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By jeroenqui, Senior Member on 26th March 2013, 07:42 PM
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@FXP @Kali- @binary for all the work on the hardware bringup for honami and their work on the device tree
FreeXperia team
CyanogenMod team

PAC-man ROM 4.4 is a ROM build from scratch from AOSP with our own tweaks and options, including picks and features from the best ROMs out there!

Why choose among ROMs, when you have All-in-One !!

* All in One Rom [Core features from PA, AOKP and CM]

* PAC in Black

* Status bar tweaks

* Quick Settings Panel tweaks

* Notification Drawer tweaks

* Lockscreen Notifications

* Active Display

* Appbar

* Gesture Anywhere

* Init.d scripts

* Build.prop Mods

* Statusbar Weather

* Recents RAM Bar

* PAC Console

* Latest Version Nightly Builds

* OTA Updates

* Changelog Viewer

* Basically if there is a cool feature out there and it's open source,
  then we will try to bring that feature into PAC-man
 (insert PAC-man eating a pellet sound here)

* And of course:

* By flashing this, you automatically void your warranty!

* If your phone breaks, blows up or runs away from you, do not cry to us!

* Do not ask for ETAs!!

* Download the ROM and GApps

* Reboot to recovery

* Wipe data/factory reset

* Flash the ROM and then GAapps

* Reboot your phone

* Enjoy

* Download the latest version

* Reboot to recovery

* Flash the ROM

* Wipe both dalvik cache and cache

* Reboot your phone

* Enjoy the latest version of PAC-man

How to compile this yourself:
[INDENT]To initialize your local repository using the PAC-man trees, use a command like this:
repo init -u git:// -b pac44

To sync up:
repo sync

(Optional) If you want to build with TWRP recovery included, add this to your local_manifest.xml file:
  <remove-project name="android_bootable_recovery" />
  <project name="TeamWin/Team-Win-Recovery-Project.git" path="bootable/recovery" remote="github" revision="twrp2.7"/>
after this, repo sync again. Then to build: ./ yuga

* Cyanogen Team

* AOKP Team

* Paranoid Android

* PAC-man Team

* SlimRoms

* RootBox

* Carbon ROM

* Vanir

* ChameleonOS

* Omnirom

* Paranoid SaberDroid

* Special thanks to all our Build Bot Providers (see Contributors list for all names)

* JaeKar99 and the PAC Graphix Team - Graphics, logos and images

XDA:DevDB Information
PAC-ROM (nightlies & custom builds), ROM for the Sony Xperia Z

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: Unlocked Bootloader
Based On: CyanogenMod, AOKP, Paranoid Android

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2013-08-08
Last Updated 2014-07-14
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Q & A
Besides donating you can also show your appreciation in this way:

1. Click on "Follow project" on the black bar on top of this thread. Or click here
2. While you're there, post a review at the review tab or click here.
Doesn't have to be a long story. Just a few words and a honest rating is enough!
All reviews are much appreciated.

The more of these we get, the more people will notice PAC-rom once they join the Xperia Z development forum.
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26th March 2013, 07:42 PM |#3  
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- MEOW-kernel updated to v1.11.13 -
Changelog here

- ROM -
Trebuchet, phone, dialer, mms translation updates
Correct padding for status bar icons
Fix AppOps
Bluetooth: Add DUN
Contacts: The "Settings" button should display in Chinese mode
Contacts: Menu bar is missing after erasing data
Make lock screen menu button actions work regardless of rebinding
Settings: PIN/PUK Lock and Status
Fix PIB Phone FC
Fix SystemUI FC on PIB switch
Frameworks: add never sleep screen mode
Squash of 30 commits fixing bugs, deadlocks, memory leaks etc (Thanks to Team Gummy and BytecodeME)
StatusBar: Scale date text by 1dp
Several fixes by VanirAOSP
Added MIUI-like network speed indicators from ChaOS
Fixes for Contacts
Quiet Hours: allow disabling of system sounds
Status bar brightness control improvements
Active display fixes and updates
Add checkbox in recents settings to make app shortcuts in recents optional
Trying out dark green for circle battery
Settings: QS performance profiles tile
WiFi and bluetooth updates
Fix SystemUI crash on Recent App 
Add option to Restart SystemUI to DevSettings

