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By C3C076, Recognized Contributor on 24th January 2018, 05:24 PM
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GravityBox - all-in-one tweak box - Xposed module for devices running AOSP Oreo
Version 8.5.4 [Oreo]

Version for JellyBean is available in this thread:
Version for KitKat is available in this thread:
Version for Lollipop is available in this thread:
Version for Marshmallow is available in this thread:
Version for Nougat is available in this thread:


The app utilizes amazing Xposed framework coded by recognized developer rovo89 which, briefly, provides interface for injecting code into any app, including system services, allowing modifications of applications and system services at run-time. One of the biggest advantages of GravityBox is that it is not bound to any specific device. Actually, it should run on any device having vanilla Android 8 (ROM close enough to AOSP).
This project wouldn't be possible without rovo's Xposed framework, so huge kudos to him.

Feature highlight
--- Lockscreen tweaks
--- QuickSettings tile management with additional tiles
--- Statusbar tweaks
--- Navigation bar tweaks
--- Pie controls
--- Power tweaks
--- Display tweaks
--- Phone tweaks
--- Media tweaks
--- Hardware/navigation key actions
--- GravityBox Actions - interface for 3rd party apps
--- Notification control (per-app notification LED/sounds/vibrations)
--- Fingerprint launcher
--- Advanced tuning of Framework and System UI parameters
... and many more

GB's main concept is to make most of the preference changes to be done on the fly without need to reboot a device to achieve custom-ROM like experience.
This means it is not possible to "completely deactivate" particular feature if it causes trouble on your device or if you installed GB because you want to use only one particular feature you can't find elsewhere.
This results in issues on ROMs/devices that have parts that are diverting from default Android implementation too much, or are running heavily modified custom ROMs.
If you experience weird issues after installing GB, even if you didn't activate a particular feature, it is not because of GB is broken, it is because it is not compatible with your ROM.
It is very similar to a situation when you installed ROM built from source for Nexus to some Xperia device - it won't work.

GB is a complex module and is not suitable for 1 purpose scenario. This means, if you are running custom ROM built from source, and you are missing a certain feature, your best option is to go ask creators of those ROMs to implement those additional features. Supplementing missing features on well-known custom ROMs built from source by installing xposed modules (especially complex ones) is definitely not a good way to go and can cause more trouble than good.
GB being a complex module, it shouldn't be combined with other complex modules often racing for the same goal. They can conflict/fight on the same playground and there's no way you can deterministically say which one's going to win. They can even lose both.

So in summary:
- this module is designed to run on vanilla or close-to-vanilla Android 8 (AOSP)
- officially supports devices/systems it was developed and tested on
- Samsung Touchwiz, HTC Sense, MIUI, LeWa, Xperia, Lenovo, etc. are NOT supported. It is not guaranteed this module will work on these at all so try at your own risk. This module is simply too complex to support all kind of ROM brands that were vastly modified by vendors.
- I will not implement any exceptions that will adapt this module to a specific custom ROM. Please, do understand, it is unmanageable.
- I will not provide any support for devices violating these compatibility rules

GravityBox [O] has been designed for and tested on
- Nexus 5X running stock 8.0
- Nexus 5X running stock 8.1
- OnePlus 3T running official OOS 5.0.1

Reporting bugs
If you experience problems with certain feature, provide the full-detailed info that can help me
to reproduce the bug and attach error.log file you'll find in:

In case you experience SystemUI crashes or other apps Force Closing, or device soft reboots, attach logcat from time
crash occurs. (use adb logcat *:E or your favorite logcat app from Play Store).
Please, don't attach big logs. Only the portion where error is clearly seen.
Disable all other xposed modules before reproducing bug to make sure it is really GravityBox related
Remember, this app was developed and tested on one particular device so it is not guaranteed that it will work flawlessly on yours.

Click here to read additional, more detailed info on Reporting bugs provided by @trjlive

Multilanguage support
Volunteers are welcome to translate GravityBox to other languages.
Simply download this file:
Use Notepad++ to edit strings and then send me edited file so I can include translations into next release.

