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SE Xperia X10 Mini/802.11n

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Currently the device is draft-n, not final-n. In order to enable final 802.11n, the chip would have to have its firmware updated.


In the file tiwlan.ini located in '/system/etc' set these 2 lines:

HT_Enable=0                                           #0=diable 802.11n support / 1=Enable
BurstModeEnable = 0                                   # 0 - Disabled  1 - Enabled


HT_Enable=1                                           #0=diable 802.11n support / 1=Enable
BurstModeEnable = 1                                   # 0 - Disabled  1 - Enabled

Note: the device only works in the 2.4 GHz frequency range, not 5 GHz.


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