- MEOW-kernel updated to v1.10.27 -
Changelog here

- ROM -
Add battery level around unlock ring
Option to hide Camera widget from lockscreen
AppOps improvements
Suspend actions: Options to do when screen is off
Suspend actions: Switch to 2G
Suspend actions: Disable mobile data
Suspend actions: Disable GPS
Wakelock blocker
Animations: Add more speeds
Pie: Add master switch to disable Pie
Add times for fullscreen statusbar timeout and active display
Updates to PhaseBeam live wallpaper
CircleBattery: Turn green when plugged in at 100%
Fix wifi on SetupWizard
MediaRecorder: add pause interface
Frameworks: Enhance face detection
Camera: Adds support for longshot configuration
Camera: Video HDR Feature Integration.
Change Default Animation Speeds
Show CPU Info as overlay (developer settings)
Option to delay SMS Sending
QuickSettings: Add torch and GPS tiles by default if supported
Remote display framework support
Settings: add Advanced Settings under Display
Frameworks : Fix face detection
Removed Focal (get it from the Play Store)

- MEOW-kernel updated to v1.10.13 -
Changelog here

- ROM -
Android 4.3.1
Contacts: Allow hiding frequently contacted lists
SmartDialer: show quick contact on long press
Active Display: Fixes and updates
Blacklist: fix settings
Fix notification shortcuts
Updated PAC-console
Charger: Draw battery percentage over charger screen
Let user know the exact battery capacity
charger: Toggle backlight while in charger mode
charger: support alarm in power off charging
charger: modify usb unplugged shutdown time in power off charging
charger: press power key to turn off charging animation
system/core: Add support for EVRCNW audio format
Camera: Adds longshot commands
Fix black wallpaper issue when home pressed
Performance profiles
Frameworks: Bluetooth and WiFi fixes and updates
AppBar fixes
Partial rewrite of network traffic indicator
Animation Settings: Added more animation speeds
PAC in Black: updated graphics
Fix for the low processes kept bug
Re-implement orientation aware volume buttons at lower level
Fixed touch sounds
Added Chameleon OS Gesture Anywhere

- Included MEOW-kernel updated to v1.10.04 -
Changelog here

- ROM -
Added Focal camera
Calculator: New Features
Phone: fix my phone number not saving
Settings: option to disable swipe
Add Lock volume keys in silent mode
Settings: Disable camera sounds
Settings: Less Notification Sounds
Trebuchet: Additional options
BootMessage: show more info in boot dialog
SystemUI: new quiet hours icons
Add some more Misc. wallpapers
Privacy Guard : Reimplement backed by AppOps
Improve app op details layout.
Save last list position in privacy guard manager
Small fix in HWUI manager after Privacy Guard rework
PAC-Settings: Custom System Animations
Fix the ribbon duplication issue
Added Chameleon OS Active Display

- Included MEOW-kernel updated to v1.09.21 -
Changelog here

- ROM -
Android-4.3_r3.1 merges
Settings: Advanced low battery indicator options
Fixed Settings -> General UI -> FC
QuickSettings : Don't allow duplicate tiles
Fix status bar brightness control when on secure lock screen
Added ADB over network QuickSettings Tile
Fix expanded desktop layout in landscape
Show more details while installing PAC-MAN
Preserve Xposed Framework Files on ROM flash
services: Fix the bug in NFC shutdown logic
Switch our device to a faster bootanimation

- MEOW-kernel -
Added back a proper intelli-thermal
Update to Faux Sound Control 3.0
Audio improvements
WiFi prima updates and
Fix headset button keycode

- ROM -
HALO Mods/updates
Notification long press fix
Partition information menu
Updated AOKP to newest version
Dynamic Changelog (Settings, About)

