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[ROM][7.1.2][OMS] Android Ice Cold Project 12.1 [Updated 28-08-2017]

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By STRYDER~007, Recognized Developer / Recognized Themer on 2nd November 2016, 08:15 AM
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Android Ice Cold Project

AICP is known by everyone as Ice Cold Project that started on Desire HD and since then evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community you can find!!!

Until Lollipop, Rom has always been AOKP based. Unfortunately, since AOKP either stopped development or will make a comeback later this year, we changed our base to CM when it comes to hardware, drivers and some features.

If there are any bugs, either we will sort them or CM team if it concerns their modifications. This ROM isn't CM supported so no need to report errors or bugs to them!!

* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed!!
* Please make nandroid backup before flashing this as a precaution!
* Try this ROM at your own risk!

In the beginning we would like to thank:
  • CM LineageOS team
  • maxwen
  • SlimBean rom team
  • CarbonRom team
  • LiquidSmooth rom team
  • Omni rom team
  • DU team
  • Community

  • @LorD ClockaN
  • @zipsnet
  • @n3ocort3x
  • @semdoc
  • @eyosen
  • @alienmind
  • @Chezbel
  • @Drgravy
  • @eboye

We are now paying for servers that build nightlies and everything that comes with it, so EVERY DONATION will really be appreciated and be used to cover those expenses.
Thank you!!

Latest Release: Version 12.1Old Version:

Full Changelogs: Go to Settings->AICP Extras->Changelogs.

  • Don't disable Heads-Up. You wont be able to answer phone calls otherwise.
  • You tell... :P

ROMS should contain everything you need to enjoy android. You are not required to install any Add Ons, simply download the latest ROM, gapps, flash it, and go!
You are STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing, and if possible avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup - these can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug. If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience strange behavior.

How to flash:

  • Download Latest AICP Nougat Build
  • Download Gapps [Optional]
  • Take Nandroid Backup via Recovery
  • Recommended- Full wipe and Factory reset
  • Format System, Data, Cache, Dalvik-cache and Clean Install the ROM
  • Flash ROM using recovery
  • Flash Gapps [Optional]
  • Flash Magisk or SuperSU to get root access [Optional]
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy!
  • NOTE- To access FOTA recovery(CWM/TWRP) after flashing AICP, press vol+ on reboot.
  • Beware- ROM has Gapps persistance in between dirty flashes.
Huge thanks to @Raienryu and @Furrydaus for helping!

Kernel in this ROM follows CM LineageOS source with custom additions.

To be able to flash over OTA app, TWRP recovery is needed.
You can still use CWM and OTA app, but only to download zip file and flash it manually from within recovery. Zip gets saved under AICP_ota folder on your internal SDCard.

If you want to contribute to the AICP or wanna see what is being worked on/merge feel free to visit our gerrit, link is at the bottom!!!

IceColdJelly AICP G+ community

ROM Gerrit

You want to see a normal night at the DEV office, click here!!

XDA:DevDB Information
Android Ice Cold Project 12.1, ROM for the Sony Xperia L


Source Code Rom:
Source Code Kernel:
Source Code Device:

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
Based On: CyanogenMod LineageOS

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2016-11-02
Last Updated 2017-08-28
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2nd November 2016, 08:40 AM |#2  
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Angry Changelogs and Screenshots

   * device/sony/taoshan/
d15fff4 taoshan: AICP-fy device tree

   * frameworks/base/
5cb7d14 Net monitor: fix arrows not showing when data saver is enabled
578bb67 base: SystemUI: fix div by zero for extreme cases
fdf739a Adjust quickbar tile gap
9f247db Adopt lockscreen shortcut hint from AOSP
071f008 Prettify the captive portal sign-in activity
c9c458b CaptivePortalLoginActivity correctly gets UserAgent
d479c8e Revert "Fix nav bar showing always on the left when rotated to 270 degrees."
e552ba3 Revert "base: Add back NavbarLeftInLandscape [1/3]"
b935ddc SystemUI: force a clock update if the screen is turned back on
a40b9f0 SettingsLib: Add two more animation speed steps

   * hardware/ril/
5758b0e ril: fix a memory leak.

   * hardware/ril-caf/
588e49d ril: fix a memory leak.

