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|name = HTC Galaxy
|manufacturer = HTC
|releasedate = Dec. 2005
|os = Windows Mobile
==HTC Galaxy==
==HTC Galaxy==

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HTC Galaxy
HTC Galaxy.jpg
Model Number: See Page
Device Type: Phone
Manufacturer: HTC HTC-icon.png
Release Date: Dec. 2005
Operating System: Windows Mobile Windows Mobile-icon.jpg
Dimensions: Not Known
Weight: Not Known
Display: Not Known
Chipset: Not Known
RAM: Not Known
Internal Memory: Not Known
Memory Card: Not Known
Networks: Not Known
Wi-fi: Not Known
USB: Not Known
Bluetooth: Not Known
NFC: Not Known
GPS: Not Known
Video out: Not Known
Camera: Not Known
Secondary Camera: Not Known
Battery: Not Known
Other features
Additional Features: Not Known

HTC Galaxy

Qtek G100 / Dopod P100 / i-mate PDA-N / Pharos Traveler GPS 525 / CyberBank POZ G300


  • Platform: Consumer centric personal navigation assistant with embedded GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth Microsoft Windows Mobile Magneto Pocket PC OS
  • Dimensions: 109.7mm(H) x 59.4mm(W) x 17.6mm(T)
  • Weight: 126g w/ battery
  • Processor: Samsung S3C2440M 300Mhz
  • Memory: 64MB embedded Flash ROM 32MB embedded SDRAM
  • LCD Module: 2.8” 240x320 pixels resolution 64K - colors Transmissive TFT-LCD LED backlight support Sensitive touch screen
  • Audio: Built-in Microphone Loud speaker
  • Interface: One SDIO/MMC card slot One Audio jack (3.5 Ø) Mini USB connector
  • GPS: Embedded GPS antenna Support NMEA 0183 version 3.0 or above WAAS-enabled, 12 parallel channel GPS receiver Acquisition time

Hot start: 8 seconds, typical TTFF Warm start: 60 seconds, TTFF Cold start: 120 seconds, typical TTFF GPS Accuracy Position: < 15 meters, 95% typical Velocity: 0.05 meter/sec steady state WAAS Accuracy Position: < 5 meters, 95% typical Velocity: 0.05 meter/sec steady state

  • Stylus: Lock type mechanism
  • Power: Removable rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, 1,100mAH
  • Device-to-Device Connectivity: Infrared IrDA SIR Bluetooth v1.2 WiFi 802.11b with 64-,128-bit WEP standard data encryption
  • Accessories:

Standard -AC adapter with miniUSB plug -Carrying case -Stereo wired headset w/ microphone -Car holder -Car adapter -Sync. Cable (miniUSB/ USB) -User manual, quick start guide, sync. software CD

  • Optional:

-External GPS antenna w/ cable -BT Keyboard

  • Windows Mobile PPC Edition Applications:

Microsoft Pocket Outlook: Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes Voice Record Microsoft Pocket Word Microsoft Pocket Excel Microsoft Pocket Media Player Audio: WAV/ WMA/ MP3 Video: WMV Microsoft Pocket MSN Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer Microsoft ActiveSync Games Calculator MS Picture PowerPoint Mobile