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Wallaby/HT GSMError

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How to fix GSM Error Problem ....

  1. Download the XDA-Developers ROM Version 1.1
  2. Install the ROM on your Device via [SD-Card and bootloader|Wallaby_HT_FlashSD].
  3. The phone should start up and give you the screen allignment and the whole menu!
  4. Download an Upgrade for your device. This depends ont the model you are using. Check the sticker at the back of your device.
    *If it is a PW10A-Model download RSU Version 4.16
    *If it is a PW10B-Model download RSU Version 6.24.20
  5. Extract the downloaded ZIP-File and copy all files to the /Windows directory of your device.
  6. Copy the RSUpgrade.exe additional to the /windows/startup directory.
  7. Make an soft reset of your device.
  8. Maybe the upgrade will stop again at 1%, this may occur when you have an empty battery.
  9. Place your device in the cradle. Run Active Sync on your device.
  10. The RSU Upgrade will run in the background.
  11. Wait for about 10 Minutes. The upgrade should complete in the background....

Afterwards all should work again...

Good luck....

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