   * packages/apps/DUI/
8047a0e Pulse: Navbar left in landscape support
8344ace Revert "DUI: Add back NavbarLeftInLandscape [3/3]"

   * packages/apps/Dialer/
2941074 Fixed Dialer crash issue when finish dialpad immediately

   * packages/apps/Settings/
666dec0 Correctly align cursor in DPI settings (smallest width)
fdbdaae Settings: Fix automatic hotspot turn off summary
0dcbb0e Revert "Settings: Add back NavbarLeftInLandscape [2/3]"
ec02fc6 Always show screen on time
4e5cde0 Settings: fix search panel background color

   * packages/apps/WallpaperPicker/
5b27292 Fix bad wallpaper preview image format


   * frameworks/base/
b67f961 Base: Improve OmniSwitch implementation

   * hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8996/
074ff06 Merge tag 'LA.UM.5.5.r1-04900-8x96.0' into HEAD

   * kernel/sony/msm8930/
8022720 kernel.h: define u8, s8, u32, etc. limits
fa3bfdb ARM: 7449/1: use generic strnlen_user and strncpy_from_user functions
84889b8 qseecom: Add checks for user space buffer pointers
5d65db4 qseecom: Add checks for API called in IOCTL
894bad4 qseecom: Validate pointer offset in qseecom_send_modfd_cmd
62a556f misc: Fix NULL pointer dereferences and trivial issues
59896c3 qseecom: Add a status field to the listener resp structure
90c5dbe perf,x86: fix link failure for non-Intel configs
c3764ba perf,x86: fix kernel crash with PEBS/BTS after suspend/resume
39b2c72 perf_event: Switch to internal refcount, fix race with close()
b2f359a Partially revert "Drop whitespace, Kconfigs, Makefile noise and dead code"
fbdbf3b Revert "f2fs: use cryptoapi crc32 functions"
5052c0a ext4/fscrypto: avoid RCU lookup in d_revalidate
5a630cf fscrypto: don't let data integrity writebacks fail with ENOMEM
d25cb4c f2fs: use dget_parent and file_dentry in f2fs_file_open
6e2d2fe fscrypto: use dget_parent() in fscrypt_d_revalidate()
ebcc0c8 f2fs: retrieve IO write stat from the right place
184b2a2 f2fs crypto: fix corrupted symlink in encrypted case
cdbd8cc f2fs: cover large section in sanity check of super
bd3a811 f2fs/crypto: fix xts_tweak initialization
c3e96f0b f2fs: submit node page write bios when really required
b63e20a f2fs: add missing argument to f2fs_setxattr stub
22c5b29 f2fs: fix to avoid unneeded unlock_new_inode
685ba0b f2fs: clean up opened code with f2fs_update_dentry
4516b46 f2fs: declare static functions
ff5ad7a f2fs: use cryptoapi crc32 functions
0e484dd f2fs: modify the readahead method in ra_node_page()
52e8de6 f2fs crypto: sync ext4_lookup and ext4_file_open
e1a60bd f2fs: define not-set fallocate flags
cf14b94 fs crypto: move per-file encryption from f2fs tree to fs/crypto
25af1ae move d_rcu from overlapping d_child to overlapping d_alias
fbbcef4 debugfs: debugfs_remove_recursive() must not rely on list_empty(d_subdirs)
24e6cea vfs: dcache: use DCACHE_DENTRY_KILLED instead of DCACHE_DISCONNECTED in d_kill()
2bc0f45 f2fs: Update from f2fs-stable linux-3.4.y
da5f48e f2fs: should unset atomic flag after successful commit
2f3d5f4 f2fs: fix wrong memory condition check
73f2c25 f2fs: monitor the number of background checkpoint
079b461 f2fs: detect idle time depending on user behavior
625a3df f2fs: export ra_nid_pages to sysfs
2de7d17 f2fs: introduce time and interval facility
6edc869 f2fs: skip releasing nodes in chindless extent tree
3e84043 f2fs: use atomic type for node count in extent tree
9a3af01 f2fs: recognize encrypted data in f2fs_fiemap
7c5b160 f2fs: clean up f2fs_balance_fs
32f817e f2fs: remove redundant calls
2d2bb78 f2fs: avoid unnecessary f2fs_balance_fs calls
7e496cf f2fs: check the page status filled from disk
cf6f97e f2fs: introduce __get_node_page to reuse common code
d054784 f2fs: check node id earily when readaheading node page
f7d7ac0 f2fs: read isize while holding i_mutex in fiemap
ceb97a0 Revert "f2fs: check the node block address of newly allocated nid"
fd1faa9 f2fs: cover more area with nat_tree_lock
22e1e6e f2fs: introduce max_file_blocks in sbi
4b96f4a f2fs crypto: check CONFIG_F2FS_FS_XATTR for encrypted symlink
8f4d21d f2fs: introduce zombie list for fast shrinking extent trees
6a2a180 f2fs: monitor zombie_tree count
4a7179c f2fs: use IPU for fdatasync
bdea05f f2fs: write pending bios when cp_error is set
fa7f7f3 f2fs: remove f2fs_bug_on in terms of max_depth
536002e f2fs: fix f2fs_ioc_abort_volatile_write
816b6f6 f2fs: fix to skip recovering dot dentries in a readonly fs
8fd2152 f2fs: load largest extent all the time
2b642a7 f2fs: use i_size_read to get i_size
3de3db0 f2fs: early check broken symlink length in the encrypted case
e556484 f2fs: clean up f2fs_ioc_write_checkpoint
6639bca f2fs: add a max block check for get_data_block_bmap
5184602 f2fs: fix bugs and simplify codes of f2fs_fiemap
