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[ROM] [6.0 and 5.1] nAOSProm for Xperia S

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By mickybart, Senior Member on 1st December 2014, 03:45 AM
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nAOSP ROM 5.1 and 6.0 for Xperia S

The purpose of this rom is to provide a rom not so far of the AOSP with some cool features (nAOSP means "near AOSP").

As I'm using some external works to do this rom, I first want to thanks the community and specially billchen1977,ViPER4Android Team ,Cyanogenmod Team , FXP Team

nAOSP 6.0 Marshmallow Changelog (features, issues, etc)
IMPORTANT: temporary removed due to an annoying undetected bug !
  • android-6.0.1_r70 (October security fixes)
  • Kernel: security fixes (from nAOSP 7.0)
  • 2D: Support 60 fps + managed by the GPU to reduce CPU load (improve global responsivness)

Previous versions

  • android-6.0.1_r66 (September security fixes)
  • Kernel: Quadrooter vulnerabilities fixes @millosr)
  • Kernel: kcal: fix display corruption with value 256
  • Settings: Rework of Settings/nAOSProm for a more user-friendly interaction
  • Settings: Add automatic proximity speakerphone settings for Dialer
  • telephony: proper shutdown and radio capability support
  • translation: Russian (WIP, @KGrandly)

Please read the associated post to don't have issues with Superuser
  • android-6.0.1_r61 (August security fixes)
  • Superuser: Bye to Superuser, welcome to Superuser with AppOps
  • su: Support for multiuser and the new Superuser
  • Ui: Battery styles (see Settings/nAOSProm/More) - compatible with GravityBox (thanks @millosr)
  • Ui: Optimizing application displays the application name (thanks @millosr)
  • ROM Updater : Remove download action from notification
  • Layers: doze invert color is now automatically set by the theme (manual option removed)
  • Bluetooth: Accept all incoming files
  • Settings: Display safe entries into nAOSP section (depends on current user, root access ...),battery styles, substratum, root access control per user
  • SELinux: add missing nfc and mediaserver rules (+ fix selinux denied ioctl by checking binder fd type: sockets using ashmem accessors)
  • Boot: check f2fs not run anymore
  • kernel: bma250: more fix about bma250_ic_write issues when motion (pickup/significant) are in use with accelerometer.
  • Gapps: /persist/gapps-config.txt

  • android 6.0.1_r52 (July Security patches)
  • Daydream: supported (see Settings/Display) - disabled by default
  • Sensors: Significant motion added (Full doze and localization/low power mode support) - disabled by default
  • Sensors: Pickup sensor implementation reviewed (just a high_g detection on Y axe) - disabled by default
  • Kernel: accelerometer: merge bma250_ng and bma250_motion drivers to avoid conflict and provide a better hardware managment
  • Kernel: cpufreq: Fix issues when a cpu goes back online and was clocked to the max frequency of 2.05 Ghz.
  • Kernel: Color calibration: full support of RGB Multipliers with kcal_ctrl driver implementation.
  • Kernel: Leds: Store the brightness requested. That permit to better control the requested brightness when thermanager/other changing the max_brightness value.
  • CPU Hotplug: mpdecision daemon is back (will manage cpu1 online state)
  • Offline charging: new pictures for chargemon (thanks @Jurn_Software)
  • Day/night mode: support new kcal_ctrl driver.
  • Settings: Enable/disable some sensors (pickup, significant motion, ...), Support substratum application
  • Themes: Full support of Layers 4.0
  • Dialer/InCall: Automatic spearkerphone (see Dialer/Settings/proximity speakerphone) - disabled by default
  • Translations: update for uk @Jurn_Software ), fr

  • android 6.0.1_r46 (June Security patch)
  • Settings: Double Tap to sleep can be disabled (thanks @millosr)
  • Quick Settings: Immersive mode (hide NavBar and/or Status Bar). If you dirty flash, you can add it with SystemUI Tuner. (thanks @millosr)
  • Dialer: Fix "invalid number" issue (based on @runekock feedback. thanks)