- TWRP updated to
- Kernel: camera improvements/fixes
- Enabled Sony Sysmonitor and disable QCOM thermals (should improve the heat of our device)
- Stunning new Nexus 7 animations 
- Set Window Animation Transition to 0,5 as default value (NOTE: When you feel that the animations are too fast because of this, change Settings -> Developer Options -> Window/Transition/Animator scale = all to 1x)
- Fix disabling of the QS options
- Add Appbar to Tablet View
- Settings: Add PagerTabStrip indicator color
- Fix Appbar in Phone Mode
- ShortCutBar support
- RocketLauncher Tile
- Add a confirmation dialog before SELinux enforcing
- New Weather-Icons for Notification Bar
- Update Busy Progress Bar
- Change speed of busy dialog animation
- Fix recents rambar like it was on 4.2.2
- Converted a lot of options to switchbars (For example Powermenu settings)
- Settings: Advanced low battery indicator options
- Misc. cleanups for performance improvements

- TWRP is back!!!
- WIFI Prima drivers updated to
- Do not override default network mode on boot
- HALO: Fix silence bug when notification is dismissed
- HALO: fancy flip
- HALO: improved performance
- HALO: grey icons
- Settings: Updates and Fixes
- Trebuchet: Fixes, Translations and Updates
- Enable custom actions for double-tap home
- Configurable init.d
- Restore gesture navigation
- Added gesture based lock screen security
- Navbar customization in Tablet UI
- Update PAC logo in settings
- Updated PAC Console
- New dialog for boot messages and reboot dialog
- Allow more hidden apps on devices with lots of RAM
- Fix Null Pointer Exception caused by changing NavBar buttons
- Added PIB support to Phone
- Added PIB support to Calendar
- Added PIB support to MMS
- Added SlimRoms recent ram bar
- Added auto hide Statusbar (with some settings for it)
- Remove AOKP Permissions Management
- Combine Privacy Guard and AppOps to use it kinda like Permission management
- Launch floating notifications from notification panel (long click)
- Added weather panel to tablet mode
- Reworked NavBar UI buttons
- Display Settings: Better font size control with preview of the size
- Added new wallpapers
- Added the better BAMF theme engine
- Added Quick Access Ribbon
- Fixed most of the screen flickering
- Add action buttons to new email notifications
- Wifi: fix to keep country code after reboot
- Added AppBar sidebar
- Don't show quick message popup over secure lock screen
- Breathing SMS icon (and settings for it)
- Breathing Missed Call icon (and settings for it)
- PIE: Last app toggle
- PIE: More buttons
- Fix ringer not stopping when call is in blacklist
- Lot's of Focal updates
- Many CM changes
- Updated PA to newest version

- Fixed virtual menu key (3 dots)
- Quick Settings: Option to use floating window
- More Trebuchet updates
- Several small fixes

- Included my custom kernel (underclock to 192MHz, undervolt, more cpu and gpu governors, more i/o schedulers, fast charging, smoothness fixes, etc.)
- Updated prima WiFi drivers to (much better)
- Faux sounds fixes for louder volumes
- Settings reworked (much clearer now, in settings swipe to right for ROM options)
- Added PAC Console (PAC settings app with included OTA updates)
- HALO: You can now adjust the size and the style (colors)
- Fix notification light color picker not showing up
- More PAC in Black support (the rest that's left is coming soon)

- Add New Boot Animations by One2thTexan/Chris Allen (awesome)
- Remove basic wallpapers and live wallpapers (replaced by PacPapers)
- ROMControl: Add weather settings back (there are still some graphical glitches though, will be fixed soon)
- Port lockscreen info-lines from ICS
- Add statusbar network traffic (phone mode only for now)
- Settings:	Partition information menu
- Swap AOKP performance control for CM performance control as the AOKP was no longer updated
- Performance: add option to disable scrolling cache (could solve some performance lags, play with it to see if it works for you :))
- Breathing SMS Notification
- HALO Fixes (as always)
- Misc. cleanups and fixes

- Fixed display glitches
- Fixed HALO glitches when launching a floating app
- Settings: Add rotate listview animation
- Add LTE overlays for signal strength indicators.
- Fix brightness dialog layout.
- SystemUI: Fix alt signal layout & mobile type per app color
- SystemUI: Fix NPE on recent panel
- Animate ADB icon

- WiFi fixed
- Fix tablet mode notifications crash
- Quick Settings: Use scaled font size
- Set root access to Apps and ADB by default to fix root issues
- Bring back two-line layout for status bar date.
- Updated ParanoidAndroid to 3.9.5
- Updated 4.3 fonts
- More HALO & PIE fixes for 4.3
- Trebuchet updates for 4.3
- Translation updates

- Initial PAC version based on CM10.2 / Android 4.3

- Reverted some experimental kernel stuff which caused bugs and instability.
- Stable, smooth, good performance and good battery life.

