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[MOD][XPOSED][1.6.4] CustoMIUIzer - Customize your MIUI ROM

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by Mikanoshi

What is CustoMIUIzer?
CustoMIUIzer module contains a variety of mods that will provide additional functionality for your MIUI device.
You have to have (Ed)Xposed Framework installed to use these mods. For more info about Xposed refer to the original thread or github repo of EdXposed (for Android 8-9 if official doesn't work).
Latest EdXposed version with resource hooks support should be used!

How to use CustoMIUIzer?
First you must have (Ed)Xposed Framework installed. After that enable CustoMIUIzer module in (Ed)Xposed Installer, set up mods you like and select 'Soft Reboot' from menu.

Backup functionality
CustoMIUIzer supports settings backup and restore using local backup on SDCard/internal storage (find it in main window's menu).
It also supports automatic Google cloud backups (Android Backup Service).

Module was written, tested and is mainly intended for MIUI 10 on Android 9.
Mods are not guaranteed to fully work on any other versions, especially lower MIUI versions.
APK installation is limited to Android 7+.

List of mods
Autogenerated list based on latest git files is available here:

You can send a detailed report with a description of your problem from CustoMIUIzer itself or create new issue on issue tracker.


  • [New][Music visualizer] Option to draw on top of custom lock screen
  • [Improved][Music visualizer] Draw on top of themed background in notification drawer
  • [Fixed][Album art as wallpaper] Disable on custom lock screens
  • [Fixed][Separate volume controls] Keep system volume between reboots
  • [Fixed] Remove labels of Quick Settings tiles
  • [Fixed again] Detailed network speed indicator

  • [New] Hide navigation bar
  • [New] Music visualizer on lock screen and notification drawer
  • [New][Detailed network speed indicator] Font size options
  • [Fixed] Detailed network speed indicator
  • [Fixed] Go to sleep action was preventing screen from turning on again on some devices
  • [Fixed][Clean share menu] Removing messaging apps was breaking their functionality
  • [Improved][Keep notifications] Compatibility with new ROMs
  • [Improved] Open EdXposed Manager from module settings menu

  • [New] Navigation bar height
  • [New] Minimum auto brightness value
  • [New] Do not lock apps when device is locked (when option with locking after exit is selected)
  • [New] Change app lock timeout after exit
  • [Fixed][Clean share menu] Not all apps were available for removal
  • [Fixed][Fast access icon] Better compatibility, new position options

Older versions

  • [New] More intervals for Silent/Do Not Disturb timers
  • [New] Remove apps from share menu
  • [New] Restrict toasts for selected apps
  • [New] Darker app title shadow in launcher
  • [New] Unblock 3rd party launchers on China ROMs
  • [New] Define actions for 4 shortcuts in suggestion box in recents list
  • [New] Define action for double tap on empty space in launcher
  • [New] Actions: Open menu, Open volume dialog, Raise volume, Lower volume
  • [New] Shortcut to unlock credentials (long press CustoMIUIzer icon in launcher that supports shortcuts)
  • [New] Mod searching function in module settings
  • [Fixed] Disable launcher gestures during icons reorder
  • [Fixed][Detailed network speed indicator] Better compatibility with new ROMs

  • [New] POCO Launcher support for a number of mods
  • [New] MIUI Launcher support up to 4.9.5-dev
  • [New] Fix status bar contents color for light/dark wallpapers on dev launcher version
  • [New] Make status bar background color the same as app's action bar background color where possible
  • [New] Define apps that will be launched when clock, date and shortcut icon in notification drawer's header are tapped
  • [New] Action: Go back
  • [New] Dark mode support for module settings (some popup dialogs still have wrong text color)
  • [Improved][Additional navbar buttons] Left and right buttons appear independently if actions are assigned to them

  • [Fixed][Extended power menu] Power off button animation bug
  • [Fixed][Extended power menu] Localization
  • [Fixed] Unlock credentials
  • [Improved] Error handling and logging

  • [New] Extended power menu (Fastboot/Recovery/Soft Reboot/Restart System UI/Restart Launcher)
  • [New] Bring back Pocket mode option on devices with ultrasonic proximity sensor
  • [New] Change status bar height
  • [New] Customizable Quick Settings grids (both collapsed and expanded)
  • [New] Hide labels in Quick Settings
  • [New] Remove cleaner button from recent apps list
  • [New] Remove button that clears all notifications
  • [New] Disable (almost) any app from its info page
  • [New] Combine horizontal full screen gestures and navigation bar
  • [New] Actions: Clear memory, Invert colors
  • [New] Long press actions for Back, Home and Menu navbar buttons

  • [New] Quick Settings tile to lock orientation in portrait or landscape positions
  • [New] Disable music ducking (lowering volume during notifications)
  • [New] Disable fingerprint actions in Camera app
  • [New] Auto close MIUI launcher folders after app launch
  • [New][Better popup notifications] Auto hide delay
  • [Improved] All multiselection lists in module settings display selected apps on top
  • [Improved] Check if Xposed resource hooks are disabled
  • [Fixed][Extended notification menu] Latest stable MIUI support
  • [Fixed][Block vibration] Android 7 support
  • [Fixed][Album art as wallpaper] Better support for different Android versions
  • [Fixed][Hide from recents] Switched from dynamic to static to prevent bootloops
  • [Fixed][Custom app titles] Bug fixes

