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HTC Wizard

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HTC Wizard
HTC Wizard.jpg
Model Number: See Page
Device Type: Phone
Manufacturer: HTC HTC-icon.png
Release Date: October, 2005
Operating System: Windows Mobile Windows Mobile-icon.jpg
Dimensions: 58 x 108 x 23.7mm
Weight: 169 grams (battery included)
Display: 2.8" QVGA
Chipset: Texas Instruments OMAP 850, 195 MHz
RAM: Not Known
Internal Memory: 64 MB, 49.97 MB accessible
Memory Card: miniSD
Networks: GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900
Wi-fi: Not Known
USB: Not Known
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.0
NFC: Not Known
Video out: Not Known
Camera: 1280 x 1024 pixels (1.31MP)
Secondary Camera: No
Battery: 1250 mAh
Other features
Additional Features:

HTC Wizard also known as

Cingular 8100 / Cingular 8125 / Dopod 838 / E-Plus Pocket PDA / HTC P4300 / i-mate K-JAM / O2 Xda Mini Pro / O2 Xda Mini S / Orange SPV M3000 / Orange SPV M6000 / Qtek 9100 / Qtek A9100 / T-Mobile MDA (US) / T-Mobile MDA Vario (UK) / Vodafone VPA Compact II

Specifications on


The bootloader is very similar to the [[|HTC_Tornado|Tornado's]] and [[|HTC_Typhoon|Typhoon's]]. The current Typhoon NBF decoder works without modification. The bootloader can be entered by holding the "Camera" button while resetting, or executing \Windows\Enterbootloader.exe

Warning: Get to know your phone. Your Wizard can be a different hardware version (namely G3 or G4). Flashing the wrong ROMs (e.g. G3 ROM into G4 device) will kill your phone. Determine your phone's version (G3/G4) and the ROM version (e.g. for which version of Wizard the ROM is intended for). If you don't have a clue what version they are, it is probably too dangerous for you to flash it.

Determining if your Wizard is G3/G4 (Very Important READ FIRST):

CID Unlocking a Wizard:


Hacking the OS version

SIM Unlocking a Wizard

Possible Reviving Techniques For (appeared to be) bricked Wizard


Extended Rom:

Radio Rom:



Problems Reported With This Phone

  • 'ActiveSync 4.5 is recommended: There are several reports of AS4.0 hanging during sync so use a later version(4.1 and on).
  • Keyboard Light: The keyboard light is hardware controlled and the duration of how long the backlight stays on can not be controlled. This also means it will not come on when the keyboard is slid out and can only be activated by a key press.
  • Amber/ Orange Charge Light Always On: This may happen as a result of charging your Wizard with another charger other than the one that came with your phone. I had this issue as well as another member of this forum. Please refer to the following thread for information on a workaround tested by forum member faizeliza on post #7. Another member starkwong states on post #3 that issues with charging may have something to do with a radio rom install.


  • Skype works, although CPU usage is about 95%. You may need to turn off echo-cancellation in order for it to function within the CPU's capabilities. The version of Skype included with the i-Mate K-JAM may be more optimized for the OMAP processor than the downloadable XScale version.
  • The hang-up hardware button on the device does not end a Skype call.
  • Skype is currently offering a Beta version made especially for the HTC Wizard. This version is designed to work well with slower processors; however, though it is no longer necessary, overclocking your Wizard will still yield better sound quality. This beta version of Skype is available at


NOTE: Hard reset sequence in details. Put your fingers on top of these two buttons (do not press them yet). Poke the reset button and INSTANTLY, press and hold (do not release them) until you see something appear on the screen.

  • To go to the 3 coloured bars , just press and hold the power button (top)* voicedial button(right top) keep it pressed and hit the soft reset hole (keep the other 2 buttons pressed until the 3 coloured bars come up)
  • On original shipping ROMs, the Extended ROM is only hidden, not protected in any other way. It can be accessed by using Total Commander and manually entering the directory "\Extended_ROM\" without the quotes. On the new AKU2 ROMs the Extended ROM is locked and a solution has not been found - you currently cannot delete or modify the contents.
  • i-Mate K-JAM comes with eTrust Antivirus and Skype in the extended ROM; delete the CAB files and hard reset to remove.

TMobile MMS Fix

  • TMobile has an error in their MMS instructions. They say to use an IP of: this is incorrect! Leave the zero off before the last set of numbers. The CORRECT IP is:

Orange MMS Fix

  • Orange also appears to have an error in their MMS instructions too, similar to TMobile. If you are having problems sending AND receiving MMS then instead of using the recommended IP of: try leaving the zero off before the last set of numbers:

Getting into GSM Engineering Mode:

This mode is intended for displaying the RF parameters of the GSM module, go to the phone and enter * #*#364#*#* (without the spaces). When You did it right, you will see a new screen with lots of parameters.

