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Motorola Defy/ICS status

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This page is intended to help keep track of the state of the many ICS builds by Quarx2k and Epsylon3. Note that CM9 is discontinued on the Defy and replaced with CM10 (Jelly Bean) see this wiki JB status

Defy/Defy+ XDA Threads

For JB CM10 Quarx Builds (Defy/Defy+ GB Kernel) see this thread: [1]

For ICS CM9 Epsylon Builds (Defy/Defy+ Froyo Kernel) see this thread: [2] No longer built

For ICS CM9 Quarx Builds (Defy/Defy+ GB Kernel) see this thread: [3] No longer built

For BUGREPORT all versions and kernels see this thread: [4]

I suggest that we try to limit the number of described builds here and remove older builds as they get replaced by newer just as stable builds.

Guides, How-Tos & Tutorials

Upgrading to newer build

  1. Download new nightly zip
  2. Reboot to recovery
  3. Install Nightly Zip
  4. Wipe Cache
  5. Wipe Dalvik
  6. Install ICS Battery Fix (ONLY RED LENS MB525)
  7. Reboot phone

Right after an upgrade the phone might react a bit slow for some time after the upgrade. It may also use more battery. So give it a day before reporting lag and battery issues.

If going to a different build, e.g from CM9 to AOKP. You might need to wipe data as well as cache, dalvik cache.

Upgrading from CM9 to CM10

It can work without wiping data. However if you do have stability issues or bugs not mentioned try wiping data Remember to make backup before wipe You will need new google apps for CM10 they take up more ROM than the google apps for CM9 - There is a Minimal gapps zip on XDA

Improving battery life

There are several tricks that can limit battery drain. Some tricks will however limit the functionality (I.e. activating flight mode) where as others actually just makes the phone run "smarter". Thus this section is divided into two. One section with tricks that don't limit functionality and one section that limits the functionality

Tricks and tweaks that helps without limiting functionality

Several things that could improve battery life:

  1. Best CPU settings? And how to set them?
  2. Apex launcher seems to use less battery than trebuchet.
  3. Use gingerbread builds together with the 4.5.2-109_DHT-22 kernel to get deepsleep. (for bootloader<6 only!)
  4. Use ported Droid X CPU governors [5] (lncluded in latest epsylon builds)

General tricks

The tricks in this section is all the battery tricks that increase battery life on all builds, but also limits funtionality.

  1. Lower screen brightness or use auto
  2. Set screen off timeout low (15s)
  3. Do not use live wallpaper
  4. Disable mobile data
  5. Disable 3G
  6. Disable wifi
  7. Install LBE and limit applications access to hardware

Many of the above settings can be controlled easily/automatically with power control applications from the play store.

Download Defy Nightly Builds (links)

By Quarx2k:

ICS CM9 for Defy Froyo kernel: [6]

ICS CM9 for Defy+/Defy GB Kernel: [7]

By Epsylon3:

ICS for Defy Froyo kernel: [8]

ICS for Defy+/Defy GB Kernel: [9]

ICS 4.0 CM9 Nightly builds status (DISCONTINUED)

CM9 development have been stopped and moved to CM10

Last Quarx2k Defy/Defy+ CM9 build 16-Jul-2012


  • Support HwaSettings app.
  • Fixed gray videos

New issues:

  • Waiting reports


  • Data connection drop

Last Epsylon Defy CM9 build 14-Jul-2012


  • HWA settings to blacklist apps by Royale1223
  • Fix some of the broken video formats

New issues:

  • Waiting reports


  • Waiting reports

Last Epsylon Defy+ CM9 build 23-Jul-2012


  • HWA settings, hwui.deny folder, app2sd fix, OMX codecs, Romupdater fix, Progressive ringtones.

New issues:

  • Waiting reports


  • Waiting reports

Other useful information


Information for who want install more than 1 ROM in your Defy[10]

Collection of mods for CM9


Stock Original ICS Boot Animation for Defy