- Switched back to my own PA (hybrid) preferences profiles
 *This fixes the problems users had with a clean flash (not getting navigation keys and several other glitches)
 *If you're still having issues, re-select the profile you want in Settings -> Hybrid and after that Reboot
 *If you're still having issues after doing that, Settings -> Hybrid -> Swipe left -> Reset Properties -> Reboot -> Select profile again
- KERNEL: Add intelli-thermal (this should prevent your phone from getting heated so much)
- KERNEL: Set MSM max freq to 1512MHz
- KERNEL: Disable Simple GPU governor as it seemed to drain battery
- KERNEL: Several small improvements
- Listview animations (those are really awesome, check them out under Setttings, Display, Listview)
- Fix battery icon getting reset (for real this time )
- HALO: size settings, 
- HALO: Icon reorder in Phone/Tablet status bar (fix repositioning after flips)
- HALO: new transitions for number batch
- HALO: first_start tutorial & gesture dead-zone
- HALO: dismiss/flip fix, clearall/last-notif-empty fix
- HALO: black toasts, italics, blue text
- HALO: batch envelope icon for non-numbered items
- HALO: bugfixes (Merged)
- Update ROM Control icons, with cleaner versions and proper transparency.
- Settings: Make QS Tile Random Color off by default
- Fix signal indicators not changing color immediately like clock and battery icon in statusbar icons, while using PA colors.
- Trebuchet: Transparent navigation bar
- Camera: Fix HDR rotation issue
- Change fs-type to auto (from vfat) so recovery works with ext4 sdcards
- Hopefully make ext4 sdcards work in the ROM (please report)

- Kernel: Merge of Sony 10.3.A.0.423 release
- Kernel: Enabled BT clocksync to fix bt-call issue
- Kernel: Several other improvements
- Hopefully fixed battery drain
- Faux sound is fixed (tnx to * * * * * * *@Delacor)
- HALO: Add Helper Dialogs
- HALO: Style revamp
- HALO: tablet mode support
- HALO: keep apps in recents
- HALO: lot's of bug fixes and updates
- Random colors for QuickSettings onFlip
- ROMControl: Vibration, NavRing, Lockscreen Arrows
- Lockscreen : Add custom background overlay
- Add option to hide music controls in lockscreen.
- Fix battery icon getting reset
- SystemUI: RAM bar view optimizations
- Lock before unlock setting

- Fix random reboots (hopefully)
- Add NTFS-3g, FUSE and exFAT
- Added Simple GPU governor and enabled by default
- HALO updates
- New merged AOKP + CM into AOKP (RomControl) lockscreen
- Add upscaled xxhdpi bootanimation
- QuickSettings Camera Tile
- Paranoid Android default profiles changed to a common xxhdpi profile for PAC
- Storage Settings: Allow user to trigger a volume rescan

- More smoothness due to bionic Linaro cortex string optimisations!
- Updated TWRP to
- Added intellidemand governor
- Kernel is now compilable for all fusion3 devices (Z, ZL, Tablet Z: 3G & LTE)
- Settings: Introduce Privacy Guard Manager
- Privacy Guard updates (also support for contacts)
- RomControl: Fixed FC when delete LED "+App"
- Trebuchet, calculator, MMS: Several updates
- Fixed Status Bar Brightness Control
- Show application's package name in the "App info" screen.
- Phone: Disable accelerometer sensor while in-call and screen UI is off
- Changed profile selection to single-tap action
- Add triggers to change profile based on AP
- Phone: Add option for setting device phone number
- Added ROM-Share in Settings->About screen.

