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== How to Update GOOAPPLE manually ( adb mode ) ==

If you are unable to update Gooapple 3g as mention in ([

Then follow the instruction step by step carefully. NOTE : Be sure to take all of you data backup prior to update process, as I will not be responsible for your data lose contact, messages etc . I have updated mine device through this process and working perfectly.

1. Download Gooapple update rom from ( ) and unzip APupdate on your computer Desktop and remember every this coming in following instruction are available in the folder.

2. Now open APupdate > tools folder and copy all below items a,b,c,d,e,f, to your ( c:\) drive root.

a) adb
(b) adbWinApi.dll.
(c) fastboot.
(d) boot.img.
(e) system.img.
(f) userdata.img ( rename it to data.img).

3. Now Download Hotreboot apk from the link and install on your device normally. (

4. After installation Hotreboot disconnect your USB from Computer and mobile device (if it is connected).

5. Now click on Hotreboot application from your mobile and use option REBOOT INTO BOOTLOADER, now your phone reboot into bootloader immediately.

6. Now plugin your USB cable with mobile and computer.

7. Now if your computer require to install android composit ADB interface and asking for driver to install then navigate it to win-usb folder ( this folder is in the ApUpdate folder on your desktop ) and same update it for Qualcomm HS USB Driver navigate it to the usb_driver folder, if requires.

NOW Get ready to Update

A. Now open command prompt from your computer (if you don’t know then navigate to C:\Windows\System32 into your computer and click to cmd).

B. Now type cd.. and enter till its shows c:\ on command prompt

C. Type:

       fastboot flash system system.img
       (it will say Sending, then writing and say OKAY if it was successful)

D. Then type:

       fastboot flash userdata data.img and wait for the second OKAY.

E. Then type:

       fastboot flash boot boot.img and wait for the second OKAY and type

F. Finally Type:

       fastboot reboot

Congratulation Now your device is Updated.

if you have any questions do not hesitate to write me.