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HTC Sense

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Please update this page to improve the detail and correct its accuracy (I've only blocked in a simple outline so far - I'll try to improve the style etc when I learn more about the wiki, but we should focus on transferring related things from the old wiki 1st). Please keep a look out for sense stuff needing a home.

Information About Sense

HTC Sense (also referred to as Manila, TouchFLO™) is a user interface, based on the TouchFLO 3D user interface, - HTC Hero walkthrough developed by HTC for mobile devices running Android, Brew and Windows Mobile. HTC Sense is a “design experience, an architecture that is all about how people use the device, making their content personal to how they use the device.”

Announced June 24, 2009, the first phone running Android to feature HTC Sense was the HTC_Hero,PCWorld - HTC's Hero Features a New Android User InterfaceHTC - HTC Hero Overview and the first Windows Phone to feature HTC Sense (an updated TouchFLO) was the HTC HD2, announced October 6, 2009.HTC Unveils First Windows Phone with HTC Sense, the HTC HD2

At the Mobile World Congress 2010, HTC showed their new updated HTC Sense UI to debut on the HTC Desire and HTC Legend, with an upgrade available for the Hero and Magic. The new version is based upon Android 2.1 and has new interface features such as the Friend Stream widget (which aggregates all wikipedia:Twitter, wikipedia:Facebook and wikipedia:Flickr information) and Leap, which allows access to all the home screens at once.HTC enhances Sense with Leap and Friend Stream

While the Windows Mobile version of Sense is the successor to TouchFLO 3D, with information featured on separate tabs. The Android version presents information through Android desktop widgets and applications, and includes launcher, app drawer, and lock screen replacements.

Typically it has characteristic flip-style clock, dark/black screens and tabs with slider arrangement.

Available Versions

The different versions of sense are listed here, please add screenshots and specific details when available.


Standard Tabs

Starting page for the phone, includes HTC Flip Clock
Provides access to contacts
Provides access to SMS/MMS text messages
Provides access to email services
Shortcut to open default browser and large thumbnail bookmarks
Handle your agenda here
Photos & Videos
Access your Photo Album and open the camera to take pictures or video
Basic Music Player
Monitor stocks and shares
Five day weather forecast
Obtain the latest twitter messages from your account
Recent Documents
[Added to later versions] Browse through documents on your device/email (supports word/excel/powerpoint/pdf formats)
[Added to later versions] Organise your favourite places by tracking where you have been with Geo-tagged photos.
[Added to later versions] Browse your epub books here
Adjust the settings of Sense, your phone and data services here.

Sense Customisation

SenseUtil (meltwater) - Sense Tab Utility

SenseUtil will let you take control of Manila/Sense by reading the tab control file and allow you to add/remove tabs using a simple xml file.

The application will also support various commandline options for use with scripts, shortcuts and cab installs. The aim to remove the hassle and issues related with adding/removing custom tabs.

Home Tab Variations

A key focus on modifying Sense has centred around improving the Home Tab, there are number of established Home Tabs available which can change the whole look and feel of Sense.

Cookie Home Tab (CHT - Co0kieMonster)

Version 1.8.5

Version 2.0 Final (November 12, 2010)

Cookie Home Tab 2.0 supports Widgets, Switches, Quick Links and Free Links, all of which can be added to the multi-page/multi-layered home screen.

Custom Widgets (wCHT)

There are more and more widgets becoming available, below are a few of them:

[CHTwidget]Picture Frame Widget (poyensa & meltwater)

A joint project, developed by poyensa & meltwater, allows displaying of photos within a widget.

[CHTwidget]CHTw Reminder (RoryB)

PostIt type reminder widget for your events.

Custom Switches

There are more and more switches becoming available, below are a few of them:

Volume / DPad Toggle Switch (meltwater)

The toggle switch allows the user to switch the use of the volume button between controlling the volume and functioning as a Directional Pad.

The CHT Kitchen (Co0kieMonster)

By using the various kitchen packages custom items can be produced thanks to Co0kieMonster's open design.

maxycy's MaxSense

Sense Skins/Themes

The typical flat black look of Sense is not for everyone and a number of Skins/Themes have been produced.

GTX Theme

The look and feel of the dark Sense has been transformed by the development of the GTX theme, which provides a stark contrast of white backgrounds with black text.

Dinik Theme

The flat look has been replaced by Glass effect, giving every item an extra shine.

Custom Tabs (Sense 2.5.xxxx)

A number of custom made tabs are available for Sense, which can usually be added in manually or via cabs or "cooked" in. This is a quick round up, please add any I am missing, improve the detail and sorry if I've got details incorrect.

meltwater's Project RSS Tab

Intended as a Project to create and develop RSS Feed Tab for Sense.

RSS Feed Tab

The developer thread can be found here:

The wiki for the project: Sense RSS Tab Project

meltwater's Facebook Tab (FbTab)

Initially a relocation of the built in HTC Facebook functionality within the People Tab, it continues to add extra features. (Currently 2.5.19xx is not fully supported)

utopykzebulon's Call History

Provides call history information, as previously shown within the People Tab.

(BL Group) MoonNah's GPS Tracker

Allows heads up display of for diving/flying/yachting etc. with support for maps and recording GPS tracks.

netdrg's ManilaTV Player

Video streaming.

Wajk's RadarWeather

Custom Tabs (Sense 2.1.xxxx)

utopykzebulon's Call History, Communication & Start Menu

Language Packs

xkaiser - TouchFLO 3D 2.0 and 2.1 Language Packs

Söderström - Titanium Language Packs

Tutorials and Guides

meltwater - GUIDE Manila Files - Explanation Of The Various Manila Files

Explains the files which make up manila, what they are and how to work with them (contributions of knowledge welcome)

meltwater - TUT Manila Tutorial 1 - Basic Tabs

Provides basic steps to add some very simple manila tabs (& start to learn about manila)

meltwater - TUT Manila Tutorial 2 - Adding Ready Made Tabs

Describes adding ready made Documents Tab to manila and other similar add-on tabs.

meltwater - TUT Manila Tutorial 3 - Modifying Tabs

Describes modifying the behaviour of existing tabs by adding a Soft Key Button to Call History Tab.

meltwater - TUT Manila Tutorial 4 - Example Luac Code (WIP)

Some basic code examples to assist with editing luac code. (NOT FINISHED)

Cuick - Manila Hacking Through decompilation reconstruct the original interface of manila C library

Development Tools

This section will list the software tools that are useful in modifying and adding to Sense.

12aon and Hilaireg - KITCHEN 02.10.2009 Manila Kitchen Environment (LuaDec 2.1!)

Social Group & Forum

Typically sense developers are busy so they can't always scan the forum for questions which need answering.

You can ask sense development related question in the Sense Social Group

Or you can ask questions related to the tutorials here: GUIDE TUT Manila Development for Beginners