this wiki with any information you have. I will try and do the same as I make progress as well.

-- sjs

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