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Motorola Atrix 4G

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Motorola Atrix 4G
Motorola Atrix 4G.jpg
Model Number: See Page
Device Type: Phone
Manufacturer: Motorola Motorola-icon.png
Release Date: February 22, 2011
Operating System: Android Android-icon.jpg
Dimensions: 4.6 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches
Weight: 4.8 ounces
Display: 4" 960 x 540 qHD (275 dpi)
Chipset: Dual-Core 1Ghz NVIDIA Tegra 250 "Tegra 2"
RAM: Not Known
Internal Memory: 1GB LP DDR2 RAM / 16 GB ROM
Memory Card: MicroSD (Up to 32 GB)
Networks: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 850/1900/2100 HSDPA 14.4 Mbps
Wi-fi: Not Known
USB: Not Known
Bluetooth: 2.1 + EDR
NFC: Not Known
GPS: Yes
Video out: Not Known
Camera: 5.0 megapixel with 4x Digital Zoom and Auto Focus Dual LED Flash; 720p Video Capture @ 30 fps
Secondary Camera: VGA Front Facing Camera
Battery: 1930 mAh
Other features
Additional Features: Fingerprint scanner, HDMI out, HSPA+, Wifi Mobile Hotspot, Motoblur, Webtop Application on HD and Laptop Dock Accessories


Official Site

XDA-Developers Forums for the Phone

Atrix 4G General

Atrix 4G Q&A

Atrix 4G Accesories

Atrix 4G Android Development

Atrix 4G Themes and Apps

Guides & Tutorials

Unlock the bootloader

AT&T Root, Enable Non-Market Apps & Tether Your Atrix

Enter Recovery Mode

Recover from a Soft Brick

ADB Access While Booting

AT&T How to Root after 4.1.57 Update

AT&T How to upgrade from stock 4.1.83 froyo to gingerbread 4.5.91

Details on boot logo format

Making a Custom Boot Logo

Bell Get back to stock


Alien - #4 - (08/14/2011) -Rooted -Deodexed -Busybox'd -SQLite3 -PNG Optimized -Zipaligned (system and data apps) -Sideloading default -HSPA/3G icons are different (reports with accuracy) -SIP not WiFi only -Tethering -Some bloat removed -Stock email app -Skip blur setup option -1080p Droid 3 camera -WidgetPicker -Battery fix -Network select menu open -APN menu opened -Menu button lockscreen bypass (when unsecured) -Touchscreen MOD (5 fingers) -Google Talk over 3G -AGPS option -Entitlement check disabled -Dock Settings -HDMI Settings -Full IMEI Settings -Modded stock Android Launcher for speed and Blur widget compatibility -Inverted applications and Settings -FuguTweaks -Juwe11 optimizations (modded for Atrix) -Superuser Beta - Webtop HDMI hack - Proximity sensor hack on build.prop - GPU hack on build.prop - WiFi battery saving hack on build.prop

Aura - v1.1.1 - (08/02/2011) -Deodexed -Zipaligned -Rooted -Based on stock 4.5.91 -Removed Bloat (*1) -Wifi Scan Tweak -Proximity Sensor Tweak (Faster Response Time) -Multi-Touch 10 (8) Point Mod (idea from michael0619) -Battery Fix (from jug6ernaut) -No Carrier and 1% Battery Mod (from nottach) -Techboot Transformers Boot Animation (No Sound) (from Swiftwork) -juwe11's Ram Optimization -Hosts Adblocking -faux's OC and UV AT&T kernel -Added in some Ringtones, Notifications and Alarms -Defaults to USB Storage Mode instead of Moto Portal -Amazon Appstore and ZDBox installed by default (Can be uninstalled like a normal app) -Skip Blur Setup enabled -Non-Market Sources enabled by default -Available on Rom Manager for Updates and Downloads -DOES NOT INCLUDE WEBTOP. Download that here Webtop for 2.3.4 CWM (I have not tested if this works)

CherryBlur - v1.4d - (07/23/2011)