Source code
GravityBox is opensource. Sources are available in my gihub:
If you're a dev and have some ideas for additional features, feel free to fork it, work on it and send the pull requests.

Copyright notice

Support development
Coding, maintaining and supporting this project costs me a lot of my precious time. If you find this project useful, you are more than welcome to support its development via donation. This form of support is meant to compensate for my time dedicated to the community + eventually, help me to afford newer device to keep up with AOSP evolution thus providing continuous support as Android evolves. Thanks!

Info about premium features and PayPal transaction ID verification system
1) Those who supported development via PayPal donation can use their PayPal transaction ID to unlock premium features.
As of v2.9.5, there are two premium features:
- Backup/restore of GB settings.
- Ultimate notification control

2) If you contributed to the project by providing translations, code fragments, or by any other way
you can apply for a free transaction ID by contacting me via PM.

3) Be aware that there's a system that can identify potential transaction ID
abuse. E.g. when one ID is being used by more users. Such IDs will get blocked automatically.
This can also happen when you previously exposed your ID in public forum and other users took
advantage of it. If this is the case, contact me via PM so I can issue new, special ID.
In case you own more devices, you can use one transaction ID on up to 10 of them.

4) If you are using your own custom builds of GB for personal use, you will get hash mismatch
upon verifying your ID as verification system accepts requests only from official releases of GB.
If you want to be able to verify IDs with your custom build, contact me via PM so I can setup
a special hash for your build.
If you are using a custom build that you provide for broader group of users (e.g. in a custom ROM),
it is necessary to ask for new hash everytime your new custom version is released for public use.
These rules are based on mutual trust so please, do not violate them.

- @bgcngm for his code contributions to the project
- @MohammadAG for Xperia specific contributions to the project
- @rovo89 for his ultimate Xposed framework and "Volume keys to skip track" mod
- @peptonib for starting me up with this project
- @simmac for app icon
- @romracer for Motorola specific code contributions
- @firefds for Samsung specific code contributions
- CyanogenMod project
- ParanoidAndroid project
- Slim, RootBox, AOKP, OmniROM projects
- Sergey Margaritov for ColorPickerPreference
- All those who provided translations for different languages (Mr.Premise, peptonib, kidmar, ch-vox, romashko, Indiant, lelemm, oicirbaf, unavix, LuHash, WedyDQ10, mp3comanche, awaaas, liveasx, samsonbear, Eric850130, xtrem007, benjoe1, asmb111, Fatih Firinci, ...)
- and finally, all those who keep the project alive by supporting me via donations (you know who you are)


XDA:DevDB Information
GravityBox [O] Xposed Framework Module, Xposed for all devices (see above for details)

Source Code:

Xposed Package Name: com.ceco.oreo.gravitybox

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 8.5.4
Beta Release Date: 2019-05-13

Created 2018-01-24
Last Updated 2019-05-13
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24th January 2018, 05:24 PM |#2  
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Changelog 8.5.4 - 13/05/2019
- Fixed circle battery and percent text tinting when lockscreen is in dark mode
- Fixed stock battery icon not refreshing when switching between Stock and Stock with percentage
- Fixed SystemUI crash loop in case of using very large images for custom lockscreen background
- Navbar: fixed expanded desktop behavior when navbar tweaks master switch is off
- ExpandedDesktop: improved layout when navigation bar hidden by expanded desktop
- Display: fixed "Unplug turns on screen" not working on some devices
- Key actions: fixed default home key long-press action triggering after custom action when navbar master switch is disabled
- Media: improved compatibility of More music volume steps feature
- Phone: make missed call LED workaround optional
- Advanced tuning: fixed main screen preferences not fitting the screen on devices with large font size
- About: PayPal donation now allows custom amount in case premium is already unlocked
- About: removed link to Google+ community
- Updated Chinese (Simplified) translations (thanks to liveasx)