5aad966 f2fs: let user being aware of IO error
0db5bc3 f2fs: add missing f2fs_balance_fs in __recover_dot_dentries
ff75d60 f2fs: declare static function
86002cc f2fs: avoid f2fs_lock_op in f2fs_write_begin
f0d6511 f2fs: return early when trying to read null nid
0650d41 f2fs: introduce prepare_write_begin to clean up
00cb281 f2fs: don't convert inline inode when inline_data option is disable
8948fa3 f2fs: report error of do_checkpoint
7d6a5a7 f2fs: call f2fs_balance_fs only when node was changed
7151b96 f2fs: reduce covered region of sbi->cp_rwsem in f2fs_map_blocks
ef3a20f f2fs: record node block allocation in dnode_of_data
dfc1de5 f2fs: avoid unnecessary f2fs_gc for dir operations
c43a7d8 f2fs: check inline_data flag at converting time
7d0f98c f2fs: speed up shrinking extent tree entries
d52d7ec f2fs: use atomic variable for total_extent_tree
2f523f1 f2fs: add a tracepoint for sync_dirty_inodes
9187799 f2fs: optimize the flow of f2fs_map_blocks
8d57bc1 f2fs: support data flush in background
ae2c4c6 f2fs: stat dirty regular/symlink inodes
63d2f01 f2fs: introduce new option for controlling data flush
5d0730c f2fs: record dirty status of regular/symlink inode
8ca8611 f2fs: introduce __f2fs_commit_super
10b86c2 f2fs: relocate tracepoint of write_checkpoint
9d6f75a f2fs: don't grab super block buffer header all the time
04e8f3b f2fs: backup raw_super in sbi
b9f7583 f2fs: fix to reset variable correctlly
f2cbd5b f2fs: introduce __remove_dirty_inode
643cba1 f2fs: introduce dirty list node in inode info
7398995 f2fs: rename {add,remove,release}_dirty_inode to {add,remove,release}_ino_entry
9dbac31 f2fs: add symbol to avoid any confusion with tools
3a15477 f2fs: do more integrity verification for superblock
fcc5938 f2fs: fix to update variable correctly when skip a unmapped block
4712254 f2fs: write only the pages in range during defragment
7710dde f2fs: clean up node page updating flow
70376ef f2fs: use lock_buffer when changing superblock
6316010 f2fs: refactor f2fs_commit_super
95f82cd f2fs: enhance the bit operation for SSR
0682274 f2fs: fix to convert inline inode in ->setattr
cde504b f2fs: use sbi->blocks_per_seg to avoid unnecessary calculation
c1c0e9e f2fs: kill f2fs_drop_largest_extent
67d330c f2fs: clean up argument of recover_data
5fc0e6e f2fs: clean up code with __has_cursum_space
3d85127 f2fs: clean up error path in f2fs_readdir
865c0ac f2fs: do not recover from previous remained wrong dnodes
2dc0543 f2fs: avoid deadlock in f2fs_shrink_extent_tree
e332e51 f2fs: fix to report error in f2fs_readdir
8301c90 f2fs: clear page uptodate when dropping cache for atomic write
4544b4b f2fs: optimize __find_rev_next_bit
6778a4f f2fs: fix to remove directory inode from dirty list
e87e371 f2fs: fix to enable missing ioctl interfaces in ->compat_ioctl
67ae215 f2fs: fix memory leak of kobject in error path of fill_super
88bb428 f2fs: support file defragment
4b766d8 f2fs: commit atomic written page in LFS mode
c8f9eb3 f2fs: report error of f2fs_create_root_stats
2bc6c86 f2fs: Sync with upstream
9a21851 net/packet: fix overflow in check for priv area size
7dd6ce1 packet: handle too big packets for PACKET_V3
34fb55c net/packet: fix overflow in check for tp_reserve
168f05a net/packet: fix overflow in check for tp_frame_nr
90e392f BACKPORT: net: sock: make sock_tx_timestamp void
6aff1e2 xfrm_user: validate XFRM_MSG_NEWAE XFRMA_REPLAY_ESN_VAL replay_window
5694825 KEYS: Change the name of the dead type to ".dead" to prevent user access
fe7c4a2 prima: Fix buffer overflow in WLANSAP_Set_WPARSNIes()
8473259 perf/core: Fix concurrent sys_perf_event_open() vs. 'move_group' race
9921325 perf: Fix inherited events vs. tracepoint filters
e188f13 FROMLIST: security,perf: Allow further restriction of perf_event_open
93c422d BACKPORT: perf tools: Document the perf sysctls
ba60cc5 perf: Fix fasync handling on inherited events
e4a4eb6 perf: Fix irq_work 'tail' recursion
87b6af9 perf: fix perf bug in fork()
e8f2e27 perf: Fix a race condition in perf_remove_from_context()
ae6fd91 perf: Limit perf_event_attr::sample_period to 63 bits
57dd0f9 perf: Fix error return code
e0f9f73 list: introduce list_next_entry() and list_prev_entry()
14ca807 perf: Fix perf_cgroup_switch for sw-events
ecfc95a perf: Clarify perf_cpu_context::active_pmu usage by renaming it to ::unique_pmu
118258e perf: Use css_tryget() to avoid propping up css refcount
e3cce07 perf: Fix event group context move
b3728e7 perf: Fix perf_lock_task_context() vs RCU
07207d3 perf: Remove WARN_ON_ONCE() check in __perf_event_enable() for valid scenario
befc3b5 perf: Clone child context from parent context pmu
5d28b83 perf: Fix mmap() accounting hole
ed42444 perf: Fix perf mmap bugs

