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[KERNEL] [ARM64] [3.18.114] [HMP] [STOPPED-DEV] Redmi 4X - SimpleKernel for santoni

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By LuizPauloDamaceno, Member on 2nd February 2018, 02:32 PM
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Hi folks, i'm making this thread to share with you my Kernel project for santoni.

Tested on Oreo ROM, please, test it on another ones and tell-me if works!

Initial version - WormHole features:
-> Linux 3.18.93 (updated with google git sources);
-> DT2W / SW2W (thanks for @rainforce279);
-> Improved headset detection;
-> Dynamic FSYNC (Improve overall UX performance);
-> Overclocked BIG to 1.49GHz and LITTLE to 1.209GHz using hardware unlocks thanks to @TecnoTailsPlays for working together to do this;
-> Overclocked GPU to 610MHz again, working together with @TecnoTailsPlays ;
-> GPU minimum frequency to 19MHz to save power;
-> Overclocked Slimbus to improve overall audio processing;
-> Added maple and zen io scheduler;
-> Disable CRC check;
-> Improved speaker amplifier driver to incrase audio gain, boost volume, protect speaker from damage;
-> Incrase charging current at DCP, HVDCP and HVDCP3 (Fast charging current for battery set to 2,5A - 10W charging);
-> Decrase overall CPU voltages to reduce overheating (-25mV from stock at higher voltage level and -75mV from stock at lower voltage level);
-> Overclocked Venus and ISP (Improved camera speed and image processing);
-> Screen refresh rate incrased to 66Hz @TecnoTailsPlays;
-> F2FS completly working with this kernel;
-> Added AdrenoBoost and AdrenoIdler;
-> Improved overall CPU and GPU regulators to incrase power efficiency and accurate voltage regulation;
-> Added a lot of TCP algorythms to user choose;
-> Added some USB WLAN drivers to enthusiast developers;
-> Improved Meltdown and Spectre patches;
-> Set ARM HZ to 300;
-> Added KCAL management engine;
-> Added Intellithermal;
-> Added more CPU Hotplug options on sysfs;
-> PowerEfficient workqueues set by default;
-> Fingerprint boost driver;
-> Sound control for microphone and headset, with headset option you can also set speaker gain too;
-> QNOVO QNS Battery management (charging interface);
-> Add BOEFFLA Wakelock blocker;
-> Added wireguard;
-> Improved sqrt operation;
-> TCP Window size to 64kB.

Changelog 09/02/2018
-> Upstream to linux 3.18.94!
-> Fixed GPU maximum overclock to 600MHz;
-> Maximum ISP / Camera clocks to 540 / 66MHz (overclocks);
-> Take down screen frequency to 62Hz instead 66Hz (some models aren't compatible with 66Hz overclock on screen);
-> Improved audio digital to analog conversion;
-> RAM overclock (from 921MHz to 1550MHz);
-> AW87319 amplifier power boosting;
-> CPU more stable undervolts;
-> Updated wireguard importer;
-> BCL manager tweaking.

Changelog 02/03/2018
-> Linux 3.18.97;
-> Enabled ULPS mode for screen;
-> Improved IO;
-> Removed dynamic fsync causing random reboots, changed normal Fsync, disabled by default for best performance;
-> Improved overall performance;
-> Reduced some thermal limits;

Changelog 05/03/2018
-> Updated to linux 3.18.98;
-> Taked some xiaomi kernel changes for santoni;
-> Updating charging limits to reduce overheating.

-> Changelog 26/03/2018
-> Updated to linux 3.18.102;
-> Reworked quick charger 3.0, 2.0 and 1.0;
-> Improved thermal throttling (kernel side);
-> Improved I/O overall performance;
-> Enabled some powersaving modes.

-> Changelog 27/03/2018
-> Improved QC 1.0 from 3.0 charging again;
-> Improved msm_thermal driver to work with wide range of frequencies;
-> Unlocked CPU underclocking;
-> Reworked Camera drivers;
-> Improved overall system performance;
-> Added thermal-engine optimized for oreo, for nougat move the /vendor/etc/thermal-engine.conf to /etc.

Changelog 09/06/2018 - RETURN
-> Linux 3.18.112;
-> A very long work with QC 3.0 / 2.0 / 1.0 -> Santoni Works better with QC2.0! HVDCP using 9V x 1,5A instead 6V x 3A - HEATS UP MORE.
-> CPU Voltage regulation: Improved regulators to work with maximum performance and reduces switching noise with very high load applications, switching noises can crash CPU;
-> A lot of updates based on CAF (Camera, sound, kgsl, etc);
-> Stable GPU overclock at 600MHz, good for daily use;
-> Removed dynamic fsync and disabled fsync by default.
-> Updated thermal drivers;
-> Secreen at 62Hz (see if it works, if not, depending of number of people who cry for 60Hz, i'm gonna back to 60Hz);
-> Dynamic readahead kb selection;
-> CPU Voltage incrased to +25mV from stock (to keep overclock stable);
-> F2FS and Cryptography updates for better security;
***-> Special MODs included for OREO ROMs (Auto Install): Optimized thermal-engine.conf by me and mixer_paths for best audio as possible! (testing yet, changes can come in next versions if i decide is better do a change).