  • android 6.0.1_r43 (May Security patch)
  • Eleven updated
  • TWRP: 3.0.2+

  • android 6.0.1_r20 (April Security patch)
  • kernel: Intermediate security fix of march added
  • Quick Settings: add Caffeine (thanks @millosr)
  • ROM Updater: fix a permission issue (thanks @millosr)

  • android 6.0.1_r17 (March Security patch)
  • Hw Keys: launch Camera application with Camera key can be configured to Disabled, Long press only or default
  • Translation: update pt/pt-rBR @ThunderBolt_BR)

  • TWRP: Flash/Backup/Restore FOTA image supported (recovery.img)
  • Lockscreen: display Dialer or Vocal Assist shortcut (see Settings/nAOSProm/More)
  • Quick Settings: quick pull down with one finger can now be disabled (see Settings/nAOSProm/More)
  • Battery: Display time since last full charge (thanks to @millosr)
  • ROM Updater: Complete review of OpenRecoveryScript support with a new user-friendly solution to select zip files, set pre and post installation per zip file, change zip flash order, etc (big thanks to @millosr). (if you want to migrate to the new gui, you will just have to remove the aditional script content and use the new way to redo it.)
  • Translation: few updates (polish, serbian, french ...)

  • Fix /system/.supersu not created
  • Fix Viper4Android version (
  • ROM Updater: default path changed to Download folder. Support dependency to avoid incremental flash by mistake on a wrong ROM.

  • ViPER4Android :
  • TWRP: 3.0.0
  • ROM Updater: Support manual download and additional parameters (don't wipe or execute post update controlled by upstream). Old ROM will be flagged as "Old" or "Old | Downloaded".
  • Recovery: OTA will automatically flash recovery.img into FOTA
  • Layers: OTA will preserve theme files when flashing a new ROM
  • Quick Settings: Add ADB over network support
  • NavBar: On-screen keys can be enabled/disabled from Settings/nAOSProm/More
  • SuperSU: force system installation with the new stable version 2.65 (/system/.supersu). Can be overrided by /data/.supersu
  • Fix offline charging
  • Fix FM Radio and Bluetooth crash when FMRadio is closed without headphone.
  • Fix DeskClock crash when trying to view world cities
  • Fix recent button (dismiss all) overlap NavBar in landscape mode
  • Translation: en, fr, es (@vayavalla), pt-rBR @ThunderBolt_BR), uk @Jurn_Software), it @nicofossa), pl @A6ekAK), sr @millosr)). Thanks Guys for your help

  • android-6.0.1_r16
  • Google Now on Tap : Support with Long press on Home
  • TWRP: Add Crypto and Battery status
  • OTA: support (see Settings/About phone/Updates)
  • Settings: Add About nAOSProm

need a /data Format. See post #3561
  • GSM: 2G/3G switch fixed
  • Selinux : Enforcing by default
  • SuperSU : Supported with Selinux enforcing (Beta 2.52) (For remember the ROM include by default Superuser)
  • Xposed : Supported with Selinux enforcing
  • AOSP Camera 2: Fix portrait issue (no more cropping to 3000x3000 px)
  • Hw Keys: Use Camera button to launch Camera Application (Short press if screen is off and long press if screen is on)
  • Superuser: Fix text color for theme support
  • Auto Power Mode : Doze and applications standby enabled by default (see Settings/nAOSProm)
  • Localisation: support GPS/Wifi/GSM fix with Google GMS
  • /data: remove inline_data mount option. (Fix Telegram/WhatsApp and some corruption issues)
  • init rc: complete rework of init process to simplify it (remove some scripts and unused services)
  • Bluetooth 3.0 Headset: Seems to support HFP and A2DP profiles (thanks to report with your model)

  • kernel: Overclocking issues fixed
  • Quicksettings: Add lockscreen control
  • USB OTG support (thanks @Phantasm4489)
  • Superuser integration
  • Developer mode and Tuner UI enabled by default
  • Theme issues : SuperSU/Superuser and WakeUp use new icons into Settings. (not the best for WakeUp but that will simplify things)