   * packages/apps/AicpExtras/
a526c2f AE: fix some italian translations(it)

   * packages/apps/CarrierConfig/
1249ef5 Remove TIM from non-roaming networks list of H3G IT

   * vendor/aicp/
34705b3 Z00ED: Remove inactive maintainer
f3c821b vendor_aicp: Update maintainer for Nexus 7 2012 (Wifi)


   * build/
d35a6cf Merge "build: Fix Version in releasetools" into n7.1
ad0c34a build: Fix Version in releasetools

   * vendor/aicp/
fbe1a74 Merge "sensitive_pn: Add sensitive number for Greece" into n7.1
11981e9 sensitive_pn: Add sensitive number for Greece


   * build/
357c26d Add dumpvar for WITH_SU
8110382 Revert "Build: Switch to Magisk as the built in root [2/2]"

   * frameworks/base/
3427c4c BluetoothTile: Fix in the off state while entering the detail view
aab2ee7 WiFiTile: Fix in the off state while entering the detail view
1c1cfdb Fix TaskRecord wrong dump element firstActiveTime
ac1b734 Remove the unnecessary window animation request
f17a924 Merge "base: Add back NavbarLeftInLandscape [1/3]" into n7.1
8436857 Merge changes from topics 'batterysaver-color', 'hwkey-actions' into n7.1
57f649f Add ability to configure battery saver mode color (1/2)
6292359 Add screenshot to custom key actions [1/3]

   * kernel/sony/msm8930/
da9f509 tcp: do not lock listener to process SYN packets
b852113 ping: implement proper locking
9624124 msm: crypto: set CLR_CNTXT bit for crypto operations
2c2f14b qseecom: check buffer size when loading firmware images
eae102f ASoC: soc: qdsp6: prevent risk of buffer overflow
d3a9ac7 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: return error when copy from userspace fails
33eef95 ASoC: msm: qdsp6: Add range checking in msm_dai_q6_set_channel_map
0c7e9d7 trace: resolve stack corruption due to string copy
f73bcc6 crypto: msm: check integer overflow on total data len in qcedev.c
59acbe5 ANDROID: ion: Protect kref from userspace manipulation
8cd6c52 KEYS: Disallow keyrings beginning with '.' to be joined as session keyrings
01172b4 qseecom: Change format specifier %p to %pK
f34f6b7 USB: cypress_m8: add endpoint sanity check
391825a mm: migrate dirty page without clear_page_dirty_for_io etc
4069892 mm: fix warning in __set_page_dirty_nobuffers
d3e0448 crypto: msm: check length before copying to buf in _debug_stats_read
7981a1e perf: Tighten (and fix) the grouping condition
b33f10d BACKPORT: fs: limit filesystem stacking depth
a74a6ed platform: msm: fix PFT when using direct-io
f905826 msm: cleanup and minor fixes for PFT driver
e120adf platform: msm: fix PFT char device major number
8f371db platform: msm: pft: fix close all encrypted files
16aebc5 platform: msm: add Per-File-Tagger (PFT) driver
367111e dm: dm-req-crypt: add support for Per-File-Encryption
631bc0b Setting correct HW crypto driver instance for FDE
ce041f7 dm: Clean up dm-req-crypt
d9a9876 dm: Adding support of AES 256 bits in dm-req-crypt
46697f0 dm: updating crypto algorithm used by dm-req-crypt
2b32f75 Request based dm-crypt
d1dde07 Drop whitespace, Kconfigs, Makefile noise and dead code
5e186ce get rid of s_files and files_lock
82a7f12 unix: properly account for FDs passed over unix sockets

   * packages/apps/AicpExtras/
f769314 Remove SU utils from AE
8a261a2 Remove Aicp logcat
6d08391 Remove custom boot animation
79fe270 Remove System App Remover

   * packages/apps/CMParts/
f013833 Add ability to configure battery saver mode color (2/2)
0541fca Add screenshot to custom key actions [2/3]

