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Samsung Galaxy S/GT-I9000M

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Recovery Mode

To enter recovery mode, you hold the Volume Up + Home + Power when you see the screen flicker with the B&W logo of SGS let go of the power button

If it was done properly you should see a screen with several options:

screenshot [1]

Download Mode (this mode is mainly used to install new ROM or custom ROM firmwares)

To enter download mode, you hold the Volume Down + Home + Power

If it was done properly you should see a screen with a big yellow triangle and the Android robot working on construction in less than 1 second

screenshot [2]

Note: There are many Bell I9000M floating around with this feature disabled, without the Download Mode enable you wont be able to restore from a failed firmware flash. We highly recommend you to take it back and exchange it for a model that can work properly with the 3 button combination. The first batch from around Aug 5 or Serial # ending with 6000000 have the 3 buttons combo disabled, the new batch after Aug 11 with Serial # ending with 6500000 have the working 3 buttons.

example of full Serial # 89302610202006500000

For reference, this is how a true Bricked SGS i9000 looks like [3]