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(ROMS & Recoverys)
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[ How to change fonts] jimmynov
[ How to change fonts] jimmynov
[ Changing the "Verizon Wireless" on lockscreen/statusbar] Mike919
==ROMS & Recoverys==
==ROMS & Recoverys==

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Motorola Droid X
Motorola Droid X.jpg
Model Number: See Page
Device Type: Phone
Manufacturer: Motorola Motorola-icon.png
Release Date: 15 July 2010
Operating System: Android Android-icon.jpg
Dimensions: 5.0 x 2.6 x 0.4 inches
Weight: 5.47 ounces
Display: 4.3" 854 x 480 FWVGA (240 dpi)
Chipset: 1Ghz TI OMAP3630-1000
RAM: Not Known
Internal Memory: 512 MB RAM / 8192 MB ROM
Memory Card: MicroSD
Networks: Dual band CDMA2000/EV-DO Rev. A 800/1900 MHz
Wi-fi: Not Known
USB: Not Known
Bluetooth: 2.1 + EDR
NFC: Not Known
GPS: Yes
Video out: Not Known
Camera: 8.0 megapixel with 4x Digital Zoom and Auto Focus Dual LED Flash; Mechanical shutter capable of 1/1000
Secondary Camera: no
Battery: 1540 mAh
Other features
Additional Features: -


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