Developed and tested on:
- Nexus 5X running stock 8.0
- Nexus 5X running stock 8.1
- OnePlus 3T running stock OOS 5.0.1 and Beta

EdXposed version
GravityBox requires EdXposed v0.4 or later with resource hooking support

Required whitelisted packages
- Android System (android)
- System UI (
- Call Management (
- Download Manager (
- Phone ( or
- Phone ( (OxygenOS only)
Attached Files
File Type: apk GravityBox-Oreo-8.5.4.apk - [Click for QR Code] (6.17 MB, 5546 views)
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24th January 2018, 05:24 PM |#3  
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Important info about GravityBox and Oreo
Preferences and SeLinux
Although there is a limitation in current beta of Xposed Framework which prevents modules from reloading preferences within Android process,
GravityBox has been redesigned to overcome that limitation. This means enforced SeLinux is fully supported and thus it is not necessary to run Permissive.

Navigation bar tweaks on Pixel devices running proprietary Google SystemUI plugin
As I currently don't own any Pixel device I didn't have a chance to test nor adjust related features for such scenario.
I cannot tell how their plugin affects the way module works but let's wait for some feedback.
It is also possible that Navigation bar tweaks is not the only place where incompatibilities may show up.

Expanded Desktop in Oreo 8.1
Expanded Desktop is currently not fully supported in Oreo 8.1 (seems to be working fine in 8.0, though).
Despite there are almost no differences in related Android system parts between 8.0 and 8.1, I didn't manage to fix it, and I am currently not sure what's causing a differnt behavior.
There are only 2 modes available in 8.1 - Hide navigation bar and Semi-immersive (which is also temperamental)

Data activity indicator for Cellular icon
Due to changes in stock signal cluster layout type it is no longer possible to put activity indicators on top of a signal icon.
Therefore this feature has been redesigned to place narrov view containinig indicators right beside the signal icon.
WiFi is OK - there were no changes in layout type.

Notification drawer style in Oreo 8.1
Custom wallpaper/color for notification drawer is currently not supported in 8.1.

QuickSettings management
QS management has been massively redesigned for compatibility with stock SystemUI tuner back in Nougat and the same approach is taken for Oreo.
GB doesn't provide tile reordering functionality anymore. It only provides interface for enabling/disabling GB specific tiles and setting their protected mode (and other settings).
There are 2 checkboxes for each tile in the list - the first checkbox is for enabling/disabling tile, the second one is for protected mode.
There are also several stock tiles in the list with only the second checkbox - for setting protected mode (prevents using tile when device locked).
SystemUI tuner shows only those GB tiles that are enabled in GB QS management.
Use stock tile management to drag and drop GB tiles to desired slots.

Settings from Nougat
It should be possible to restore backup of the settings made in N version of GravityBox.

Full history of changes for transition from N to O
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24th January 2018, 05:50 PM |#4  
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Nice work!
24th January 2018, 05:54 PM |#5  
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Yeah Doe!!!!
24th January 2018, 05:55 PM |#6  
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Looking forward to test this! Great job!
24th January 2018, 06:30 PM |#7  
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I just tried this on my Google Pixel on Android 8.1 and I know you were asking this in the OP but all of the navigation bar tweaks I tried work perfectly! Every single tweak I tried works. If you would like me to test anything out for you on my Pixel, let me know.

Thank you so, so much for this. You have no idea how extruciating it was waiting for Xposed to get ported to Oreo and then GravityBox. It is my most-used mod and hoenstly the only thing keeping me using Android. You have no idea how much better of a phone experience I have with GravityBox.

You are amazing. Thank you again.
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24th January 2018, 06:34 PM |#8  
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Absolutely fantastic work mate! So cool we can enjoy the great GB so soon!
24th January 2018, 07:14 PM |#10  
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I "finally" worked out all of the bugs with the N rom I am using on my OnePlus 5 and then you release this most awaited gem today... HALLELUJAH!
24th January 2018, 07:28 PM |#11  
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nice work!
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