 Version 1.4d (7/23/2011 @ 4:57pm AK time)
   Used MediaCenter from 4.5.91 to get full widescreen!
   Made CWM4 installers for international kernels that also includes the radio update to 4.5.2A and the RIL files for 4.5.2A (UNTESTED)
   Modified gps.conf to use and North American NTP by default, use "Faster Fix" from the Market to change NTP if you are an international user
   Adding in a "Mega Pack" CWM4 zip option which includes Webtop Installer
 Version 1.4 (7/22/2011 @ 12:28am AK time)
   Added Webtop over HDMI support
 Version 1.3 (7/21/2011 @ 1:49am AK time)
   Added support for Gtalk w/video over 3G
   Switched to using stock 4.5.91 kernel to fix "Phone Idol" battery consumption issues
   Fixed some theme elements to avoid white on white and black on back issues with text in a few places
   Possibly fixed the 1% battery in Stock Theme
 Version 1.2
   Re-added the 1% battery modification to the theme
   Modded stock theme installer to also have 1% mod
   Added Juwe11's "Best Ram Optimization" script
   Re-added some modifications for the MotorolaSettingsProvider.apk that were in v0.5d
   Added the battery fix
   Version 1.1a
   Fixed some .9.png files broken in v1.1
   NO NEED to apply the wipe ROM again if you are already on v1.1! Just apply the v1.1a theme upgrade!
 Version 1.1
   Updated base image to latest version from eval
   REMOVED the 1% battery mod, seems to be the root of the battery "jumping" issues
   Did some heavy theming work on the CherryBlur theme
   Added another ZIP file to flash the stock theme if CherryBlur is not your thing
 Version 1.0
   Rebuilt all mods using the Orange FR 2.3.4 build (4.5.2A)
   Reverted Market to old, using the Red version posted by datblkbro
   Added faux123 OC kernel v0.1.1r2 for AT&T
 Version 0.5d
   Hopefully the battery fix works this time!  Used the lib file from 4.1.83 and it seems to work ... I am not personally seeing it jump around any more and my battery life is SPECTACULAR now!
   Updated to the new Android Market
   Integrated the CherryBlur theme into the ROM so no more needing to install the theme seperate
   Added LauncherPro, TitaniumBackup, and MultiTouchTester as System Apps
   There has never been much lag to begin with, but added an old mod to the local.prop file that helps with screen redraw issues in the 3rd party home replacements (like LauncherPro)
   Several other small tweaks I'm probably forgetting about
 Version 0.4
   Modified MotorolaSettingsProvider.apk to enable: Tethering, AGPS, MMS "reply to all", MMS/SMS recipient increase to 20, and disable locking of default APNs
   Modified android.policy.jar to enable wake on volume mod
   Added optional theme of my Work-in-progress CherryBlurTheme (v1 for now, will be default with full ROM once I'm satisfied with it)
   Added a seperate ZIP file to install if you just want to enable the modifications from the MotorolaSettingsProvider.apk
   Removed Webtop from my ROMs to save on space, instead linked to KennethPenn's Webtop file hosted by Joe
 Version 0.3
   Webtop should be fixed, using CG61.img from the HKTW build
   Created 3 different CWM4 installable package this time
   Added the "/sdcard/navalynt_extras" folder with some juicy apps you can install
   Changed updater-script to reflect the correct version this time!
 Version 0.2 (first public release)
   Everything currently in the features :p

Gingerbread - Beta #4

 Beta #4:
 - Fixed root (finally)
 - Webtop fixed?
 - Updated Maps application
 Beta #3:
 - Fixed rookie superuser mistake
 Beta #2:
 - Possible root fix
 - SQLite permissions set
 Beta #1:
 - Deodexed
 - Compressed
 - Zipaligned
 - Memory hack
 - SD card speed hack
 - Rooted
 - SQLite3 added
 - Update script upgraded
 Alpha #3:
 - Touchscreen, capacitive buttons fixed
 Alpha #2:
 - Radio.img deleted from flash
 Alpha #1:
 - First release

