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Energy ROM

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Energy ROMs are a collection of ROMS created by NRGZ28 for various compatible full screen WVGA and VGA HTC devices.

They are based on Windows Mobile 6.5.x and HTC Sense 2.5 builds 2015 or 2017.

NRGZ28 provides two main versions of his ROMs :

- One based on 21xx Windows Mobile builds, with a classical Start menu at the top left and standard taskbar and softkey bar ;

- One based on 23xx Windows mobile builds, with the Start menu at the bottom left on an enlarged softkey bar, and a proportionnaly stretched taskbar.

Several main sub-versions are provided :

- CoOkie Home Tabs built-in


- MaxSense built-in


- Standard or "reference" versions


Some of them have even different skins or themes built-in :

- Standard HTC (green)


- Energy-style (blue)

- Dinik Anastasia style


- GTX style


They also have a lot of built-in useful apps, and are XDA_UC ready.

HTC Blackstone


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WWE Blackstone Energy ROM


HSPL version : 1.56



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WWE Leo Energy ROM

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HSPL version :

HTC Raphael


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WWE Raphael Energy ROM


HSPL version : 1.90.OliNex

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1


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Howto Guides and Common features/fixes

Energy ROM add-ons

Link to add-ons folder (all versions) : Energy ROM add-ons

Volume control

HTC Volume Control is NOT compatible with 23xx Windows Mobile builds.

You then must NOT try to use it with these ROMs, and anyway, the "speaker" taskbar icon can't be linked to it, at it's managed differently.

You can try to install some third party volume control software, but they may or may not work properly anyway.

Common drawbacks when using third party volume control software, the are not being able to stop the phone from ringing on incoming calls, for instance, but people have also reported alarms not sounding, etc. Can be quite a problem, indeed.

I tried Setvolume.exe from MarcLandis (thread) with the same issues.

Without HTC Volume Control, the classical Windows Mobile volume control shows up when you press the volume buttons on 23xx ROMs.

THIS IS NORMAL : please don't hassle people about that ! Use it as it is, or find a third party solution (Volumex works very well, and you can even remap the "speaker" icon area to have it working, but it is not free).



Thank you.

Remove WM screen unlock delay

As some modules are extracted from devices featuring a physical folding keyboard, there is a known issue with Windows mobile :

After having calibrated your touch screen, the system sets a value in the Windows Mobile registry that causes a delay each time you unlock your device.

Just reset this value and you're fixed.

Here are the details, with the correct value (0 instead of 1) :


This CAB file will do it for you (it does nothing else but resetting the registry value) : Remove WM screen unlock delay cab

NRGZ28 Camera Advanced patch

Some recent builds have a problem of "Advanced" button not working in HTC camera.

NRGZ28 provided a fix; just install this CAB file :

NRG Arabic Language Fix

Install this cab first

And then this cab

Greek Keyboard for NRG Roms

Install the this cab

Manila won't start

In some cases that manila is not starting or is performing unsually slow the recommended fix is to delete the folder: "\Storage Card\Application Data" and the file "Manilafull.xml" from \Windows folder and soft reset the device.

I can't Rearrange Manila Tabs

If you cannot change the order of the tabs in manila, delete the file "ManilaFull.xml" in your \Windows directory and soft reset.

Keep your Music Playlist and Stock tab settings and restore them after flash

Before flash copy the file "\Application Data\HTC\ygo\ygoservice.db" for the stocks and the file "\Application Data\HTC\AudioManager_Eng\AudioManager_Eng.vol" for the music playlist.

After flash copy those files back to those folders and softreset.

Use XDA_UC to autocopy files and folders after Flash

Make a text file with name like move_shortcuts.mscr and put in the files something like those lines of code

Example 1

   If ( FileExists( "\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Backlight.lnk" )=TRUE )
      rename( "\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Backlight.lnk", "\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Tools\Backlight.lnk", TRUE )
      SleepMessage( 5, "No Backlight.lnk rename/move...bye!", "No File to move!" )

this block of code will move the Backlight.lnk from programs folder to tools folder

Example 2

   MkDir( "\Program Files\xdaShutdown" )
   If ( DirExists( "\Storage Card\cabs\My cabs\xdaShutdown" ) )
      XCopy( "\Storage Card\cabs\My cabs\xdaShutdown\*.*", "\Program Files\xdaShutdown", TRUE, TRUE )
      SleepMessage( 5, "Nothing to copy... goodbye!", "Problem!" )

This block of code will make a folder in "\Program Files\" with name xdaShutdown and then will copy the contens of the folder \Storage Card\cabs\My cabs\xdaShutdown to that folder.

