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Hermes UpgradeFAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions about upgrading your Hermes

If you must pursue upgrading your ROM, please keep a few things in mind:

  1. And very important: If you don't know what you're doing, you could brick your unit.
  2. A ROM upgrade is only as good as the comments it has received from the users on the forums.
  3. Most users who use the newest ROMs are, in most cases, advanced and understand that there will be problems.
  4. Once you have started to upgrade your ROM, you will be doing it all the time and be ready to reinstall your apps and settings.

If this is all ok to you and you have a back up phone, that you can use while you play with your Hermes, then go ahead and try the ROM upgrades. Look through the wiki and you will find all the information you need.

READ EVERYTHING FIRST, THEN START YOUR JOURNEY: The worst thing is having someone tell you "Do a search", or "RTFM", or "Read the wiki". People will respect you more and will be willing to help you more if your questions are legit and the wiki can't help you out.

Upgrading FAQs

Q. Does upgrading ROM void the warranty?

NO, if you are flashing an official upgrade from the vendor of your device. You can find latest official roms here.

Yes, it voids the warranty if you flash a ROM which is not an "official" upgrade from the vendor for your device. That is for example if you have a TyTN and upgrade to i-mate ROM, it voids your warranty, but it does not void it if you have a JasJam.

Q. Will any type of ROM (HTC TyTN, I-mate, Dopod, etc...) work on any brand of device (O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone...)?

Yes and no:

When upgrading a ROM from a different vendor (with a different CID), you will get a Vendor ID error, because you are supposed to flash only ROMs from your vendor on your device. However, all hermes ROMs can be flashed on all hermes branded devices and there are several methods to bypass this protection:

You can have some minor troubles if you flash another vendor's ROM, for example Cingular 8525 has a different keyboard layout or has no front camera... however all the tricks to make the ROMs compatible with all the hermes based devices are explained in the wiki and the forums.

Q. Which is the last known stable ROM?

See shipped ROMs , and cooked ROMs, follow the threads in the forums and choose yourself. We can't really recommend one, as this depends on every user and changes every day... read more here.

Q. Can the M3100, Vario II, etc... be upgraded without SIM unlocking?


Q. Will flashing new ROM lock or unlock the SIM?

No, it will not. If your device is sim-locked flashing a rom will keep it sim-locked (you can sim-unlock it if you want). If your device is already sim-unlocked it will stay sim-unlocked forever.

Q. After upgrade to English ROM, will everything be in English ? (Including all OS+Office apps. and keyboard layout, or do I have to set registry keys manually after?)

Everything will be in English, but if you have a non-english keyboard it will be mapped to default QWERTY after upgrade.
If you want to change the layout use the keyboard registry hack found here.
For changing locale, dictionary, spellcheck, T9, to a different language see this page.

Q. Is there a ROM in italian / portuguese / put-your-prefered-language-here ?

If it is not listed here we don't have it, so please do NOT ask for it in the forums every day. And if you do it, do it in english :P

It will be available when a local distributor releases it, then you can upload it to xda-dev FTP and share it with everyone. You can edit the wiki and add the ROM to the list yourself after uploading it.

Q. Will put-your-prefered-rom-here enable HSDPA?

Most of the roms come with HSDPA enabled, and if it is not, you can enable it usingSetHSDPA.exe /enable or fit4cat Hermes tweaker, see more info here.

Q. Is it possible extract a ROM from a device and convert it to a flashable ROM? (to have a Backup or to flash it on another device)

Yes, but this is a difficult task, don't pretend to do it without reading the second day having your hermes. Read more here.

Q. How can I then fall back to original ROM (if I would need it for warranty reasons) ?

If your vendor has released you original rom as a shipped upgrade, you just need to flash it.

If your vendor has not released any ROM upgrade yet, you cannot fall back to original ROM easily. You'll have to reconstruct the ROM out of a dumped ROM.

Q. What is the benefit of Extended ROM ?

 Read Hermes for Beginners and Hermes Extended ROMs wiki pages. 

Q. What is Unlock / Unhide the Extended ROM? How can I do it?

By default the Extended ROM is hidden (meaning that you cannot see it in the file browser) and locked (meaning that you cannot delete any files or write into it). If you want to see its contents you can unhide the extrom using a registry editor, if you want to be able to modify it (delete files, add new ones...) you can unlock it using the CAB file. Fit4cat Hermes tweaker also allows you to unlock / unhide the ExtROM. On newer ROMs you need to have SuperCID device to be able to unlock the ExtROM, if your device is not SuperCID you can use Olipro's hack to unlock it.

