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Hermes SDCardFlashing

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Hermes SD Card flashing

This page describes how to upgrade your Hermes ROM using an SD Card. This is useful for:

  • Linux and Mac users: you don't need windows to upgrade the ROM
  • Flashing preproduction versions of the Hermes

HERMIMG.nbh on a FAT32 filesystem

  1. If you want to install any ROM (NBH) which is not supplied by your operator or the CID does not match then you will need to SuperCID your device. This can be easily done by installing HardSPL and should be the first thing done if doing any upgrading.
  2. Empty (erase the contents) of your 2 gig or smaller non-SDHC MicroSD card (the Hermes bootloader does not support SDHC) from the Windows Mobile file explorer or format it from your computer using a card reader (in some cases format doesn't work) make sure it's formated in FAT32 format. As a precaution you might want to check the MicroSD card for file errors. i.e (Properties->Tools->Error Checking)
  3. Extract the .NBH file from your preferred ROM upgrade: In windows use winrar (right click) to extract the contents of the exe file. In Linux / MacOS use cabextract.
  4. Rename the .NBH file to HERMIMG.nbh and copy it to the root folder of your microSD card.
  5. With microSD card inserted on the phone, start the bootloader (hold Ok button on left side and POWER button at same time and stick with stylus in RESET on bottom).
  6. You should see a screen similar to the one pictured on the left (What lines appear depends on what is included in the nbh. If the file doesn't include bootloader code, that line will not appear, and so on.) Confirm flashing on screen by pressing the power button.
  7. Flashing might hang after some time but this is normal. Just wait. Complete flash takes about 30 minutes, so check your battery or connect to charger before the flashing process starts.
  8. After you get the confirmation that the upgrade is complete, softreset your device.

For normal (non preproduction) devices keep in mind that if the CID does not match the flashing will not work. The CID for each ROM is listed on the Hermes Upgrades page. You can see your device's CID usinginfo 2 bootloader command or using GetDeviceData.exe

SuperCID devices are able to flash any NBH image using this method.

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