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Xdadev all unlock

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free tool to remove the simlock from all HTC pda models since the xda2: the Himalaya, Magician, Blueangel, and Alpine.

( alternate model names: Himalaya, PH10B, qtek-2020, xda-II, SPV M1000, mda-II, i-mate-phone-edition, dopod-696, vodafone VPA-II, telefonica TSM500, Blueangel, PH20, qtek-9090, xda-IIs, SPV M2000, mda-III, i-mate PDA2K, dopod-700, siemens-sx66, vodafone VPA III, Magician, PM10A, qtek-s100, xda-II mini, SPV-M500, mda-compact, i-mate Jam, dopod 818, Alpine, PH10C, qtek-2020i, XDA-IIi, i-mate-PDA2, dopod-699 )


copy it to your phone, and run it.

some diagnostic output will be in the file \xdadev_all_unlock.log

if it gives an error, try resetting, and running it again.

if for some reason your phone is suddenly locked, the unlock code will probably be '00000000'

no coldboot required.

model numbers supported

warning: use at your own risk.

and I am not able to relock the phone for you. so, if for whatever reason you may get in trouble for unlocking your phone, that is your problem.


  • v1.0: initial version
  • v1.1: added PH20B1, PH10A
  • v1.2: added PM10B ... contains BUG .. don't use
  • v1.3: fixed bug, added PH20A1 - don't know if it will work.