Ninja - v0.4.5 Alpha (7/21/11)

 v0.4.5 Alpha
   -update to theme, slims down the files to 6mgs from a heavy 11. great speed boost
   -move superuser and rom manager to /data/app. now they can be uninstalled. 
   -added screen graber as per request
   -skip blur setup as per request
 v0.4.3 Alpha
   -battery fix
 v0.4.2 Alpha
   -adds support for Rom Manager OTA updates (so you can be up to date always)
   -reverts to old market
 v0.4 Alpha
   -deodex and themed
   -pre rooted
   -new market, rom manager, latest SU gimped
   -new boot animation

QuickROM - v1 - (07/18/2011)

 - Deodexed
 - Compressed
 - Zipaligned
 - Memory hack
 - SD card speed hack (2)
 - Rooted
 - Glowing Arrow Atrix HoneyComb BootAnimation [ Made by Nottach ]
 - Stock Kernel / Modem
 - RAM Optimization Tweak
 - Fugu Tweak 's
 - New Marketplace .
 - SU updated
 - HeLauncher from MarketPlace

RedPill - v3 - (07/23/2011)

 Changelog for V3:
   Contacts fixed
   Keyboard issue fixed
   Custom window animations added
   1% battery increments
   Ad-free hosts file added
   New AOSP theming elements courtesy of NguyenHuu @ XDA
   AOSP themed dialer and contacts
   TegraZone added
   Motorola Flashlight app added
   A few odd tweaks to the camera app... (not much, mostly HD video tweaks)
   Also of note is that you can use the "WiFi Tether for Root Users" app. The feature was enabled in V2 as well.
 Changelog for V2:
   Tweaked Google Talk integration w/video. Is now more stable than before, with no noticeable issues.
   Tweaked dialer interface. This one is a WIP. I'm attempting to cover all the blur parts that I intend on leaving behind in AOSP theming. It's still perfectly functional, just not quite done.
   Email. Exchange integration is now implemented. It won't be using Blur or Motorola's backend. I've tested this feature with a test account from one of my Captivate users. No issues AFAIK.
   Fixed camera orientation in front facing camera view. Also now truly supports 1080p recording with a slightly higher bitrate than before...
   Blur "Social" app has been removed, along with all the filler bloat that accompanies it.
   Vlingo has been removed.
   GOLauncherEX is now standard, replacing LauncherPro. GOLauncher is smooth as glass! O_O
   More is coming... along with deeper theming of the remaining blur apps.
   Keyboards... Motorola keyboard is back, and swype is working.

CyanogenMod 7.1 - - (08/06/2011) - Invalid Thread Link





Tenfar's CWM Recovery for unlocked AT&T Atrix 4G - Required for ROMs

-deprecated- Tenfar's bootstrap CWM recovery

Edify scripts in CWM recovery



N_01.77.30P (Gingerbread)

N_01.97.00R (Froyo)


N_01.77.15P (Froyo)

N_01.87.00R (Froyo)

N_01.92.00R (Froyo)

N_01.95.00R (Froyo)


Hard-Brick Warning

WARNING: SBFs can be harmful to your phone. When possible use moto-fastboot or CWM.

If you flash the OTA 2.3.4, it updates your bootloader. In that case, DONT EVER downgrade to previous version. (eg 1.8.3)

Why? Your device will Hard-Brick!

Download SBFs

Atrix Firmware Superthread

Programs for flashing SBFs

RSD Lite (Windows) and 64 bit drivers

sbf_flash (Linux/OSX) | How to use sbf_flash with Linux/OSX


See "Roms"


AT&T Hulu mod and Webtop/Hotspot Tether for 4.1.57

Full Ubuntu on the Atrix (now fully automated: 4.1.26/4.1.52)

-deprecated- Atrix 4G Overclock Module -- Up to 1.5GHz!

AT&T Webtop via HDMI without Dock for VERSION 4.1.57

Multi-touch hack for all versions

webtop2sd 1.1.0

EternityProject GenTop v0.0.1 -- Unleash your Gentoo!

(How to) VNC server in a pinch + Webtop w/o HDMI

(Utility) Automatic bootloader unlocker at&t and international atrix