0x80072f78 error

Internet Explorer gives the error "the page you are looking for cannot be found due to unknown error 0x80072f78". Please apply the registry fix in this link


  • Turn off the device: When device is on you can entirely turn off your device by holding down "Power" button until confirmation dialog appears
  • Quickly enable/disable Vibrate mode: When device is on you can switch between vibrate and non-vibrate modes by holding down "Communication manager" button until it switches the mode
  • Quickly enable/disable Flight mode: click and hold the “Y” symbol on the top row of the screen (the one that indicates how many bars you have)
  • Quickly adjust ring volume: Use the volume control slider to bring up volume control, then press 'Right' directional key to switch focus from system volume to ringer volume. This way you don't need to touch the screen.
  • Quickly align screen: Press and hold "d-pad" button and press "Messaging" button
  • Quickly launch application: Press and Hold "d-pad" button and Tap and Hold on "Clock" (v2.8.7.101 -> "Battery") icon at Taskbar until Context menu is opened with "Run" command
  • Enable/disable CAPS: press Shift button on keyboard twice
  • Enable/disable symbols: press Red Dot button on keyboard twice
  • Toggle between similar symbols (eg. $ £ € or ( [ { etc.): After entering symbol, press dot+space (or if you are in symbol mode, just hit space bar) to change it, eg. type $ and hold dot+space, it changes to £ then € then back to $. ( will change to [ and { and < etc...

The complete list of symbols are:

A         @
S         !¡?¿
D         @
F         #*
G         $€£¥
H         %^
J         &-_+±
K         ([{<«
L         )]}>»
Z         `
X         -_+±&
C         _+±&-
V* ±&-_
B        =
M         ;.:,
U ARROW   :,;.
OK         "'«»
.         ;.:,
L ARROW   '«»"
D ARROW   ||/\||
R ARROW   ?¿!¡

The first symbol shows the actual symbol printed on the key. That symbol will be used if you don't press the dot button.

You can change the available symbols and the order of symbol switching by editing the sym.txt file in the \Windows directory.

  • Wi-fi is switched off while connecting to ActiveSync via USB, internet connection will get routed via PC.
  • On-screen keyboard is annoying when you already slide open the keyboard. Just start typing and the pop-up keyboard will go away.
  • Only Hardware Keyboard in Landscape Mode the combination of PQZ (to assign different SIPs to landscape and portrait) and PHMs "NoDoSIP" (registers a SIP that does nothing) works perfectly. (From this post from a Universal user) Note: The soft keyboard still pops up in portrait mode.
  • Change Hardware Keyboard Layout This thread will help you change the keyboard settings when the layout of the keys are different from what you are getting on the screen (this can happen after a ROM update).
  • Quickly browse contacts: in Contacts, hold down 'Down' key for a few seconds, it will quickly jump to the next letter in alphabet.
  • Select Contact Option When you have a contact selected press the direction pad right to see their different contact options and then the centre button will take you to either the phone, sms or email program.

-- Taken from Modaco thread


Given data complies with Model ID: Wiza200 Remove battery to see your Model ID

  • OMAP850 - 195Mhz, with two cores: An "ARM926EJ-S™ core for applications processing and TI’s EDGE digital baseband modem." (from TI's site)
  • 'ARM5' Processor Instruction Set
  • 2.8" QVGA (240x320), 64k color, transflective screen

Windows Mobile 5.0*

  • MiniSD
  • WiFi: 802.11b & 802.11g
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS, EDGE
  • IrDA
  • 1.3 megapixel camera with 2.0 megapixel software interpolation and flash for night shots. (optional in some models)
  • Bluetooth v1.2 compliant, implemented via the Microsoft stack. Does not support BT 2.0 Enhanced Data Rate.
  • Bluetooth A2DP Profile support since ROM (Wireless Stereo)
  • Slide out keyboard which is backlit (when opened the screen flips automatically to landscape mode)
  • Bottom loading telescopic stylus
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Stereo output for headphones
  • Internal antennae
  • Standard miniUSB/1.1 jack
  • 1250mAh Li-Ion battery
  • 1450mAh Li-Ion battery


A benchmark, performed by using the spb benchmark suite shows the wizard to be horribly underpowered.

Here are the results of the benchmarks, matched to those of the Magician:

Benchmark: Magician/Wizard (higher/lower is better)
CPU: 1622/932.3 (higher)
Filesystem: 899.6/105.8 (higher)
Platform: 1000.7/293.8 (higher)
Activesync: 3104.5/2946.2 (higher)

Other benchmarks (not SPB)
Betaplayer 0.5 (TCPMP)
playback speed, 640x352, 1Mbps DivX
Magician: 142.1%
Wizard 63.2%
playback speed, 640x480, 1.5Mbps DivX
Magician: 101.2%
Wizard 45.8%

PocketMVP, video index:
Magician: 754
Wizard: 74

PocketQuake 0.062
Magician: 12.5fps
Wizard: 7.0fps
Magician: 17.2fps
Wizard: 9.3fps

The final comment on is worthwhile:

"The resume on performance is the following. In all, the communicator isn't designed to play video without re-conversion and for heavy games. But if we speak about functions, which made us buy this device, everything works at appropriate speeds, you won't feel discomfort (by sight HTC Wizard works 2 times faster than HTC Universal). But once you launched something in background mode (music, for example), you'll see the processor working at full."

Registry Tweaks

HTC Wizard (alternative)