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Special Edition ROMs are soooo yesterday.... We're proud to unveil our largest project yet: ROMkitchen. Now you too can modify your ROM to contain precisely what you need. Create your personal ROM, based on the ROM you like.

Wanna see? Have a look at our showroom kitchen to see what we mean. As you can see the showroom kitchen shows the PPC2002 based 3.17.03 ROM released by O2, as well as the 4.00.05 Microsoft WM2003 test ROM. Neither of these ROMs is really present though: you need to download the scripts, include your own ROM images, and run the scripts on your own unix machine. But once you do, you and your friends can create ROMs to your heart's content.

Why didn't we just include these files and make it all work? Because we're not licensed to distribute these ROMs, that's why. But just maybe our forum can help you find a place on the net where someone has set up a working kitchen, so you don't have to create one yourself.

So now what?

  • Play around to see if you like it.
  • Download| the "Basic-Set" of the Kitchen.
  • Extract it on your own unix machine, which should be capable of executing php scripts, and which should have a 'little' memory, disk and processing power left over. (We're afraid ROMkitchen wasn't built with resource-efficiency in mind.)
  • Add your own ROM files, see the readme files in the "data/00[[...]]/_/cfg" directories for details.
  • Check the readme in the "data/10[[...]]~EzWAP2" directory too.

Alternatively: a kind individual named 'lumpistefan' is making his kitchen publicly available ( )


  • If you set up your ROMkitchen, make sure you only use it for yourself, and with ROMs you legally own. We're not responsible for abuses.
  • ROMkitchen currently supports English language ROMs only. To get other languages working, download this| and see the readme file.
  • The welcome.exe is back in ROMs made with it: a little too much hassle to make our own. So you'll have to go through the silly tutorial every cold-boot.

How does it work?

The ROMkitchen consists of a number of php scripts that present the form with all the options to choose from, and which copy files ready for our 'mkrom' utility to process. If you take a look you can see the raw structure of the data that is presented and inserted into the ROM. We'll find some time soon to explain, but you can already learn quite a bit if you look at the files and directories carefully.