Example 3

  If ( FileExists( "\Storage Card\ygoservice.db" )=TRUE )
     copy( "\Storage Card\ygoservice.db", "\Application Data\HTC\ygo\ygoservice.db", TRUE )
     SleepMessage( 5, "Nothing to rename/move... goodbye!", "Problem!" )

This block of code will copy file ygoservice.db form storage card to folder \Application Data\HTC\ygo.

Save the file move_shortcuts.mscr and copy the file in the \Storage Card\XDA_UC folder.

All the file copy operation that you put in this file will run after the flash.

GTX fonts color problem if u change the theme

If by any chance u try to change the theme in dinikgtx (guess it should be the same for normal gtx)and u have white text in start menu then run in \Windows folder and soft reset the device. (advised by NRGZ28 while chatting) i had got this problem before i chatted with him and did HR so cant test.

Howto guide on What to do Before and After a flash for Fast "Up and Running"

Howto guide on what to do before and after a flash to have you device and your data up and running in no time

Most of the pre flashing stuff they have to be done ONCE, some of them like backup of PIM data every time before flash

Probably i am forgetting things so i will add them as we go...

1. What to backup before flashing..

1.1 Put all your app cabs in the folder \Storage card\XDA_UC. Any registry (.reg) and mortscript files (.mscr) also put them here. In the folder \XDA_UC\Start Menu you can put any shortcust to app that are installed on sd

1.2 Make a backup of your pim data with pimbackup.Keep that file in SD card\XDA_UC folder. If you care about facebook links to your contacts then use outlook or better (for me) use the free MS MyPhone service and the app \tools\Myphone to backup the whole pim data (it does't make backup of call logs)

1.3 In tools\setting export and "export everything".Also in the menu chose autoimport. In my opinion its better after this to go to \SD\XDA_UC\Exporter and delete the following files: SenseSettings.reg - SenseSettingsCookieLayout.reg - SenseTabs.reg All the others are ok. Keep in mind that passwords for facebook twitter and bluetooth are not saved.

1.4 In CHT editor go to menu and export setting ... Select an sd folder and export your settings

1.5 Copy to SD card the files : "\Application Data\HTC\ygo\ygoservice.db" for the stocks and the file "\Application Data\HTC\AudioManager_Eng\AudioManager_Eng.vol" for the music playlist.

1.6 Run the app Backup favpeople and in settings, set up the folder to sd and check the manila 2.5 compatible. Then chose Backup contacts

1.7 i have attached 1 file for e-mail and 1 for wi-fi, change the settings to yours and save them for easy setup of mails and wi-fi

1.8 With a registry editor open the registry and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software. Here are all of your app installed and if there is an app that needs a lot of settings export the application key. There is a pc application(CERegeditor link in the end of the post) that make the whole editing easy, and you can edit in your pc. Move all those registry files in the XDA_UC folder.

1.9 If there are any files that must be copied back to the main memory after flash (like the stock file or the audio playlist file or any shortcuts to sd application) then follow my guide in the wiki to make a copyfiles.mscr file and place it to XDA_UC folder


2. After Flash

2.1 The XDA_UC script will do the following things for you automatically.

         Will Install all the cabs (1.1)
         Will imports all the registry files in the XDA_UC folder (1.8)
         Will run any .mscr file (like copyfile.mscr) and do all the copy staff for you (1.9)
         Will Import all the setting exported by the Setting exporter (1.3)
         Will import any xml files (1.7)
         Will copy all the shortcuts in the \XDA_UC\Start Menu to \Windows\Start Menu (1.1)
         Will run the pimbackup app for restoring you PIM data (contacts ect) (1.2)
        (this needs some user input, that's why runs in the end)

After all will ask you to softreset.

2.2 If you have used the Myphone app for backup Run the app and select the restore option to restore all the data that you have backup.

2.3 Make all the updates to mails location weather and facebook.

Usually after this your device is ready and you are good to go.

Attached files :

Quick Menu mod tested on blackstone 23xxx energy roms to get more RAM. average RAM stays 85 - 90 MB. enjoy.

Java error on NRGZ roms

if you are getting java application installation error then just install the cab of the same version from this thread