   * packages/apps/Nfc/
182c26e NfcNci: make T3T/Nfc-F HCE optional

   * packages/apps/Settings/
ae068e9 Add SuperSu to settings dashboard
f7e040d Remove selinux switch
20e6811 Settings: Set root access options appropriately
ae139c0 Revert "Properly remove root access under DevSettings"
06d69c2 Merge changes from topic 'aosp-commits' into n7.1

   * vendor/aicp/
faae88e Add target to make a flashable su addon
ac94ac9 cm: Remove root access prop
5c2fc52 Revert "vendor: Switch to Magisk as the built in root [1/2]"

   * vendor/cmsdk/
0859e14 Add screenshot to custom key actions [3/3]

   * device/sony/taoshan/
fb31109 overlay: Use the linux /dev/input/event subsystem

   * external/icu/
554db26 Merge tag 'android-7.1.1_r9' into cm-14.1

   * frameworks/av/
88326e8 Revert "Revert "Stagefright: Allow setting high-framerates in CameraSource""

   * frameworks/base/
6b982a9 [1/2] base: SystemUI: custom QS header images
895ff7a core: Fix camel case
983111a SystemUI: remove 'hide clock' option from clock position tunable

   * hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8960/
5e95ac2 hal: Additional checks for dedicated VOIP input

   * hardware/qcom/audio/default/
584bfb8 Merge tag 'android-7.1.1_r9' into cm-14.1

   * packages/apps/AicpExtras/
5fe2d08 Merge "AE: cleaned doubled strings & updated de-translations" into n7.1
ea49ed0 [2/2] AicpExtras: custom QS header images
54e2859 SeekBarPreferenceCham: Fix using @string reference for unitsLeft and Right
fe394ae AE: cleaned doubled strings & updated de-translations

   * packages/apps/CMParts/
6a28aa3 CMParts: remove 'hide clock' option from clock position tunable

   * packages/apps/Calendar/
cdfc529 Calendar: String improvements

   * packages/apps/ContactsCommon/
9c3552b resolve merge conflicts of 9f523b4 to nyc-dev

   * packages/apps/Messaging/
f5b8d0f Messaging: String improvements

   * packages/apps/Settings/
d4a2314 Fix Dev settings FC after edgegesture merge

   * platform_manifest/
abadc3f manifest: Track OmniStyle package from Omni

   * vendor/aicp/
23952a8 pme: add PRODUCT_RELEASE_NAME
ba1d2e0 aicp: add OmniStyle to build
51a2830 vendor_aicp: Add HTC 10 (aka Perfume, PME) to the mix
5aab108 Merge "vendor: sepolicy: Add priv_app to neverallow rule" into n7.1
96d22c8 shamu: Update build fingerprint & description to N6F26Q

   * vendor/cmsdk/
c025463 cmsdk: fix update path for version 7


   * frameworks/base/
b6adb08 Update aicpextras tile icon
ea74bf2 AppSidebar: Derp for working sidebar after reboot
8a535a6 FWB: AppSidebar: Auto hide timeout (1/2)
e54082c AppSidebar: Add part of GA trigger overlay to fix compile
86e9508 App Sidebar Fixup
9188063 Merge changes from topic 'edgegestureservice' into n7.1
229e9bf FW_Base - App sidebar (1/2)
11c1115 Fix up EdgeGestureService for N
f9ec9b0 policy: don't use EdgeGestureService for navigation bar if were on the keyguard
12736d3 gesture: fix possible race during initialization
7286dc1 PhoneWindowManager: add ability to use EdgeGestureService for system gestures.
ac931ce [2/2] framework/base: Add EdgeGesture service.
cd1a587 Catch runtime exceptions when parsing DHCP packets
e709895 Zygote : Block SIGCHLD during fork.
3907af5 Merge "Zygote: Additional whitelisting for legacy devices." into n7.1
016e0c1 Merge "Zygote: Additional whitelists for runtime overlay / other static resources." into n7.1
c877df7 Merge "Public volumes belong to a single user." into n7.1
c1fbff0 Merge "Add SafetyNet logging to DHCP packet parsing" into n7.1
c515d23 Merge "Revert "Resource Runtime Overlay: Repair damages to Zygote runtime overlays"" into n7.1
8a5c7c7 Merge "Revert "Zygote: Workaround for detecting open file descriptors"" into n7.1

   * hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8916/
d414d15 hal: Dynamically load the correct path for HUAWEI_SOUND_PARAM_PATH

   * hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8974/
becbb2f hal: Dynamically load the correct path for HUAWEI_SOUND_PARAM_PATH

   * packages/apps/AicpExtras/
94dc36c Add a pinch of stars
1687ec6 AE: AppSidebar: Auto hide timeout (2/2)
fecad76 AE - App sidebar (2/2)

   * packages/apps/CMParts/
fe7a989 CMParts: Match pulse speed to frameworks default

   * packages/apps/OmniStyle/
98e88d3 OmniStyle: add Wavvy headers - thanks to Travis Hall
e739007 OmniStyle: use omnirom app icon

   * packages/apps/Settings/
021109a Settings: Add preference for EdgeGesture service.

