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You've come to the site of Xanadux, a project to port Linux to the HTC phones.

An overview will be given here on

The technical information about these phones is provided here:

  • Alpine (PXA272, opie works, phone does not yet work)
  • Apache (PXA270, the kernel boots)
  • Artemis ( OMAP850, Qtopia / GPE , GPS / BT /touchscreen / LEDs / baclight works )
  • Athena (PXA270, Qtopia works)


  • Beetles (PXA270, the kernel boots)
  • Blueangel (PXA263, gpe/opie, phone in gpe works)


  • Excalibur (not ready yet! -- please help)
  • Hermes (S3C2442, the kernel boots, apparently the keyboard works)
  • Himalaya (PXA263, gpe works)


  • Kaiser (MSM7200, Android wip)
  • Magician (PXA272, GPE, OpenMoko and some other GUI work; phone, sound, battery charging and almost the rest of stuff also work. Camera doesn't)
  • Polaris (MSM7200, Android wip)
  • Nike (MSM7200, Android wip)
  • Prophet (OMAP850, the kernel boots)
  • Sable (PXA270, opie works, gsm protocol decoded, can talk to gps, suspend/resume broken)
  • Trinity (S3C2442, not ready yet! -- anyone can help?)
  • Typhoon, Hurricane, Tornado (OMAP7x0, the kernel boots)

typhoon.png hurricane.png tornado.png

  • Universal (PXA270, gpe/opie works, phone works in Qtopia)


  • Vogue (MSM7500, Android wip)
  • Vox (Kernel boots, gpe boots)
  • Wallaby (SA1110, the kernel boots)
  • Wizard| project (OMAP850, GPE, touchscreen / LEDs / backlight / USB works)
  • Diamond, Raphael (MSM7201, Kernel boots,fb & touchscreen work, gsm wip, android wip)
  • Rhodium (MSM7200A, kernel boots, fb, touchscreen, sd-card, wifi and gprs work)

This project has (or should have) a lot in common with OpenEZX.

PS:(SMALL NOTICE) Dear developers since you are working on linux, i thought this would be the best place to post this link see here if you can get the scripts, this one is a working linux base for Phones and its called OPENMOKO

Project(Xanadux)goal is to produce a working and usable Linux on the device. This includes getting a working base system, making sure all the features of the device (such as the phone, GPRS and UMTS) can be used, and creating a distribution of sorts that non rocket-scientists can actually install and use.

This is where we coordinate work and show the results. The HTC phones are much more closed to developers than any other PDA platform that currently runs Linux, and many challenges lie ahead. We choose to port the Linux kernel and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win. (*)

If you have coding skills, some time on your hands, and if you've ever considered joining a cool Open Source project, then here's your chance.

If you want to join development please contact: [email protected]

  • For download and installation instructions, see XanaduxUserHome
  • Developers please go to the XanaduxDeveloperHome

  • Read what others are saying in XanaduxPress

Other languages:

GER.png eine deutsche Übersetzung gibt es hier: XanaduxDe

By the way:

RecentChanges will describe the historical changes of this site(s) (-it will show the current process of the project).

(*) If you think that sounds pathetic, go talk to JFK's speech-writers. They did get to the moon though...