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Hermes NBH

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NBH file format used in Hermes ROM updates

The Hermes Original shipped ROMs contain a single .nbh file in the ROM Update Utility instead of the usual .nbf files found in other HTC ROM updates.

Information to understand NBH format:

  • All files start with "R000FF\n", next 16 bytes of what appears to be random data.
  • After that it consists of several blocks.

Each block starts with a header:

4-bytes block size
4-bytes signature size
1-byte block flag
  • After that follows the actual data (block-length bytes)* a signature.
  • the last block has flag == 2, and only contains a signature of the overall signature count.

NBH files usually contain several ROM parts:

Type Part Description
0x100 IPL Part of bootloader
0x200 SPL Part of bootloader
0x300 GSM radio code
0x400 CE OS Image Windows Mobile
0x600 MainSplash|| First boot splash screen
0x601 SubSplash Second boot splash screen (normally the same image as the MainSplash)
0x700 Extended ROM

List of known header types: NBH_headertypes

Extracting the .nbh files

The rom contents can be extracted using: NBHextract

C:\> NBHextract.exe hermimg_HTCWWE_1.35.255.2_Ship.nbh
=== NBHextract v1.0
=== Extract contents from HTC NBH files
=== (c)2007
=== by: pof & TheBlasphemer based on itsme perl scripts

Device:   HERM200
CID:      QTEK_001
Language: WWE
Extracting: 00_IPL.nb
Extracting: 01_SPL.nb
Extracting: 02_GSM.nb
Extracting: 03_MainSplash.nb
Encoding: 03_MainSplash.bmp
Extracting: 04_SubSplash.nb
Encoding: 04_SubSplash.bmp
Extracting: 05_ExtROM.nb
Extracting: 06_OS.nb

It is also possible to extract them using itsme perl scripts:

  • script to remove the signature wrapper
  • script to extract components from the dbh file

See demo termcast here.

The following commands will extract the rom into separate files:

perl nksigned.nbh nksigned.dbh > signatures.txt
perl nksigned.dbh
perl spl.nb spl.nbx
mv spl.nbx spl.nb
gsmsplit gsm.nb gsm.nbx
mv gsm.nbx gsm.nb
perl -d . os.nb > xip.txt
perl -d files OS.nb > rd.txt

gsmsplit is this windowsbatch file:

@echo off
if "%2"=="" goto err
split -b 327680 %1 _bcl
for %%i in (_bcl*) do [ bcl] d %%i _x%%i.nb
del _bcl*
copy /b ''x''bcl*.nb  %2
del ''x''bcl*
goto end

echo need 2 args

note that bcl.exe has been renamed to bfc.exe in the latest bcl release

For further discussion see related forum thread.