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By tecknight, Recognized Contributor on 14th September 2015, 08:36 PM
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11th November 2015, 09:40 PM |#21  
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Windowso boot
Hello Chris, thanks for your tutorials and videos.
I have some question before flashing my Teclast so I am here...
From your video (the one named "X98 Air 3G: Flash dual boot bios, Android, install Windows and drivers") it seems that after flashing the tablet with a new android rom and after changing the partition table, you simply boot the tablet, choose windows and the windows install procedure starts.
So how does it work? Does the tablet automatically look for a bootable media if there is and empty windows partition?
If so, and if I start the tablet with a USB pen connected, it should start the windows install procedure the same way, even if there is already a windows installed, correct?

I ask this because somewhere else over forums, it is written to enter the bios and choose the USB pen as boot option. At the moment I don't have a OTG usb hub (I have a normal one, that is not working properly, at least it works when windows is started, but not before, am I forced to use a OTG hub?), so I can't enter the bios with a keyboard and a USB pen attached at the same moment.
If I enter with just a keyboard attached, I can change the boot option from the original one that is
  1. UEFI OS
If I choose to change one of them, i can choose a third option that is "DISABLED", so I suspect that if I enter the bios with a keyboard and a USB pen at the same moment, that DISABLED would be the USB pen,
Is it correct?

Thanks in advance!
24th November 2015, 06:38 AM |#22  
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Hey i have followed the tutorial for boot to windoes fix and install it .bat file my rom is not at all booting to android stays on T pad logo then returned to dual boot menu after 2 min
8th December 2015, 01:48 PM |#23  
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please : how do?

Increase your available Windows disk space by up to 64GB w/o partitioning
11th December 2015, 12:40 AM |#24  
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Some comments on the MFT installing business. The VID &PID figures are NOT always the same. At least for my 64GB Air II wifi-only it's not the same.

You can find out the correct numbers after installing drivers by checking out intel android device in device manager. In properties -> details -> property -> hardware id's you can see the correct VID & PID values.

Note that the SOC one is somewhat unintuitively when you've got your tablet running normally with USB debugging on and drivers installed. The Android VID/PID pair you can see when you boot to fastboot (droidboot).

FWIW my tablet's SOC code is 8087 and 0A5F. Android code is 8087 and 09EF like everyone else.

Kudos for him for explaining this in 1st instance, I knew these codes have to be somewhere but it's nice someone spells it out:

---------- Post added at 03:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:42 AM ----------

There's a more recent version of MFT, filename is ManufacturingFlashTool_Setup_6.0.51.exe
11th December 2015, 08:50 AM |#25  
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does this Rom's work for the new X98 Air III?
17th December 2015, 01:02 AM |#26  
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Worked a treat!
Thanks so much! Worked brilliantly on my Air III (was having a lot of trouble before downloading your Intel MFG).

Any ideas of how to get rid of the 'boot to windows' icon in my app drawer and the 'boot to windows' option when I go to power down the machine?


---------- Post added at 02:02 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:57 AM ----------

Hi all,

I flashed Mirek's v6.1 rom to my single-boot Android Air III (thanks to TechKnight!). However, the 'boot to windows' options are there...

Any ideas of how to get rid of the 'boot to windows' icon in my app drawer and the 'boot to windows' option when I go to power down the machine?

20th December 2015, 11:47 PM |#27  
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X98 Air III stuck in Bootloop after Flashing BIOS to 2.02.
after trying to Update the Bios of my X98 Air III (self-installed Mrek V6 + Win 10), my Tablet won't boot up anymore.

Turning it on, it's booting up to the Red Teclast Logo and will then turn off and try again ten Seconds later.
Connection a Keyboard, I'm able to jump to the BIOS while the Logo is shown. BIOS information as follows (part of it):
Aptio Setup Utility
Core Version 5.008
Project Version tPad 2.02
Version 2.16.1242 (same as before)
But in the BIOS, the Entries for choosing from where to boot have disappeared (Under 'boot Option Priorities' at the Boottab, there is no Entry)

Fortunately, I am still able to get the DnX / Fastboot mode running and commands via ADB are all accepted. Tried to reinstall Android and do the Repartitioning as well. Maybe I'll have to reinstall the BIOS? Possibly, I installed a BIOS that doesn't suit my tablet?

Booting Windows from USB also doesn't work.

Any Ideas on how to solve this? It's still brand-new! Model Number is M5C5
Thank you so much in advance !!

