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You can root the Samsung Exhibit II using SuperOneClick & [ ZergRush].
You can root the Samsung Exhibit II using SuperOneClick & [ ZergRush].
An alternate (and easier) method is to flash  [ jocala's custom kernel.] Flashing this kernel also installs Superuser, busybox & ClockworkMod.
An alternate (and easier) method of rooting is to flash  [ jocala's custom kernel.] Flashing this kernel also installs Superuser, busybox & ClockworkMod.
= Safe To Remove =
= Safe To Remove =

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Samsung Exhibit II 4G
Samsung Exhibit II 4G.jpg
Model Number: See Page
Device Type: Phone
Manufacturer: Samsung Samsung-icon.png
Release Date: October, 2011
Operating System: Android Android-icon.jpg
Dimensions: 115.5 x 59.8 x 11.5 mm
Weight: 3.9 oz
Display: 3.7" WVGA 480x800 SC-LCD
Chipset: 1.0 GHz Scorpion processor, Adreno 205 GPU, Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon
RAM: Not Known
Internal Memory: 512MB RAM, 2GB ROM
Memory Card: up to 32GB micro SD
Networks: GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 3GUMTS/HSDPA (850/900/1900/2100 MHz), Bluetooth 3.0, GPS
Wi-fi: Not Known
USB: Not Known
Bluetooth: 3.0
NFC: Not Known
GPS: yes
Video out: Not Known
Camera: 3MP Auto-Focus
Secondary Camera: VGA
Battery: Li-ion 1500 mAh Talk time: 2G/803 min, 3G/393 min. Standby time: 2G/750 hrs, 3G/576 hrs.
Other features
Additional Features: GP2A Proximity Sensor, AK8975 Magnetic Field Sensor, AK8975 Orientation sensor, BMA222 Acceleration Sensor, GP2A Light Sensor, Gravity Sensor, Rotation Vector Sensor


The Samsung Exhibit II 4G (codename: Ancora) is sold in the United States from T-Mobile on both its contract and Monthly4G prepaid plans. The Exhibit II 4G is the succesor to the original Samsung Exhibit & is a variant of the Samsung Galaxy W. It is a good example of a mid-range Android phone. Under the hood it features a Qualcomm Snapdragon with 512 MB of RAM. It's not a dual core but most non-intensive apps run fine without live wallpapers running. The Exhibit II 4G has a 3.2 MP camera which isn't too great compared to the similar Galaxy W's 5 MP camera. However unlike most lower end phones the Exhibit II 4G does have a LED camera light as well as a front facing camera for photos and video chat. The cameras are great for Skype, but don't expect to take any great photos with this phone. Like a lot of other Samsung phones, this phone seems to be built from the cheapest plastic money can buy. I recommend buying a case and a good screen protector. The Exhibit II 4G has an unusual screen size of 3.7 inches, sitting in between the more common sizes of 4 inches and 3.5 inches. With the standard HDPI resolution of 800x400 it looks okay with 16 million color support but the screen doesn't look so great when compared side by side with high end phones such as the G2x. The Exhibit II 4G has a total internal storage size of 4 GB but most of that is used by the System ROM and preinstalled applications.


You can root the Samsung Exhibit II using SuperOneClick & ZergRush.

An alternate (and easier) method of rooting is to flash jocala's custom kernel. Flashing this kernel also installs Superuser, busybox & ClockworkMod.

Safe To Remove

  • AnalogClock.apk
  • Browser.apk(Only if you use an alternative browser i.e. Opera Mini, Dolphin Browser/HD, Firefox)
  • Dlna.apk
  • DownloadProviderUI.apk
  • DualClock.apk
  • DualClock.apk
  • IQ-tmobile-release-signed-zipaligned-v1.1....
  • JobManager.apk
  • KiesAir.apk
  • MobileBackup-unsigned_v3.3.02.apk
  • MyFiles.apk(Only if you have an alternative File Browser i.e. Astro File Manager)
  • SamsungWidget_Program...
  • Swype.apk
  • TetheringManager2.apk(Only if you don't use T-Mo's tethering service)
  • TouchWizCalendar.apk
  • TouchWizCalculator.apk
  • TwCalendarAppWidget.apk
  • VideoPlayer.apk(Only if you have an alternative video player i.e. Mx Video Player)
  • VoiceRecorder.apk
  • WiFi-Calling.apk(If you don't use it)
  • ZinioSettingsProvider.v2.03.3331.TMobile....
  • sihome-signed-tmo-android-8.apk
  • talkback.apk
  • tmobile_m4m_3_0_15.signed...
  • vvm-signed.apk


ClockworkMod (by Koush) is an alternate recovery for Android phones. It allows you to make nandroid backups of your Exhibit, as well as offering utilities to troubleshoot problems.