   * vendor/aicp/
e69ffb2 extract_utils: Update smali/backsmali to v2.2b4
93381c5 extract_utils: Update backsmali command
a5d58d9 vendor: sepolicy: Add priv_app to neverallow rule

   * vendor/cmsdk/
5bb06dc cmsdk: remove 'hide clock' option from clock position tunable


   * frameworks/base/
48fb88e statusbar: Fix 4G+/LTE+ icons
be918cd Zygote: Additional whitelisting for legacy devices.
d1c8079 Zygote: Additional whitelists for runtime overlay / other static resources.
9b969c8 Public volumes belong to a single user.
56abd0e Add SafetyNet logging to DHCP packet parsing
8c231bf Revert "Resource Runtime Overlay: Repair damages to Zygote runtime overlays"
da38aa9 Revert "Zygote: Workaround for detecting open file descriptors"

   * hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8937/
95ccc85 policy_hal: Fix mismerges
b24ef94 audio policy: fix capture indication to sound trigger service.
3f05588 audio policy: fix media volume after ringtone
1e29be0 Revert "hal: Add abstraction for soundtrigger session"
8c2743e hal: Don't try to record using 3-mic unless we mean it
a8490ea hal: Haxed header
ab64a44 audio: Fix flac offload not working
bd04719 hal: Fix build with HDMI disabled
f4e5f48 audio: Fix complilation warnings under Clang
1394524 msm8996: fix werror when AUDIO_FEATURE_ENABLED_DTS_EAGLE is enabled
04ed235 audio: Extend platform parser to allow device name aliasing
326d03c hal: post_proc: enabled / disable volume listener based on prop
966b853 hal: Support the audio amplifier hook
284d304 hal: Allow building hardware audio encoders
7d10d9a audio: Use direct    * pathmap

   * hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8937/
3dfb72a sdm: Always include kernel headers
3c389e0 Fix duplicate copy file rules
5ab047e display: Cleanup flags
381813d Don't build lights module if vendor supplies it
8908ec8 display: Use    * pathmap

   * hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8937/
64e0fc1 mm-video: Disable proprietary extension
becaa72 venc: Fix VQZip issue
d322c9f vidc: Fix makefiles
0e5dd32 media: Avoid collision with FFMPEG plugin
671cbd6 media: Use    * pathmap

   * packages/apps/Browser/
b565222 Search engines: Add DuckDuckGo FR


   * build/
1545d1d Merge tag 'android-7.1.1_r9' into n7.1

   * external/zlib/
b666691 Revert "Upgrade to zlib 1.2.10."

   * frameworks/av/
8b97a92 Fix security vulnerability: Effect command might allow negative indexes
14cb382 Make VBRISeeker more robust
3b01735 Effects: Check get parameter command size
7abb830 DO NOT MERGE: defensive parsing of mp3 album art information
e18a794 Fix security vulnerability: Equalizer command might allow negative indexes
65cc476 stagefright: remove allottedSize equality check in IOMX::useBuffer
2bed07f Visualizer: Check capture size and latency parameters

   * frameworks/base/
2a812c7 Merge "FWB: Add AicpExtras tile" into n7.1
bb6663a Merge "aapt: silence these warnings" into n7.1
e6bc9c5 Merge "Fix race condition in accessibility" into n7.1
a03cca3 Merge "Zygote: Workaround for detecting open file descriptors" into n7.1
a0f0649 Merge "Fix incorrect FIFO cgroup assignment." into n7.1
960f7fb Merge "Zygote: Deleted files can still be fstat(restat) success." into n7.1
99cd81e Merge "Make sure Zygote is running at process priority 0 after VM has started." into n7.1
b24f15f Merge "Fix pms systemReady NullpointerException" into n7.1
d36c9f6 Merge "Fix a memory leak." into n7.1
8894afa Merge "OMS: StrictMode and files under /data/system/theme/" into n7.1
fa70e30 FWB: Add AicpExtras tile
b168d49 AICPfy empty recents view

   * frameworks/native/
3d30e84 Fix SF security vulnerability: 32660278
9e29a03 Fix integer overflow in unsafeReadTypedVector

   * packages/apps/AicpExtras/
8fe21e2 AE: Chinese translation update
9db9243 Update Italian translation
3288212 AE: sometimes transparency is opacity
15cde34 AE: BlurUI update strings and dependencies

   * packages/apps/CMParts/
367b4e3 Fix handling of auto power save summary.