- Compiled with Linaro O3 flags for the whole ROM including kernel (wow, that really makes a difference in smoothness)
- UV down to 600 mV
- UC down to 192 MHz (now set as Default lowest frequency)
- Wheatly CPU governor (now set as Default)
- ROW I/O scheduler *(now set as Default)
- Simple I/O scheduler (SIO)
- USB Fast Charge
- fix unknown chargers not charging the device
- Added Faux Sound Control
- On Click Flip Tile animation (Quick Settings)

- Moved PAC stats to settings (no more seperate app for it)
- Fix Phone Force Close on incoming call while PAC In Black is turned on.
- Included CM's Privacy Guard
- 2 new battery styles in ROM Control (real CM circle and circle dotted)
- camera: HDR video

- Fixed brightness force close on settings when trying to adjust the auto brightness values
- New CM camera wrapper included (more info:
- Some kernel updates

- update sony panel gamma
- enable tunnel audio
- lots of moaaar kernel updates (audio/wifi)
- Halo updates
- Some CM updates

- New AOSP rebased kernel thanks to FXP and CM
- All DooMKerneL optimisations are not yet ported for now, but believe me, this new kernel is smooooooth.
- FIXED [CM-BUG] Screen ON delay!
- FIXED [CM-BUG] Black screen screen during boot

- Fix little derp causing visual bug
- Show as floating window on recent apps
- Add master switch to disable Halo
- Fixed Halo not showed at first notifiction pulldown
- 2 seperate versions: one with CM-kernel, one with DooMKerneL

- Fixed root problem (switched to CM's SU)
- Fixed permission issue causing Package installer not to work while having HALO enabled
- Some CM and kernel updates

- (DooMKerneL-v08-port) new controlled GPU overclock support upto 533MHz! GPU will always boot at 400MHz! {here is how to control GPU O/C}
- (DooMKerneL-v08-port) added new bins for GPU: 533MHz & 487MHz!
- update SupserSU to 1.32
- HALO: Option to pause the underlying app

- HALO (including updates)
- Updated PA to 3.6
- Removed MDPI/HDPI PA Preferences Hack
- Updated to CM-10.1-RC5
- Statusbar Brightness Slider Correction

- Includes Halo! 

- Disabled dynamic fsync to prevent bootloops on random reboots
- Allow hardware overflow key to be show by default.
- Added alternate signal icon layout (GB style)
- Lots of translation updates

- Added Music Tile
- The Real Dark Slim (TRDS) 2.0
- Latest CM kernel commits (updated ril from AOSP master, increased rotator performance, updated audio props, increased HWUI memory limits)
- PAC statistics are added (can be checked at: )

- Speakerphone bug fixed! Thanks to CM's @Kali- for that!
- Lots of Wifi driver improvements/fixes by CM
- CM updated to RC4
- Fix 3-dot Menu Button
- Fix Pie & Tablet Date View

- Overclocking/underclocking/undervolting is back. The problems with the 2,3,4th core resetting to max speed cannot be fixed for now.
 For me it's not that big of a deal, but I hope it gets fixed soon for others that do care about it.
- USB fast charging
- Dynamic fsync
- Undervolt limit to 600 mV
- Added Wheatly CPU governor
- Added Simple IO scheduler
- DooMKerneL's sound patches
- PIE updates
- Lot's of CM / AOKP / Paranoid Android updates
- Several build optimisations
- Compiled with Linaro 4.8 for extra smoothness

- Temp build without patches from DooMKernel (untill OC and other stuff is fixed)
- Updated kernel to newest 10.1.1.A.1.253 version
- All the new CM patches
- AOKP permission management
- Fixed SystemUI crashes and memory leaks
- CM Lockscreen slider shortcuts are back
- Updates to AOKP Ribbons
- QuickSettings: Brightness Tile Correction
- LockScreen: Fix crash when unlocking twice
- Email FC Fixed

- Enabled overclocking up to 1944 MHz
- Enabled underclocking down to 192 MHz
- Updated proprietary files from the new 10.1.1.A.1.253 firmware

- Phone layouts for Tablet/Phablet UI (Fixed glitch in recent calls list)
- Setting layout redone, New header for PAC In Black
- Email, MMS updates
- Auto collapse status bar
- Support for dark Calculator
- Better calendar support for higher DPI

- Fixed AOKP Ribbons Reset bug.
- Some small CM updates
- Small updates to: Contacts, Trebuchet, Email, MMS and Calendar

- Fixed SOD when locking in landscape
- Settings layout redone
- Latest CM fixes for yuga
- Fixed hang on flash which happened sometimes

- AOKP Ribbons
- Now includes TWRP Recovery v2.5.0.0 !!
- Fixed External SD card mount in TWRP
- Lots of CM and AOKP updates
- Smooooooooooooth: lag should be gone.

