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Where I started

I started out with a Cingular 8125 on BellSouth and it changed over to AT&T. The company was only providing clamshell type phones so I bought myself one from eBay.

My avatar is the wizard named Avatar from the movie Wizards, which seemed appropriate since my phone was an HTC Wizard and I was trying to come up with any secret tricks.

Finally unlocked and flashed a ROM

So after a very long time of reading many wiki and thread pages, I finally unlocked the CID and flashed WizFlo, TNT and some others. I did not need to unlock the SIM.

After a lot of different ROMs, I came across S.V.I's ROMs and I liked them very much. Brightrom, Hornet and then Angel, which I ended up finishing cooking the last batch for S.V.I since he no longer had his Wizard.

Developing my own ROMs

I had my own calculator program I liked and there were a few things I wanted different on S.V.I's ROM so I began my studies and started extracting the ROMs in HyperCore and cooking them with my few tweaks.

Then I started wanting to move files and the like. I discovered UC through SDAutoRun.

I moved on to CRBuilder by Cracing as a way to be able to fit more stuff into my ROMs. This is where I picked up things like using LZX to fit even more stuff. I even tried some of his ROMs like CR96 Touch HD. Later I released my kitchen setup for Wizard using CRBuilder2.


I began trying to understand the make up of the hardware and tried to convert Extended_ROM to be accessible storage. Here are results on that and other thoughts on wizard memory. I decided to use Extended_ROM the same way as the OEMs and put CAB files in it to install. I developed a module for my CRBuilder kitchen to pick files to put into my Extended_ROM and create a config.txt file to parse.

Developing my own user configuration method

I had a harder time getting provxml files to work than rgu/reg files so I wanted to develop a way to do UC that I could understand.

I discovered MortScript and the thread and wiki pages. First I worked on mimicking SDAutoRun. I never figured out how to do LOCK or HIDE, but that did not concern me. I saw no need for reset (RST) since my script had a reset at the end of it.

I discovered Noonski’s start into XDA_UC and tinkered with parts of his script and contributed some things to his work.

I eventually developed a MortScript that replaces the functions of AutoRun and SDAutoRun. Later I picked up the functions of RunCC. I created Scripted Angel based on this.

My script can parse XML, EXEC, CAB, FILEOP, CPY, and TSK.
The only few FILEOP files I saw did some file copies like initflashfile and some file attributes removal. I set up mine to do the copying and either attribute addition or removal.

I added my own features of ZIP, REG, SCT (shortcut creation), MKDR (create directories), MSCR (run another mortscript), MCAB (manual cab install where you select location) and SCAB (automatic install to sdcard by the script clicking the choices – only tested on Wizard).

Trying to speed up phone

Windows Folder

I had learned from S.V.I that reducing the number of files in windows makes a ROM seem a little faster. He did most of his through his ManilaGFX work that moved a lot of files for manila to a separate folder.


So when I came across Extendir I jumped on board to test Extendir ROMs.


I also had removed the shortcuts from my kitchen batches that just get copied to another folder and had my script create the shortcut. The thing I had to learn is sometimes the shortcut gets copied to two places. Later I saw a thread where someone was trying to do the same, but automatically by using mortscript to do the work. I provided some input on using MortScript to reduce Initflashfiles.dat and reduce the files in windows too.

Latest kitchen

I have moved to OSKitchen_Zero and I am glad to finally have a visual kitchen. I am having to retrain myself after a long time of creating separate kitchen folder groups for each ROM. I still use my CRBuilder2 module to create my Extended_ROMs.


Okay, I did kill my G4. That is because I got too careless and tried a new CID unlock method without first removing HardSPL. I was and am still learning so I bought another Wizard on eBay. This time it is a G3.

I have a Fuze now. I am not in a rush to cook my own ROMs since I am waiting to see what happens with WM OS choices out there.

What I am watching

MortScript, Thread & Wiki
Extendir ROM performance cooking

Poyensa's CHTw Notes

My Projects

Wizard Kitchen setup for Wizard
OsKitchen Zero setup for Wizard (update 10/7/10)
Mortscript Wiki
iniEditor MortScript based menu for editing ini files
regEditor MortScript based menu for editing registry values
Why can't we get more wizard memory?
My ROM collection|Various Angel ROMs|CR96 Touch HD™ 2.0

MortScripts to Toggle Settings

I have started flashing NRGZ28's Energy ROMs on my Fuze and getting into CHT widget cooking.
Built off Poyensa's note widget as a base to create CHTw Reminder widget.
In How-To-Make-A-CHT-Widget I created a number of CHT toggles.
which I later moved. Voice Command Toggle, Update to Automatic to Normal and Vibrate Toggles, Lockscreen Email Widget Account Switches
I am also creating a version of the Appointment widget that shows both appointments and tasks. I added task color coding to appointments for those due today and currently active.
I also have changed the dataloader.lua to get a true sort by start date versus sort by due date and sort those with the same due date by their start date. I also removed tasks beyond the days to list showing up as overdue color.

I have moved some of my work to [Manila] Co0kie's Home Tab v2.0.0 - Basic Function Tweaks

Where I am now

Started with an HTC Wizard.
My Fuze stopped working properly after about 2.5 years.
My Infuse drowned.
Now have a Samsung Galaxy S III.

RoryB 5:17, 21 March 2012 (CDT)