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Wizard Compatible ROMS

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The goal is for this section to list and compare old ROMs that still have value and the relatively new ROMs. Most of the Wizard ROM development has come to an end by August 2010, but the ROMs available at this time are quite good.

Old ROMs that are still useful:

  • Wizard Love ROM
  • Button ROM

WM6.1 ROMs:

  • Ham3r's H3r5 [1]
  • RoryB's Angel series [2] and [3]
  • xda2_Haseeb's Manila2D™ (No Stylus Needed Edition) [4]
  • TNT "We are back" from August 2008, a classic [5]

WM6.5 ROMs:

  • xda2_Haseeb's Tech TeamUp ROMs [6]
  • CRACING CR96 [7]
  • Ham3r's
  • md_bluelily's MSD Series [8]
  • Cyberdyne's German Skynet ROMs [9]


  • Android 1.5 (Cupcake) has been ported to Wing and similar phones including Wizard. Sound does not work, so it is not useful as a phone. [10]