- Now includes TWRP recovery.

- PAC-In-Black (Toggle the rom to Black style, found in settings!!!)
- updated AOKP Sources
- Lockscreen Theming support
- New Battery Styles

- Fixed AOKP ringbar problem
- Minor kernel fixes
- Removed PDroid (will offer it as an addon later)
- Fixed call in docking station bug

PDroid now included
Several small updates

- [CM] Add support for 12.8 MP resolution in Camera
- [CM] Fix Reboot to Recovery
Updates for CM, AOKP

- [CM] Focus modes for camera
- [CM] Dirty audio hack to make video recording working
- AOKP option to display date is statusbar

- CAMERA IS WORKING! Tnx to CM team for that!
- Sound issues are fixed
- No need to flash GAPPS on every update
- CRT animation for display off (Check Settings->Display)
- Full hd boot logo
- Full hd boot animation

- fix the boot.img flash (no need to fastboot flash boot.img anymore)
- backup paranoid android preferences on rom update flash
- own built cm kernel with all commits upto 0410 (no longer using the prebuilt FXP kernel)
- fixed no navbar buttons in landscape mode in phablet mode.
- PAC 22.1.0 (all the latest Paranoid Android, CM and AOKP commits)

- Device is in official repo's of PAC-man now! (which means you can easily build it yourself now too if you know how to )
- Now has a PAC-man Boot logo and boot animation (still in 1280 x 720, will be 1920 x 1080 soon)
- Fixed the sliders in paranoid preferences to go above 320 dpi
- Fixed paranoid preferences not displaying per app settings properly in phone mode
- Removed Torch and Fastcharge in AOKP, as they're not supported by the device (yet)
- Latest CM10.1
- Latest PAC
- Latest Paranoid Android
- Latest AOKP

- Fixed the sliders in paranoid preferences
- 160 dpi added to paranoid preferences
- Includes PIE navigation
- Google PACman game added
- Latest CM10.1
- Latest PAC

- Proper ParanoidAndroid profiles which scale to our devices display
- Phone, Phablet and Tablet mode choosable from Hybrid Rom options in settings.
- Latest CM10.1 sources based om FXP
- Latest kernel fixes (sensor is fixed, thanks to codeworx)

Initial version
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26th March 2013, 08:03 PM |#4  
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Nice atleast someone is trying to get new things to z
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26th March 2013, 09:15 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by mysterio619

Nice atleast someone is trying to get new things to z

Thanks, but the work real dev's do is much more important for our device.
I'm just trying to build from sources that other people created for us.
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28th March 2013, 06:23 AM |#6  
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Re: [ROM][WIP][Unofficial] PAC-MAN v22.0.1 [4.2.2]
Try to use the proprietary files from

Sent from my Xperia Ray using xda premium
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28th March 2013, 11:46 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by szl.kiev

Try to use the proprietary files from

Sent from my Xperia Ray using xda premium

Thanks, for your reply. doing that.

Is it enough if I add this:
<project name="TheMuppets/proprietary_vendor_sony.git" path="vendor/sony" remote="github" revision="cm-10.1" />
to the roomservice.xml file in local manifests?
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28th March 2013, 12:07 PM |#8  
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Tried to build again. Now it got to the PAC bootlogo with sony below it.
New logcat attached. Will someone be so kind to look at it?

Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (69.4 KB, 409 views)
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28th March 2013, 12:53 PM |#9  
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Update: i flashed the boot.img from the latests FXP and now it has actually booted!!!
The UI is very small, and navigation bar is missing, but at least it has booted!

Still want to know why it's not booting using the generated boot.img from the build though.
My thoughts are it somehow got wrong with the kernel.

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28th March 2013, 01:01 PM |#10  
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Screenshot below:

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28th March 2013, 01:22 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by jeroenqui

Screenshot below:

Share the download link to us!
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all in one, aokp, cyanogenmod 10.1, hybrid, paranoid android

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