Q. Is the Extended ROM a must, or can I live without it also ?

You can live without it, but generally it fixes some things (video calling, skins, keyboard, operator settings, etc...). All the cabs are not needed and there are some customizations, skins, etc which are really annoying for some users. If it bothers you, what you can do is "reset" before the ExtROM installs on first boot after hard-reset, and then manually install the cabs you want taken from any of the available extended ROMs.

Q. Can I flash TyTN/imate/Dopod/whatever ROM and then add O2/Vodafone/Orange/whatever Extended ROM? Will I then have all operator specific stuff, and skins?

Yes, operator customizations are usually in ExtROM. You also have to check \Windows\PreAutorun.txt because some vendors/operators also put customizations there.

Q. Is there a Radio ONLY update that I could load?

Yes, see the how to upgrade the radio ROM only , no hardreset is needed after upgrading the radio.

Q. What is the CID?

The CID is a string that identifies carrier and language of your device, it is contained also on ROM upgrade files and is used to check that you're flashing your device with the right ROM.

  • VODAP for Vodafone,O2 for O2,CDL for i-mate,QTEK for HTC,ORANG for Orange, etc...
  • WWE (English) 001= , German 102=, Spanish 304= , italian 405=, french 203=, etc...

Some examples:

Vodafone UK:VODAP001
Orange UK:ORANG001
Vodafone Germany:VODAP102
O2 Germany:02___001
HTC ITaly:QTEK_405
HTC Spain:QTEK_304
T-Mobile NL:T-MOB003

The flash utility and bootloader check this string before letting you flash anything, that is why if you want to flash an English ROM on a German device you get an error, if you want to flash an i-mate ROM on a Orange device you get an error...

If you want to know which CID your device has, you have to issue bootloader command 'info 2', check the bootloader page for more info.

For more info on the CID see this comment.

Q. Can I unlock the CID on my Hermes to be able to flash any ROM?

You can use the HTC Hermes unlocker to make your device SuperCID. You can also use Hard-SPL to flash any ROM without really making your device SuperCID, if you want to keep your original CID for warranty reasons.

Q. How can I downgrade the bootloader?

Use SSPL, after that you can flash any NBH file containing the SPL.nb you'd like to flash on your device.

Q. I know what SIM unlocking is, but what is CID unlocking and application unlocking?

SIM Unlock Use any carrier's SIM in the device. 

CID Unlock  Load any carrier ROM on the device. 

Application Unlock Most WM5 phones only allow you to load applications that have an acceptable digital signature. If you try to edit the registry or load an application it will give you an error. Application Unlocking removes this barrier and allows you to install any application or edit the registry to your liking. 

Q. Am I ready to upgrade my device?

Be sure to read the Upgrading for beginners wiki page and these great howtos posted on the forums first:

Q. Can I change the boot splash screen?

The boot splash images (shown when the phone boots up) can be customized using Bootloader 1.01 MFG, or cooking a NBH with splash screens. Read the instructions carefully.

You can change the Windows splash screen that appears before your Today desktop too, by following these steps:

  1. Create a 240x320 image (or bigger if you want it landscape too, it will be cut off).
  2. Save the image in PNG format and name it "=welcomehead.96.png=".
  3. Copywelcomehead.96.png to your storage card.
  4. Use Total Commander to clear the* readonly +hidden +system attributes for "=\windows\welcomehead.96.png=".
  5. Use Total Commander to copy/move this file to your\windows directory.
  6. When done copying/moving, reset the readonly, hidden and system attributes for the file.

Q. Can I extract the boot splash screen from phone?

Topic related by pof

Q. Are there any AKU3.x / WM6 / cooked ROMs available for the Hermes?

Yes! Read the forums and the wiki :)

Hermes_UpgradeFAQ How to flash under Vista? (AKA: Error 260)

Vista with its Mobile Device Center uses newer (e.g. other) drivers for your device in bootloader mode than former Windows versions did with ActiveSync. Bad thing is, ROM Upgrade Utility (RUU; your flash program) is not compatible with them, but Vista is with the old drivers. All you have to do now is the following:

  • Put your device into bootloader - see this guide
  • Download this| and this
  • Extract both files and put them all in one directory (e.g. C:\USBUpd) - should then contain 3 files starting with wce and one devcon.exe (either from i386 or ia64 - if in doubt try i386 first)
  • Start a cmd shell (hold Win-Key and press R, then type cmd and hit Enter)
  • type C:&CD\USBUpd
  • then type devcon update wceusbsh.inf "USB\Vid0BB4&Pid_00CE"_
  • you'll be told whether the exchange of your bootloader drivers were successful or not
  • now better delete this directory as devcon can seriously harm your system if used mistakenly

You do not have to disable USB connection in settings or other stuff. But if you like to get to know the Device Manager and hate the command shell you can also follow this guide although written for an other device.

A very user friendly guide has been written by Mr. Vanx here complete with illustrations for those who prefer a step by step approach.

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