   * packages/apps/Snap/
3f92dde Snap: Remove storage menu if no external storage available

   * platform_manifest/
b8def1b AICP: android-7.1.1_r6 -> android-7.1.1_r9

   * vendor/aicp/
2d8018d Merge "Revert "Ditch CMTE"" into n7.1
745ffb8 Revert "Ditch CMTE"
f9d162b Merge "Ditch CMTE" into n7.1


   * build/
d3449e8 Merge "Roomservice: allow adding remove-   *" into n7.1
82c876c Add hosts and custom files persistance on flash
3dfc147 Roomservice: allow adding remove-   *
4d4d492 envsetup: Split cached vars

   * device/sony/taoshan/
c240b9e taoshan: Remove Gello Browser
a2aa10e sepolicy: Remove duplicate declaration

   * frameworks/base/
e0b4b6f QS: add Screenrecord tile

   * packages/apps/Settings/
1699c8d Add back hardware info to Settings
74a7d76 Add HwInfo base activity
7a842fa SimSettings: avoid NPE
e65877a Automatic translation import

   * vendor/aicp/
ea35fec Enable the Google Assistant on all devices.


   * device/sony/taoshan/
e0ecf4f taoshan: board: Define cache file system as ext4
7d01f27 taoshan: AICP-fy tree
e44e9b5 Revert "Disable non-existent overlays"
bdc447d Revert "taoshan: audio: Remove breaking codecs dependency"
31d457a taoshan: Switch to permissive SELinux
bfcde5b sepolicy: Updates for N


   * frameworks/base/
997fbd7 frameworks: Toast long timeout fix
1551c8e frameworks: fix system server crash
b199ffd Brightness slider: only enable auto brightness toggle when also enabed for QS
1bd9650 Fix automatic brightness QS toggle icon

   * kernel/sony/msm8930/
fc2c124 Fix the buffer overflow issue observed in static code analysis.
e6156bb wlan: Deprecate all WAPI ioctls
f918775 wlan: validate essid length before processing scan req
d0f7a46 wlan: Remove support for deprecated api get/set countryrev
4cabd94 wlan: EnableStrictRegulatoryForFCC should be False by default.
9c8cbde wlan: Synchronize country code HDD ioctl
5505cf6 wlan: Correcting timeout value for event driver_crda_req.
e24ae62 wlan: Resolve excessive logging issue.
df8043c WLAN: same p2p MAC address is observed from mutiple devices
1e7f732 prima: Cleanup credits merging
b6d1f65 wlan:Check priviledge permission before processing SET_CHAR_GET_NONE IOCTL
72c9d12 wlan:Check priviledge permission before processing SET_PACKET_FILTER IOCTL
0a5d663 wlan:Check priviledge permission for SET_VAR_INTS_GETNONE IOCTL
3707f18 wlan:Check priviledge permission before processing QCSAP_IOCTL_SETWPSIE
082b1f4 wlan:Check priviledge permission before processing SET_BAND_CONFIG  IOCTL
65ca51b wlan:Check priviledge permission before processing SET_POWER_PARAMS  IOCTL
7b8a511 wlan:Check priviledge permission before processing CLEAR_MCBC_FILTER  IOCTL
06493de wlan:Check priviledge permission for SET_THREE_INT_GET_NONE
86324f8 wlan:Check priviledge permission before processing SET_OEM_DATA_REQ  IOCTL
668b9bc wlan: ensure permission for WLAN_FTM_PRIV_SET_CHAR_GET_NONE
3da6b67 wlan: Validate WPA and RSN IE for valid length
7c46b7b wlan: Validate ioctls for valid input length
d088ceb msm: perf: Do not allocate new hw_event if event is duplicate.
8ca0214 Input: aiptek - fix crash on detecting device without endpoints
305aed4 Input: aiptek - adjust error-handling code label
4c5c5d1 BACKPORT: mm: remove gup_flags FOLL_WRITE games from __get_user_pages()
6624f8c KEYS: Fix short sprintf buffer in /proc/keys show function
ea9141f tcp: fix use after free in tcp_xmit_retransmit_queue()
441b28c fix infoleak in rtnetlink
ee3529e Don't show empty tag stats for unprivileged uids
0600608 fs: ext4: disable support for fallocate FALLOC_FL_PUNCH_HOLE
266295f binder: prevent kptr leak by using %pK format specifier
9b273cb perf: duplicate deletion of perf event
8636144 wcnss: Avoid user buffer overloading for write cal data

   * vendor/cmsdk/
c7ecd4d cmsdk: Fix non-triggered ON_DISCONNECT + cleanups


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The Following 13 Users Say Thank You to STRYDER~007 For This Useful Post: [ View ]
2nd November 2016, 10:37 AM |#3  
Junior Member
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Nice work sir
The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to booooonnn For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift booooonnn Ad-Free
2nd November 2016, 11:57 AM |#4  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 19
I'm on ACIP 11, the last version that worked with RKernel 4.0. I use this kernel only because of the overclocked processor. All the final versions of the custom MM roms and the early versions of 7.0/7.1 are slow in comparison.
So could you please increase the processor to atmost 1350mhz in the kernel?
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2nd November 2016, 12:06 PM |#5  
STRYDER~007's Avatar
OP Recognized Developer / Recognized Themer
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Originally Posted by 78jimm

I'm on ACIP 11, the last version that worked with RKernel 4.0. I use this kernel only because of the overclocked processor. All the final versions of the custom MM roms and the early versions of 7.0/7.1 are slow in comparison.
So could you please increase the processor to atmost 1350mhz in the kernel?

