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Raphael Model and CID FAQ

The Raphael comes in various guises depending on the carrier you use, or if you purchase the HTC branded model. The following table gives an explanation of the Models and CIDs (Carrier IDs) which have been seen in the wild so far.

The CID of your device dictates which ROMs you can flash to it. When a carrier releases an official ROM update it builds the RUU (Rom Update Utility) to flash to the correct CID. For example the CID for an UK/EU HTC Touch Pro is "HTC__001". You will receive an "Invalid Vendor ID" during the upgrade if your CID does not match that of the ROM update.

A device is said to be "CID unlocked" when it has "SuperCID", therefore it can flash ANY ROM intended for the device.

*Device Name* *Carrier* *Model* *CID* *Comments*
HTC Touch Pro None RAPH10000 HTC__001 UK/EU Version of the Touch Pro
HTC Touch Pro None RAPH10000 HTC__032 EU Version of the Touch Pro
HTC Touch Pro None RAPH10000 HTC__023 ASIA Version of the Touch Pro
HTC Touch Pro 3 RAPH10000 HUTCH001 AU Version Sold by 3 Mobile
AT&T Fuze AT&T RAPH11000 CWS__001 AT&T branded Raphael (US Only)
MDA Vario IV T-Mobile RAPH300 T-MOB101 Tmobile branded Raphael (preliminary info)
XDA Serra O2 RAPH120 TBA O2 Branded Raphael (preliminary info)
KDDI E30HT KDDI RAPH70000 RAPH7000KD_0 or KDDI_801 CDMA Version of the Raphael, Raphael_K(Japan CDMA)
HTC Touch Pro Sprint, Bell, Telus RAPH80000 SPCS_001 CDMA Version of the Raphael (HTC Herman)
XV6850 Verizon RAPH50000 VZW__001 CDMA Verizon version of the Raphael (HTC Herman)