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HTC Eris/How-To/Nandroid

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Nandroid allows you to create a complete system image of your device and stores it to the SD Card on your phone. Making one is very simple but there are a few prerequisites.

  1. A rooted Android phone
  2. A custom recovery that supports Nandroid (e.g. Amon_RA, ClockworkMod, etc.)
  3. A MicroSD card that has enough space for a system image.

A complete image can range from 75–500+ MB.

Making a Nandroid Backup

  1. Boot up to your recovery by holding the combination buttons, it varies from phone to phone but the most probable combination is Power + (any other button like Home, Volume, Camera, etc.)
  2. Go to Backup/Restore in the custom recovery menu.
  3. You will have some options like:
    1. Nand Backup --- Normal Nandroid Backup
    2. Nand + EXT Backup --- Nandroid Backup of System + EXT SD Card Partition
    3. Nand Restore --- Restore a Previous Nandroid Backup from SD Card
    4. BART Backup
    5. BART Restore
  4. Select Nand Backup or Nand + EXT Backup if you have partitioned your SD Card.
  5. Press the phone's trackball to confirm backup.
  6. Wait for backup to finish it may take > 5 minutes depending on the number of apps and data you have along with the speed of your SD card.

The backup is saved on your SD card in a folder called "Nandroid"

Restoring a Nandroid Backup

  1. Boot up to Recovery with VolumeUp+Power.
  2. Select Wipe then Wipe Data/Factory Reset and Wipe Dalvik-Cache.
  3. Press the VolumeDown button on the side of your phone to go to the first menu.
  4. Select Backup/Restore
  5. Select Nand Restore
  6. Select your phone's Device-ID; should look like HTXXXXXXXXXX
  7. Select the backup you made earlier; should look like BDS-<DATE>-
  8. Press the phone's trackball to confirm the restore of the backup

The restoring of the backup will take some time usually < 5 minutes, once complete reboot the phone.