Overclocking stock kernel isn't ideal for source built ROMs. 7.1 feels pretty smooth to me..Even with gapps! Zero lags so far.. Otherwise wait for someone to build custom kernel based on Nougat for XL.
The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to STRYDER~007 For This Useful Post: [ View ]
2nd November 2016, 12:55 PM |#6  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by STRYDER~007

Overclocking stock kernel isn't ideal for source built ROMs. 7.1 feels pretty smooth to me..Even with gapps! Zero lags so far.. Otherwise wait for someone to build custom kernel based on Nougat for XL.

I'm just used to some of the resourse heavy apps functioning faster with the RKernel, like tumblr and youtube.
Thanks anyway.
3rd November 2016, 02:30 AM |#7  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 12
Setup wizard kept forcing close, can't bypass setup wizard

EDIT: Got it working now
3rd November 2016, 03:37 AM |#8  
Rockmins's Avatar
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by booooonnn

Setup wizard kept forcing close, can't bypass setup wizard

EDIT: Got it working now

How did you got it working?
3rd November 2016, 09:13 AM |#9  
Junior Member
Thanks Meter: 12
Originally Posted by Rockmins

How did you got it working?

When it booted up, just hold power button on setup wizard, then the message "Force Close" will disappear

EDIT: I have a partitioned sd card so it gave me errors in TWRP about wiping, have to restore a backup then wipe everything then flash the rom & Gapps.
6th November 2016, 08:07 AM |#10  
Junior Member
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Error at boot: Setup Wizard keeps stopping. If I click close app, it comes up again after a few seconds
6th November 2016, 06:16 PM |#11  
STRYDER~007's Avatar
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Angry ROM Updated!
AICP Nougat updated! This build has camcorder fixed and everything working. So I guess it's ready to be used as daily driver! Enjoy!


   * device/sony/taoshan/
d54b4d3 Fixed Camcorder issue

   * build/
658b1ef build: Increase diff timeout

   * frameworks/av/
246fd76 av: Add support for CameraSource as metadata type

   * frameworks/base/
f588367 Don't crash if print spooler doesn't have location permission.
072bfc4 Don't show quotation marks around Wifi network name in Settings.
63e3b59 Support enforcing a minimum delay between notification sounds of an app.
9cb2b6d (Optionally) allow vibration during priority zen mode.
c349ad8 Revert "Mms: Fix no ringtone for MT SMS during the call."
b4848c9 Add importance level to block lock screen notifications (fixed) (1/2)

   * frameworks/opt/net/wifi/
8594d48 wifi: Set the mode at native layer

   * frameworks/opt/telephony/
a164555 Telephony: handle 3rd party sms apps + 'always ask'

   * hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8960/
c1973bc libstagefrighthw: Remove padding in encoder_nativehandle_buffer_type
7d088e3 mm-video: venc: update metadata-type used for HAL1 based recording

   * packages/apps/AudioFX/
db8cc15 AudioFX: Fix possible RuntimeException
a01d9e0 AudioFX: Fix possible NPE

   * packages/apps/Settings/
53740a6 Show SIM name as data usage mobile network category title.
127e2fd Integrate mobile network settings into SIM settings for MSIM.
9f89698 Remove a few MSIM tab hosts.
e791003 Add setup UI for minimum delay between an app's notification sounds.
19bf56e Allow selecting vibration mode during zen priority mode.
71fc822 Add importance level to block lock screen notifications (fixed) (2/2)
a0e0616 Merge "Updated DE-translations for Settings" into n7.1

   * packages/apps/Snap/
70edacf Snap: Fix possible RuntimeException (due to NPE)
3da1aa3 Snap: Fix possible NPE
72e249c CameraNext: dynamically generate available photo resolutions

   * packages/apps/Trebuchet/
7b7aab4 Trebuchet: Remove stats/tracking

   * packages/services/Telephony/
a3867de Allow MobileNetworkSettings to be invoked for selected SIM.

   * vendor/aicp/
c937724 vendor_cm: Vodafone TR: Fix mobile data on first boot
8f15089 ambient: Remove from OSS builds
81345c1 Merge "extract_utils: Add option to define the certificate for jars" into n7.1
c46f3d2 extract_utils: Add option to define the certificate for jars
74b4c7b bullhead: remove build id override

   * vendor/sony/
84e1d31 Merge pull request #181 from RonGokhale/cm-14.1
ff89a3c nicki: Update widevine blobs
550e2c7 nicki: Update camera blobs
853b801 nicki: Update time service blobs
ff25be6 Revert "nicki: Use 15.2.A.2.5 sensord"
Download AICP Nougat 12.1 [2016-11-06]
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