Originally Posted by tecknight

TTT TecKnight's Teclast Tutorials series

Update the BIOS on your X98 Air II/3G to the latest dual boot version (2.02)

Frequently asked questions:
What are the advantages/reasons for updating my BIOS to version 2.02
1. BIOS 2.02 fixes a major power drain issue in Windows sleep mode, slashing the power consumption by 80% when in sleep mode under Windows.
2. BIOS 2.02 enables Boot to other OS functionality from both Windows and Android. This allows you to simply click a Boot to Windows or Boot to Android icon to cause the device to immediately reboot and then launch the other OS.
3. Other minor fixes included in 2.02 update.

Which models of X98 Air II/3G is BIOS version 2.02 compatible with ?
BIOS 2.02 is designed to be compatible with all variants of the X98 Air II/3G.
At the time this instruction was published, 2.02 had been reported successfully flashed to virtually all Air models.
It is not known to be incompatible with any models.

What about other BIOS versions ? Can I use your script to flash them ?
Yes you can. I will keep the flash archive updated with what I consider the latest official Teclast BIOS that has proven to be safe to flash.
That is currently version 2.02.
If you wish to flash a different image, simply follow the instructions in Step 2.

Determine your current BIOS version (coming soon)

Before you attempt this procedure:
1. There is ALWAYS a chance something might go wrong when flashing a BIOS image, even when the image is correct for your device.
When BIOS flashing goes awry, it can result in a "brick", meaning the tablet reponds like a brick. A bricked device will not power up or display anything. It is basically out of commission.
The only way to recover from a brick is to open your case and use a CH341A BIOS flasher like this one:
These instructions attempt to minimize your risk by using the update method with the highest success rate, which is using adb and android to flash the BIOS.
Indeed, reports of bricked tablets when using this flashing method are very rare.
Only you can decide if the benefits from updating to 2.02 are worth the risks. By continuing with this procedure, you are assuming all risk for what might happen to your tablet.
2. The BIOS image as shipped from the factory contains an embedded unique Windows 8.1 software license key.
It is highly recommended that you obtain your Windows 8.1 software license key before you flash BIOS 2.02, as the flashing process will remove your key from the BIOS image.
New 8/25/2015
You can extract your embedded product key by pasting the following into a Windows CMD prompt, followed by Enter:

powershell "(Get-WmiObject -query ‘select * from  SoftwareLicensingService’).OA3xOriginalProductKey" >  %userprofile%/Desktop/WProdKey.txt
This will create a file called WProdKey.txt on your Desktop containing your embedded Windows product key.
Extract the key before you flash the new BIOS and store it somewhere that is NOT on the tablet.
Use the key if you need to reinstall Windows 8.1 on the tablet for some reason.

Procedure: Update BIOS to 2.02 Dual Boot
1. Windows Host PC with adb drivers installed.
2. Teclast X98 Air device with any version of Android installed.
3. USB A to Micro USB cable
4. BIOS 2.02 adb FLASH202 archive (thanks to Mirek190 for creating this archive !! I have pretty much rewritten it at this point)
Download 2.02 BIOS Flasher
Step by Step instructions:
1. Extract FLASH202 archive to a folder on your Windows Host PC.
2. If you wish to flash a BIOS image other than 2.02, rename the BIOS image you want to flash to X98_Air_3G_Dual.bin and browse to the folder where you extracted the FLASH202 archive. Open the X98-Air-dual-boot-bios-and-FPT folder and place your renamed BIOS image there, overwriting the existing file.
3. Ensure that your tablet has at least 50% battery charge.
4. Boot your tablet into Android.
5. Enable USB debugging in Android if not already enabled.
6. Connect your tablet to your Windows Host PC using the USB A to Micro USB cable.
7. On Host PC, browse to the folder where you extracted the FLASH202 archive.
8. Double click on the file FLASH.BAT. It should have a GEAR icon next to it.
You should see:
            *  FLASH.BAT   ver 3.07                       *
            *           Tool to flash BIOS                *
            *           on Teclast X98 Air II/3G          *
            *               created                       *
            *              2015.4.23  Mirek190            *
            *                                             *
            *              modified                       *
            *              2015.8.10  TecKnight           *

 - Your BATTERY must be charged to 50% or higher !!
 - Your X98 device must be booted into Android and connected to this PC via USB
 - On X98 device-"Settings->Developer options->USB debugging" must be checked

If all above requirements are met, press ENTER to proceed
Otherwise, press CTRL-C to abort
9. Press ENTER. You should see:
* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
List of devices attached
Baytrail00F0C770 device

If you do not see the line in red, and the script is not continuing to the message in Step 10 below, then adb is not detecting your X98 Air device. Check that your USB cable is connected properly and USB debugging is enabled in Android. If FLASH.BAT is still not detecting your tablet after these checks, press CTRL-C to abort.
Then press y + ENTER to the Terminate BAT file (Y/N) prompt.
Now, perform the following procedure on your host PC:
Install the latest Intel adb drivers for your Teclast X98 Air device
Once you have completed the listed procedure, restart this procedure from Step 7.

