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HTC Prophet/Cooking

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Cooking is a way of taking a ROM and editing what it contains to create something unique that suites your needs better. You can do it to change graphics and change what is included with the ROM.

Getting Started

First, you will need a ROM kitchen. For ease of use, I would recommend Inteks Neokit which can be found here.

Next you will need a base ROM (any Prophet ROM will do) many can be found here.

Dumping the ROM

Load neokit and then select the "Select nb/nbf" option. Select the ROM you want to modify and then click "dump rom". This will deconstruct the ROM and put all the files included in the ROM into a single directory. If the ROM has an extended_ROM, this will also be dumped.

Rebuilding the ROM

To rebuild the ROM, you can simply click on the "build ROM" button in neokit. This is the simplest way. After you have done that, you will need to convert the*.nb files generated into a single nk.nbf file.

Click on the nb2nbf button in neokit, and select the output file for your ROM. Below that, there will be a series of rows for ROM items. select the check box for however many*.nb files you want to include and then select the files you want and what they are. (for Extended_ROM, type in "Extension_ROM"). The OS.nb will have it's start adress filled automatically (80040000) but for the Extended_ROM, you will need to enter "9B000000" for the start address.

Note: It is recommended to put the Extended_ROM first in the list of nb files.

Note: Neokit create files called "newos.nb" and "9B000000-.nb" for the OS and Extended_ROm respectively.

Flashing the ROM

Neokit includes tools for this as well! After you have generated an nk.nbf file, select the G3 or G4 radio button and click "Flash".


  1. If you know the files you want to change (such as images) you can simply find them in the "dump" folder (click on the "..." button on neokits main screen) and replace them with the files you want.
  2. If you want to add a program, you can do it two ways:
    1. Create an OEM Package.
    2. Install a CAB after the flashing of the ROM.
  3. If you want to change the registry, the "default.rgu user.rgu" tab must be selected.
  4. To change shorcuts, you will need to edit the "initflashfiles.dat".
  5. After modifying the ROM, you will need to build it back up so that you can flash it. Go to the main screen and click "build ROM" click yes, and then you will have to wait for this to complete.
  6. Now you need to turn the .nb files into a .nbf. Follow the instructions in neokit for this.</small>