Changelog 14/06/2018 - JARVIS
-> Linux 3.18.113;
-> Added Treble support;
-> Added Audio Quality and volume Tweaks;
-> Undervolted CPUs to decrase heating and battery consumption;
-> Adreno GPU OC set to 605MHz;
-> Screen back to 60Hz (Stock, should work for everyone now);
-> DCP/HVDCP/HVDCP_3 charging tweaks;
-> Fixed Constant Charge current to 2400mA maximum;
-> Crypto, PMIC, Audio Amplifiers tweak for best quality and loudest volume as possible;
-> Set HZ to 300, improves battery life and performance ballanced;
-> Fix USB from last version;
-> Added IIR audio ports at kernel side; (not working properly yet)
-> Added DTS SRS and SRS TruMedia headers at kernel side;
-> Improved clock controller and enable power_aware at boot;
-> Internal memory readahead set to 2048kB only at boot, after automatic (according sd size);
-> Improved thermal migration and limits;
-> Disabled Earpiece boost for better battery life, sound quality and volume;
-> Updates from CAF;
-> Enabled Audio Companders;
-> Improved audio processor boost voltage configurations.

-> Its highly recommended that your enables Asphere function on build.prop to fully enabled audio optimizations, this you can do replacing this line from false for true, or if this line isn't present, add as true:
-This enables qualcomm ASphere audio optimization, i've made changes on mixer paths (included on zip to work with it on earpiece and speaker).

Changelog 18/06/2018 - JARVIS
-> Stable Overclocking on GPU (515MHz / 550MHz / 575MHz);
-> Added EAS (Energy Aware Schedule);
-> Incrased Crypto overclocking to 160MHz;
-> Reduced CPU Voltage in 25mV;
-> Audio amplifier current boosts for better reprudction range at higher volumes;
-> Added dynamic FSync with good stability;
-> Fixed QC charging at 2400mA maximum (QC 2.0; QC3.0 and QC 1.0);
-> Removed hotplug drivers (EAS Power Saving saves more than Hotplugging);
-> Improved thermal (kernel side) operations;
-> AdrenoBoost set to 2 (medium boosting, you can set to 3, 1 or 0.);
-> Improved msm-thermal (intellithermal).
-> Improved battery informations;
-> Better I/O;

Changelog 03/07/2018 JARVIS_HMP
Linux updated to 3.18.114
Removed EAS and taked back HMP;
CPUs Overclocked to 1.61GHz on BIG and 1.34GHz on LITTLE (thanks for helping with find stability @LuanHalaiko)
Added and improved DTS Eagle sound processing;
Unlocked and forced Sound Codec to operate headphones in HD2 mode instead NORMAL mode (better sound definition)
Added Gentle Fair Sleepers and Arch Power;
Improved Dynamic FSysnc;
Improved Realtime Tasks dealing at kernel side;
CCI Clock incrased in 12%;
Reduced lower clock profile voltages to 1.045V and forced stock clocks (1.4GHz and 1.094GHz) to work with 1.190V (-60mV from stock);
Enabled Input and Wake boost at CPU and GPU to improve overall UX performance / scrolling;
Added PowerSuspend driver.
-> See inside AFH folder one simple zip to help complementing audio stuff on android side using (or not) SimpleK!

* Credits:
Eduardo Noyer a.k.a bitrvmpd
silent27121984, Nikit, Nik001 (All dev bring Oreo Rom
Savoca, Francisco Franco, Alucard24, Showp1984, SultanXDA
Nichream, TheScarastic, Flar2, Nathanchance, Andip71, Msf-jarvis
LuanHalaiko, Ryan Andri, mostafa-z, Vimalraj1, @dencel007
All authors and commiters on Source

(Treble file and normal file, tested on OREO only)
Download Link:

Kernel Source Code:

-> Paused updates for now, many users report random reboot. So I'm rebasing sources.

Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_Kernel Adiutor_20180202-121955.png
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Name:	Screenshot_HWMonitor PRO_20180130-131931.png
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Name:	Screenshot_AnTuTu Benchmark_20180201-122541.png
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Name:	Screenshot_Configurações_20180202-121119.png
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Name:	Screenshot_Kernel Adiutor_20180202-122104.png
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Name:	Screenshot_Kernel Adiutor_20180202-122057.png
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ID:	4407524
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2nd February 2018, 02:48 PM |#2  
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Awesome work Bro👍👍👍

Sent from my Xiaomi Redmi 4X using XDA Labs
2nd February 2018, 04:10 PM |#4  
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There's no problem so far on NOS. I think is good
2nd February 2018, 04:34 PM |#5  
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add the ability to adjust the voltage, pls (for cpu)
2nd February 2018, 04:47 PM |#6  
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Only for Oreo ROMS?
2nd February 2018, 04:57 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by carlsmad

Only for Oreo ROMS?

2nd February 2018, 05:50 PM |#8  
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Awesome work man.
But that 66hz display is causing issues in my display.

---------- Post added at 06:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:48 PM ----------

Originally Posted by TecnoTailsPlays

a w e s o m e

Could you please do something oh 66hz display?
My display is behaving weird with your kernel
2nd February 2018, 06:04 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by adii.x3

Awesome work man.
But that 66hz display is causing issues in my display.

---------- Post added at 06:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:48 PM ----------

Could you please do something oh 66hz display?
My display is behaving weird with your kernel

You can ask that on my kernel thread, and I will do a build without 66hz for users with different screen model
The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to LuanHalaiko For This Useful Post: [ View ]
2nd February 2018, 06:20 PM |#10  
himfa71's Avatar
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Looks good with features, but only downside is 66hz overclock
2nd February 2018, 06:59 PM |#11  
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Pan01 LOS Oreo boot loop 😏
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