  • android-6.0.1_r10
  • Long press on Home : Mapped to Nothing in Modern layout to avoid SystemUI crash. Bug need to be fixed upstream.
  • Quick Settings: Add Fast Charge tile
  • NFC: support is back
  • Night/Day Mode: Available into Quick Settings
  • Settings: Color Calibration improved to support Night and Day settings. Presets are now available.
  • Bug to send photo into hangout : fixed upstream (need to have Storage permission)

As this is the initial release, please refer to this post

nAOSP 5.1 Lollipop Changelog (features, issues, etc)
  • android-5.1.1_r36
  • Support /sdcard legacy path (fix issue with some apps like ES File Explorer)
  • Hw Keys: launch Camera application with Camera key can be configured to Disabled, Long press only or default

Previous versions

New partition layout with /data and /sdcard merged. please read the flashing procedure.
  • New partition layout (merge /data and /sdcard)
  • ROM Updater: OTA support (see Settings/About phone/Updates) (Thanks @millosr)
  • OTA: flash recovery.img, preserve RRO Theme
  • SuperSU: force system installation with the new stable version 2.65 (/system/.supersu). Can be overrided by /data/.supersu
  • TWRP: with new partition layout support + Flash/Backup/Restore FOTA image supported
  • Settings: Add About, Development settings enabled by default
  • Quick Settings: Add tiles Fast Charge and Day/Night mode, Quick pull down can be disabled from Settings
  • NavBar: On-screen keys can be enabled/disabled from Settings/nAOSProm/More
  • Kernel: KSM disabled by default (see Settings/nAOSProm/More)
  • Apps: Update ViPER4Android (, Superuser, Browser and Music
  • Fake Signature support: come back after commit lost since b28
  • Hw Keys: Use Camera button to launch Camera Application (Short press if screen is off and long press if screen is on)

  • android-5.1.1_r34 (Thanks @millosr)

Thanks to @millosr who's working to apply Google Security Update and more
  • android-5.1.1_r33 (Thanks @millosr)
  • Font Size slider into Settings/Display/Font (Thanks @millosr)
  • WakeUp: Fix language mismatch and add Serbian Translation (Thanks @millosr)
  • Webview: Webview will be updated by Google when GApps are installed (Thanks @millosr)

  • android-5.1.1_r13
If you come from version less than b25, read this post first

b25 version b
  • android-5.1.1_r9
  • SELinux
  • Layers (support themes with Layers Manager available on the play store; don't confuse with CM Theme Engine)
  • Settings: Integration of SuperSU, WakeUp, Layers Manager and migration from Developer Options to a dedicated nAOSProm category
  • Settings: support feature to control Ambient Inversion color
  • TWRP (recovery.img available under the zip file)
  • Superuser: materialized embedded part
  • Translation: Italian (thanks @nicofossa ), French
to flash b25, read this post first

  • FMRadio: bug fix (crash when back button pressed on the headphones activity)
  • UI: Clear Recents App button position fixed when NavigationBar is used
  • Dex2oat: permit dex2oat to run more than 6 minutes (fix installation timeout issues like with Facebook)
  • Audio Effect: add ViPER4Android with NEON_HQ mode, QCOM Acoustic Echo Cancellation (aec will be used by default on VoIP)
  • Audio: review code, enable QCOM Fluence mode and enable double mic (endfire)
If you like ViPER4Android, please go to thanks developers of ViPER4Android and not me. You will find more detail on the section "Good to know ".

  • android-5.1.1_r4
  • Thermal protection: Migration to thermanager with a configuration file located at /system/etc/thermanager.xml. (fix device reboot when too hot). For those who overclock the CPU, please read Overclocking section.
  • f2fs : patch to support at least TWRP
  • Recents App: close recents app migrate to floating action button style and to a new location on the bottom right

  • FM Radio: new application forked from AOSP 5.1 FMRadio (support favorites, fm band, speaker ...)
  • kernel: Better detection of sweep gesture, pickup driver support removed temporary
  • WakeUp : add Ambient/Doze action. Double Tap and Proximity enabled by default
  • Notification: Lightbar support. Delay On changed to 500ms. (See Settings/Developer)
  • GPU: revert low gpu frequencies to stock ones
  • Next/Previous track: Volume keys can now be used with Ambient Display enabled (media control when screen is off)
  • Data Roaming: Disable by default (thanks to @mirhl)
  • Ambient: Adaptive brightness support (default) and fix custom brightness (Settings/Developer)
  • Adaptive brightness: review lux/brightness (default; custom by end user supported).
  • Dialer: Material Icon

