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HTC Hermes/For beginners

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A Quick Introduction to the Hermes Device

This page is created to help beginners understand the basics of a Hermes device

Soft Reset

Put your stylus in the hole in the lower left corner where it says "Reset" Soft Reset will reboot your device just like when you reboot your PC. No data will be lost, under normal circumstances that is.

Hard Reset

Switch the device off. Press and hold the Left SOFT KEY and Right SOFT KEY, and at the same time, use the stylus to press the RESET button at the bottom of your device. You will be presented with a menu saying 'press R to reset, X to exit'. If you press R, your device will be set back to factory default settings.
Hard Reset will delete all data you have put on the device: Programs, Settings, Mail, SMS, MMS, etc., so be careful and make a backup before doing this.
After a hard reset, you will have a complete clean new install of Windows Mobile on your device.

Things that are not deleted

  • Data on \Storage Card
  • Data in \Extended_Rom folder

Device Lock

The device lock is a today screen plugin that locks all the buttons (and the touch screen) until you unlock it, it will allow you to answer calls.

To enable device lock

  • Goto 'Start'
  • Goto 'Settings'
  • Tap 'Today'
  • Tap the 'Items' tab
  • Tick the 'Device Lock' box
  • Tap 'OK' and return to the today screen

To use it simply tap the 'device unlocked' today item and it will lock the device, to unlock press the left hand soft key and tap the unlock button on screen.


  • A ROM is something you download from your vendor's website, or you can also download one from this site.
  • A complete Ship ROM contains the Windows Mobile operating system, Radio Stack and the Extended ROM.
  • ROM versions are numbered something like this: 1.23.707.4
  • A complete Ship ROM is called something like this: HER_DopodAsia_1237074_1060010_WWE_SHIP.exe

Note: The numbering of ROMs is Operator/Vendor dependent, thus 1.25.751.4 is not necessarily newer or better than 1.20.305.3

To read more about upgrading or changing your ROM, read the Upgrading Frequently Asked Questions.

Extended ROM

  • The Extended ROM is a data folder on your device that you by default can not see
  • It's hidden because you're not suppose to tamper with it
  • It contains programs and small upgrades that will install every time you hard reset your device
  • Most of the programs are put there by your Telecom/Carrier/Vendor company (Cingular, T-Mobile, Vodafone or Imate, Dopod, HTC) and also contains the telcom/carrier company's logos, settings and software
  • Files in the Extended ROM are put there depending on which ROM version you have installed
  • Extended ROM is included in the ROM upgrade file you download from your Operator/Vendor
  • A higher Extended ROM version does not mean it is better

You can however modify (or "cook", as we like to call it) your Extended ROM, see here for more info: Hermes_ExtendedRoms

.CAB files

  • .cab files are files used to install programs
  • .cab files are similar to what you might know as .exe files from your PC
  • .cab files can be downloaded directly to your Hermes with Wifi or GPRS, you can also transfer them to your Hermes using File Explorer on your PC
  • .cab files are not supposed to be unpacked/unzipped on the PC. Copy the intact .cab file as you downloaded it directly to your Hermes
  1. Connect your Hermes to computer via USB cable
  2. Make sure it's connected via ActiveSync
  3. Open File Explorer
  4. Navigate to where your .cab file is stored on the PC
  5. Right click on the .cab file
  6. Chose Copy
  7. Navigate to your device in File Explorer
  8. Navigate to where you want to store it on your device, e.g. \Storage Card
  9. Now disconnect your Hermes from the USB cable
  10. Click Start -> Programs -> File Explorer
  11. Click 1 -> 2 -> 3 according to the image, if you saved it on the Storage Card
  12. Navigate FileExplorer.gif
  13. Locate your .cab file and click on it
  14. Installation will start, follow onscreen messages if any

What is flashing a ROM?

Flashing a ROM is the process putting a new ROM on your device or otherwise know as upgrading.

What is a Cooked ROM?

The term Cooked ROM means that the ROM has been modified with other files

What is a Baked ROM?

The term Baked ROM means that the original shipped complete ROM (CE, Extended and radio) has been modified
A Baked ROM could have a CE ROM from one operator, a Radio stack from a second operator, an Extended ROM from a third operator or even a "cooked" extended ROM.

Should I do a restore from backup after I have upgraded my ROM to a new version?

Short version: N0

Long Version: If you restore a backup after a ROM upgrade, you are going to downgrade your software to what you had before the upgrade. Thus do a ROM upgrade, sync your Outlook, re-install your applications, re set your local settings.
Yes, you can do it another way, but at the moment you are reading Hermes For Beginners.