10. If adb is able to detect your X98 Air device, you will see the following message:
You are about to flash the BIOS on your X98 Air device to ver 2.02 Dual Boot
If you do not wish to do this, press CTRL-C to abort.
By pressing ENTER you confirm your understanding that your embedded Windows key
will be wiped by this process and you agree to accept all responsibility
for what may happen to your device.
11. Press ENTER if you agree.
You will see:
NOTE: This process can take 2 minutes or more to complete.
DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS or unpleasant results may occur.
Flash Process Commencing @ 12:30:30 on 7/17/2015
12. Wait for the script to finish. If you see this message:
**BIOS flash FAILURE !! Check flashlog.txt. Post to XDA Developers if necessary
Press ENTER to view flashlog.txt.

Press ENTER and your flash log will be displayed. Troubleshoot your failed flash or post the log to XDA Developers..
13. If you see this message:
**BIOS flash SUCCESS !! Press ENTER to power off X98 Air device immediately.
14. Press the ENTER key and your X98 Air device will be powered down.
15. Disconnect tablet from PC. Wait at least 15 seconds and power tablet back up while holding Vol+.
16. Select your OS and continue. Congratulations !!
Change Log:

9/14/2015 Added Step 2 to allow users to replace the target BIOS image with an image of their choice. Added FAQ heading to this effect as well.

8/10/2015 FLASH.BAT ver 3.07. Changed confirmation wording to indicate Windows key will be destroyed and to have user assume all responsibility for what may happen.
8/6/2015 FLASH.BAT ver 3.06. Added code to change back to correct directory when run as administrator. Enhanced flash failure checking to indicate whether FPT was successfully executed and failed to flash vs when there was a problem launching FPT. Script now brings up flashlog.txt in NOTEPAD following failed flash.
8/4/2015 FLASH.BAT ver 3.05. Added automated power down of X98 Air device following successful flash. This is to attempt to minimize bricked devices due to users not following instructions. Thanks to Mirek190 for suggesting this. FYI: I tested this new FLASH.BAT on my X98 Air 3G twice. Each time the flash was successful and no bricks were made. Here is the flashlog.txt.
7/27/2015 FLASH.BAT ver 3.04. Removed Repartition option and option select menu. Clarified wording in a few places
7/19/2015 FLASH.BAT ver 3.03. Fixed error in call to FPT that was preventing FPT from launching. Thanks to Lysie for catching this.
7/17/2015 FLASH.BAT ver 3.02. Added reliable FLASH success/failure detection to the script. Script now searches the output from the FPT command for the string "FPT Operation Passed". Thanks to ArcticSilverFox for providing a flashlog.txt from a successful flash. Also added a version # to FLASH.BAT and very specific do not disturb instructions as FPT is called.
7/17/2015 Fixed a couple of errors in FLASH.BAT introduced while making the earlier mods. Thanks to ArcticSilverFox for his assistance above and beyond the call of duty !!
7/16/2015 Improved FLASH.BAT script, adding detailed runtime logging to new log file flashlog.txt and added explicit warnings that display prior to flashing device. Added code to automatically kill any running adb processes before flashing. Removed instructions to user to kill adb processes. Updated tutorial to reflect changes in FLASH.BAT.

12th January 2016, 05:29 PM |#28  
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Hello. I have a Teclast X98 AIR 3, and I have install the mirek190 rom v7.0. I have the 2.05 bios. Can you help me to make it dual boot? Where is the steps to install windows 10?
22nd January 2016, 06:00 PM |#29  
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X98 Air III stuck in Bootloop after Flashing BIOS to 2.02.
Hey Joey,

Did you manage to get the bios to flash again?
I'm in the same lonely boat, flashed 2.02 bios it went wrong, managed to flash a new ROM with MFT it worked like a charm, but still in that boot loop! Head hurts from reading all this stuff, but it's great people are here and getting results lol let's try join them..
26th January 2016, 06:41 PM |#30  
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Many thanks! Managed to install Mirek's ROM with your tutorial!
24th March 2016, 12:19 AM |#31  
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Thanks for the awesome tutorials, I just picked up a used X98 Air 3G and it come factory with Win10 & Android 5

I wanted to try and give one of Mireks ROM a go and also keep my WIn10 or add my own version perhaps the Win10 pro 32bit. I am not sure if my current Win10 is Home or other so not sure if the key will work, however on the BIOS side, is there any progress for a tutorial to quickly checking which version BIOS the device is currently on?

Again, well done, this is a very helpful post mate
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