  • android-5.1.1_r1
  • kernel: Add wake gesture (thanks to @ztc1997)
  • kernel: Touchscreen can power off/on itself based on the proximity sensor state (only in standby mode)
  • Wake Up: New application embedded to control Wake Gesture and Kernel configuration.
  • Settings: remove double tap option
  • Screen will not be turned on if you plug/unplug USB cable anymore

  • android-5.1.0_r5
  • Bluetooth fixed
  • GPU: some corruptions are fixed
  • Kernel : Merge of OC and standard kernel. By default GPU and CPU use stock frequencies (gpu scaling enabled by default). SmartMax and ROW set by default. mpdecision is disabled (compensate with 192Mhz low frequency, a better governor etc).
  • Audio FX removed (more in nAOSP spirit)

  • android-5.1.0_r1
  • Browser: Incognito mode
  • USB Fast Charge: Can be enable on Settings/Battery/menu. (disabled by default after a reboot)
  • Overclocking: OC kernel is replaced by OC Ultra kernel. OC Ultra kernel will start at 1.51Ghz by default and you are free to change the frequency after boot. For those who use OC kernel, change to OC Ultra in developer before dirty flash to b19
  • some code reworks to easier maintenance with billchen works (regarding last nAOSProm 5.1 alpha1)

After flashing the ROM, please flash the b19-alpha3 kernel or at least change the sdcard read ahead to 128 kB. (For those who use OC_Ultra, flash b19-alpha3)
  • Brightness: Screen brightness level like stock ROM (als/curve parameters). Lowest brightness can be set to 2% (5/255). Boot brightness is set to 30%
  • dt2w: Fix touchscreen not responding issue (thanks to @ztc1997)
  • Screen: Color calibration added (check Settings/Developer)
  • USB Fast Charge supported (thanks to @ztc1997) use at your own risk
  • SD card: Read ahead set to 2048kb by default
  • Zram: switch to lz4 compressor/decompressor (thanks to @ztc1997) + Fix random hard reboot when changing zram disk size on developer GUI.
  • GPU: Dynamic clocking supported. 2d will run at 96Mhz and 3d at 177Mhz by default. GPU governor is set to ondemand by default. The max frequency depend of the kernel used
  • Overclocking: OC Ultra kernel is set to start at 1.51Ghz for the CPU. You are free to overclock up to 2.05Ghz.
  • Hotplug CPU: disabled on all OC kernel. It is safe to start it with OC kernel but you shouldn't do it on OC Ultra.
  • Music/Eleven: bugs fix

  • kernel: last update from billchen1977 source.
  • Base: rewrite some code to share the effort with uCyan 12.0 (eg: migration to persist properties)
  • Developer: Complete rewrite of the code to integrate nAOSProm features. This is clean now and you will not lost settings after a dirty flash (for those who used kernel OC, please read the overclocking section about this change).
  • Mms: Material style for Mms application (this is not a full materialized application but should be enough )
  • Browser: Migrate to CM 12 version (minor change from AOSP, Material support. Stability is not compromise)
  • Gallery2: Migrate to CM 12 version (beta)
  • Music: Replaced by Eleven and AudioFX from CM 12 (beta).

  • kernel: switch to cma by default (thanks billchen1977)
  • kernel: if you don't want cma, flash after flash of the rom
  • lightbar: Multiple mode (Always off, on with 5 sec timeout, on/off with the screen). Brightness/Adaptive brightness control supported on each mode (except Always off)
  • music: control music with long press on volume key when screen is off. long press on camera key to play/pause.
  • sdcard: support f2fs/ext4/vfat
  • overclocking: OC Ultra reduce to 1.836 Ghz
  • Settings: Developer permit to enable/disable "music control", double tape to wake, shake to wake. Wifi permit to support EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA.
  • shake to wake: disable by default
  • RIL: update to support conference call (and base support for eap-sim but not tested)