Download standalone ClockworkMod HERE.

It is also available as part of jocala's custom kernel HERE

Both standalone recovery and kernel can be flashed from Samsung's stock recovery. If you are flashing from stock, be sure to copy the zip file to your internal sdcard. Samsung's recovery will not detect the external card.

The recovery.img file contained in the zip archive is the actual program. If you are rooted, you can extract it from the zip archive and flash it from the command line.

  1. Extract the zip to your sdcard(internal) and not external_sd
  2. Flash Recovery via adb or terminal from phone.
  3. Code:
adb shell (<- not needed if using terminal)
dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p13
reboot recovery

To enter recovery: Turn phone off, hold volume down and power together.

Menu Keys: Home key = enter | Back key = back | VolUp/Dwn = highlight choice

Flash Back to Stock

Thanks to stubbakatt over HERE - for the files and process. I simply walked through it myself and re-wrote the instructions in a way that caters to my brain.


  • This has been tested on two machines - one running Windows 7 32 bit, and one running Windows 7 64 bit. This has not been tested on an XP machine (though it should work the same) or on a Mac.


  • Drivers: click here - if you're rooted/rommed, you probably already have these
  • "Back to Stock" .zip file - click here - includes Odin, ops, factory image, etc. - this is the main stuff that Odin will use to flash your phone back to it's factory state


  • Make sure the computer recognizes your phone with the drivers above (again, this is probably already the case if you're having to do this!)
  • Unzip the "Back to Stock" .zip to wherever you want - preferably somewhere easy to get to (desktop?).
  • Power down your phone. Once it's off, hold down the volume-down button and press power. Hold both down until you see the "Warning!!" message with the yellow triangle at the bottom. Once you see that, hit the volume-up button. This puts you into Odin/download mode.
  • Plug your phone into your computer.
  • Among the files you unzipped from the "Back to Stock" .zip file, open "Odin Multi Downloader v4.43.exe". Once it opens, the Message window at the bottom left should read "Added!!!" and "Detected!!!".
  • Make sure all four of the Options are checked (One Package, Auto Reboot, Protect OPS, Reset Time [mine's set to 300 seconds]). I don't know if this is all necessary, but at the very least One Package and Auto Reboot appear to be.
  • On the right side, click the "OPS" button, and select/open the Ancora.ops file.
  • At the bottom, click the "One Package" button, and select/open the "T679UVKJ1_T679TMBKJ1_T679UVKJ1_HOME.tar.md5" file.
  • The Message window should do an md5 check and end with "Check MD5... ok". If it doesn't, try redownloading again - don't want to flash a corrupt file!
  • If all of that is good to go, then select the "Start" button.
  • Your mileage will vary, but it should take around 5 minutes, then the phone reboots itself into recovery mode (the little white box with the progress bar), then about 30 seconds after that and the phone fully reboots. Don't unplug it yet. After a few minutes (actually, the 300 seconds set in the "reset time" in Odin), it will say "Pass!!!" and you're good to go and can unplug the phone.
  • However, we're not quite done yet. Our goal is to get back to a factory state. You'll notice a lot of your stuff is still in place - apps, etc. That's because this process doesn't touch the /data partition of the phone. In addition, it's possible you COULD still be seeing the Superuser app. If that's the case, simply go into your application settings (settings > applications > manage applications), find Superuser, uninstall it. It will say uninstall not successful, but it should disappear.
  • The last thing to do is simply a factory reset - this will wipe out the /data partition, back to stock, and you'll be done. This could also take care of Superuser, but I've never tested it to see since it's easy enough to do it before the factory reset.
  • You should now have a phone that's identical to when you pulled it out of the box.

Custom ROMS

[CWM] Peach Sunrise by Jocala

[CWM] RebelROM by bpear96

[CWM] XquiziT by Wildchild

KemikalElite's ROM - Coming Soon!

Custom Kernels

Rooted Kernel by jocala


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