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Hermes HardSPL

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Hermes HardSPL

  • Q : What does HardSPL do?
  • A : It eliminates one way to 'brick' your Hermes device which is a step closer to foolproof ROM cooking/flashing
  • Q : I have a question that isnt asked here, what should I do??
  • A : Go into the thread and ask there, add your question and the response here :)
  • Q : I have bad blocks, or I am afraid of Bad blocks, what can this do?
  • A : The Latest Hard-SPL ignores and fixes bad blocks that you cause, so they are no longer a problem if you flash Hard-SPL on.

A core part of the HardSPL project is ensuring a safe flash of ANY rom, this has lead to the 'OS Bad Block Checker' which checks a rom image BEFORE flashing to ensure it is 'safe', the thread contains more info on this.

Download: HardSPL V7 from here

HardSPL threads:


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