Mainly a repack version of multiple evolution since b14 to b14d kernel.
  • pickup device integrated (to trigger Ambient display for example)
  • freeze issues fixed
  • multi boot f2fs/ext4 supported (for cache and data)
  • zram set to 192 MiB
  • Low Memory Killer can be set by the end user (see Settings/Developer)

b14 version b
b14b replace b14. Strange issues fixed by a complete recompilation. (Music player issue fixed too.)
  • Double tape to wake (in the middle of the screen) (thanks billchen1977)
  • Double tape to sleep (on the statusbar)
  • Lightbar : support adaptive brightness, state linked with display (on/off/brightness/dim)
  • Ambient/Doze : brightness can be set by the user (see Settings/Developer)
  • Adaptive brightness : speed up the brightness increase when environment become brighter (~1.5s vs ~4.0s previously)
  • f2fs : supported by the kernel (thanks dennes544/billchen1977) and recovery (mkfs.f2fs)
  • oom: more free memory will be available to avoid some memory allocations issue

  • bluetooth: multiple issues fixed (files transfer are now operational in both directions)

  • Browser: fix crash on Settings
  • Nfc: add HAL (thanks billchen1977)
  • Physical buttons : improvement based on comments
    - You are now able to use the old layout or the modern one (Go on Developer options). By default the modern one is used.
    - Modern layout: Long press on App Switch (ex Menu key) will trigger the menu for legacy app. Long press on Home will trigger assist (same behaviour than Nexus with navbar but without the bubble due to hardware constraint)

b11 version b
b11b replace b11 with webview fix (used by gapps, browser, etc)
  • android 5.0.2_r1
  • developer: zram/lightbar/kernel parameters can be set with developer options (section nAOSProm).
  • button: Menu key press will show recent apps. Long press on home will trigger menu key for legacy app (Android <= 2.3).
  • Adaptive brightness : Fix black screen when too low. Review of lux/britghtness. Slide the light control to adjust as you want (variation based on the auto brightness configuration defined)
  • Ambient/Doze : Fix brightness/readable notification. (display doze when pick up the device need some improvement)
  • memory: oom/zram tuning again

Overclocking supported but by default a NON-OVERCLOCKED KERNEL will be flashed. See the Overclocking section
  • kernel: new governor smartmax (set by default)
  • kernel: new io scheduler SIO and ROW (ROW is set by default)
  • overclocking: 2 kernel available (OC and OC Ultra) see the Overclocking section
  • memory: tuning zram/lowmemory (swappiness to 100, ...) see the ZRAM section
  • kernel: bug fix (OTG, random reboot since b09c) (thanks billchen1977)
  • Ambient Display (consume some power so you can disable it on Settings/Display) (thanks billchen1977)
  • lightbar: turn off support (set sys.lightbar.enable=false on build.prop and reboot)
  • graphic: bootanimation and default wallpaper from Lollipop

Update: zram management - flash boot-b09b.img kernel (possible fix for random reboots)
  • Memory management improvement
  • kernel: zram patch for ARM compatibility + swap support
  • enable swap with 1 zram device set to 100MB by default (zram is a compressed device in memory)
  • revert to more conservative oom/lowmemory values
  • kernel: bug fix
  • battery.capacity set to 1750

  • Android 5.0.1_r1
  • kernel : cleanup pmem deprecated API, fix clock for msm mercury

  • update to be inline with billchen1977 test7 (kernel update for cpu gouvernor, ksm, multi user crash fix)
  • Multi users supported

  • Android 5.0.0_r7
  • Switch to @billchen1977 kernel_msm
  • Superuser (embedded into Settings)
  • Clear all recent apps (add button on the top right)
  • Quick Settings : One finger pull down when trigger from the right of the status bar
  • Advanced power menu with reboot support (normal, safe, recovery, bootloader)
  • Email : Fake security for exchange (no pin, no remote erase, etc need to be set)
  • GSM / Wifi / Bluetooth / GPS / Camera
  • Auto brightness
  • Lightbar
  • FM Radio
  • Busybox (Full)
  • Recovery support with FOTAkernel

see my previous post

Release available under :

Overclocked kernel are tested on my own device BUT I won't be responsible for any damages on yours
Please don't enable mpdecision on OC kernel and b20+ version except if you know what you are doing.
Since b20 kernels are merged so the overclocking is available in the default kernel. By default the ROM will use stock frequencies.

By default if the device is too hot it will reduce the screen brightness and CPU clock. When the device will be cool enough it will restore brightness and CPU clock but at 1.5Ghz only.
If you want to force thermanager to restore the clock to a specific value defined by an external overclocking tool, you can edit /system/etc/thermanager.xml.

All credits go to ViPER520 and the amazing works.
You should read detail and go to thanks developers.
xda :

Themes are supported with Layers Manager.
This is not a CM Theme Engine so you can just use Layers themes.

Howto flash
6.0 and 5.1 procedure
(OLD) 5.1: Read and thanks UlvarinPL

Translation help
6.0 translation files

Known issues

nAOSP 5.1
nAOSP 5.1 noemulated
nAOSP 6.0

Kernel: 3.4.0
Android: 5.1.1 and 6.0.1

- billchen1977
- ViPER4Android Team
- Cyanogenmod Team
- FXP Team
- TWRP Team
- All the community around Android

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1st December 2014, 04:01 AM |#2  
OP Senior Member
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Donate to Me
If you want a specific feature/custom, let me know and if I can I will integrate them

on my ROM nAOSProm for 4.4.4, I have removed Browser, Music, Voice Dialer etc because this is mainly replaced by other applications (Google ones). Do you want me to remove them from the 5.0.0 version ?
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1st December 2014, 04:55 AM |#3  
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Originally Posted by mickybart

on my ROM nAOSProm for 4.4.4, I have removed Browser, Music, Voice Dialer etc because this is mainly replaced by other applications (Google ones). Do you want me to remove them from the 5.0.0 version ?

Yeah, removing Voice Dialer and the ancient Music app is a good idea. But please don't remove the AOSP Browser as I find it faster and better than other browsers.

---------- Post added at 10:25 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:57 AM ----------

Originally Posted by mickybart

If you want a specific feature/custom, let me know and if I can I will integrate them

Can it be made possible to un-pin a pinned screen by simultaneously touching the back and menu capacitive keys instead of the standard back + recents nav bar keys?
Or can you add an option to remap buttons?
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1st December 2014, 06:51 AM |#4  
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Hmm I can see it's LRX21V, does your build also have the Miscellaneous battery bug? (WiFi related)
1st December 2014, 08:06 AM |#5  
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@mickybart The zip shows name as b03 in the hubic link. Is it the b03 or b06 link?
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1st December 2014, 08:30 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by Mirhawk

@mickybart The zip shows name as b03 in the hubic link. Is it the b03 or b06 link?

Use the MEGA link, there's a b06 zip in there
1st December 2014, 08:49 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by bamboohao

Use the MEGA link, there's a b06 zip in there

Mega links don't work for Me, they are always not accessible.
1st December 2014, 08:52 AM |#8  
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Hi nice work
It would be nice if you could implement hold back to kill app feature
But it would be better if you could compile Rastapop??
It has quite few features and you dont slowly add this that into here, and its also based on AOSP
But still its up to you and thanks
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1st December 2014, 09:15 AM |#9  
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Error executing updater binary in zip '/sdcard/nAOSProm....anything i miss? can u give the proper way to flash it..
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1st December 2014, 09:29 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by fildza

Error executing updater binary in zip '/sdcard/nAOSProm....anything i miss? can u give the proper way to flash it..

i flashed doom kernel first, and flash the rom with its recovery (cwm). i got error too if i flashed with twrp (maybe it's fota kernel problem or in twrp itself).

cant give feedback yet though, just flashed it myself

thanks for the rom.
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1st December 2014, 09:56 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by Lunatiic

Hmm I can see it's LRX21V, does your build also have the Miscellaneous battery bug? (WiFi related)

i want to know this as well since billchen's build has the annoying bug that eats up my battery.

Fast Charge is the only feature that i want for this rom. but thats kernel related

Nice work though! Keep it up!
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