  • [New] Restrict vibration usage for selected apps
  • [New] Modify app titles in MIUI Launcher
  • [New][Disable screen lock] Use trusted Bluetooth devices
  • [New] Create launcher icon or use shortcut to unlock device credentials (they remain locked if you skip PIN/password/pattern after boot, but are required for authentication in some apps)

  • [New] Show notifications on lock screen even after it's dismissed and then opened again
  • [New] Open app info and force close app from its notification menu
  • [New] Do not show icon with 3 dots in system area when notification icons are hidden
  • [New][Quick Settings haptic feedback] Light/strong vibration options
  • [New][Full screen navigation gestures] Back gesture area height
  • [New][Android 8+] Change number of notifications from one app that triggers auto grouping
  • [Fixed][Theme background opacity] Separated from notification drawer background blur
  • [Fixed][Detailed network speed indicator] Excessive left padding
  • [Fixed][Compact notifications] Opacity bug after opening notification drawer
  • [Fixed] Better handling of mods' errors
  • Less cluttered module settings, new indication of dynamic mods

  • [New] Compact notifications
  • [New] Enhanced Hidden apps
  • [New] Hide apps from recent tasks list
  • [New] Quick settings haptic feedback
  • [New] Toggle module's launcher icon
  • [Fixed] Fade screen rotation animation
  • [Fixed] Vibration in mods respects "Vibrate on tap" system setting
  • [Fixed] Module UI bugs

  • [New][Expand notifications] Black & white list
  • [New][Control input cursor] Option to swap cursor moving directions
  • [New][Hide mobile network type] Hide completely or only when not connected
  • [New] Do not hide status bar clock on home screens with clock widgets
  • [New] Allow installing older app version on top of a newer one
  • [New] Action to open system power menu
  • [New] Brand new fast access icon
  • [Fixed][Android 7] Enhanced toasts
  • [Fixed] EdXposed Manager detection

  • [New] Darken MIUI launcher folder background
  • [New] Unlock MIUI launcher grids from 3x4 to 6x7
  • [New] Number of columns in MIUI launcher folders
  • [New] Screen rotation animation (none or fade)
  • [New] Open notification drawer automatically on notifications from selected apps
  • [New] Display album art of currently playing track as lock screen wallpaper
  • [New][Better popup notifications] Do not dismiss popups automatically
  • [New][Better popup notifications] Swipe down from popup to open notification drawer
  • [Fixed][Disable screen lock] Selecting multiple trusted Wi-Fi networks

  • [New] Dynamic screen lock (disable completely, require only once after boot, disable on trusted Wi-Fi networks; bypass lock screen too)
  • [New] Detailed network speed indicator (incoming/outgoing traffic speeds and icons, low speed threshold for different indication)
  • [New] Network speed update interval

  • [Fixed] Override swipe up action in launcher (search usually) with mod's action
  • [Fixed] Additional check whether scanner is currently used or not in fingerprint actions mod
  • [New] Customizable double tap and long press delays for fingerprint actions mod

  • [Fixed] Quick flashlight
  • [New] Action to switch to previous app for navbar buttons and fingerprint scanner
  • [New] Optional vibration on volume keys long press action

  • [New] Customizable actions for single/double/long press on fingerprint scanner while screen is on
  • [New] Option to disable screen light up on charge in all cases or only when there is no charging animation
  • [New] Define how long screen should be kept on after charging animation starts
  • [New] Actions to open notification drawer/quick settings/recent apps do toggle instead of just opening when possible
  • [New] Volume steps multiplier

  • [Fixed][Compatibility] MIUI 10.3
  • [Fixed] Screen off animation duration
  • [Fixed] No screen light up on charge (including wireless)
  • [New] No screen light up on headset connection

  • [Fixed][Compatibility] Loading module settings on devices with encrypted storage. Backup settings before updating to this version, they will be reset to defaults!
  • [Fixed][Compatibility] Additional app details
  • [Fixed][Compatibility] Quick flashlight
  • [Fixed][Compatibility] Volume keys media actions
  • [Fixed][Compatibility] All mods with customizable actions/toggles
  • [New] Two additional buttons on navigation bar with customizable actions
  • [New] Themed notification drawer background opacity
  • [New] Remove mobile network type icon from status bar
  • [New] Increase right margin for traffic speed indicator

  • [New] Display seconds in the status bar clock
  • [New] Always show notifications fully expanded
  • [New] Media actions for Volume Up/Down long press when screen is off
  • [New] Background blur intensity in recent apps and notification drawer
  • [Moved] "Control input cursor" mod was moved to Controls section, requires reactivation

  • [New] Configure separate volume for rings/notifications/system sounds in Settings
  • [New] Move text input cursor using volume keys

  • [New] Double tap on lockscreen to sleep
  • [Fixed][Android 7.0+] Module initialization, actions for toggles. Mods are not guaranteed to work.

  • [Fixed] Fast access icon on some devices
  • [Fixed] Update check

  • Initial release

Click image for larger version

Name:	EN_Screen1.png
Views:	7370
Size:	128.5 KB
ID:	4722894 Click image for larger version

Name:	EN_System.png
Views:	6596
Size:	180.6 KB
ID:	4731898 Click image for larger version

Name:	EN_Launcher.png
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Size:	145.7 KB
ID:	4731899 Click image for larger version

Name:	EN_Controls.png
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Size:	60.8 KB
ID:	4731900 Click image for larger version

Name:	EN_Various.png
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Size:	92.7 KB
ID:	4731901 Click image for larger version

Name:	EN_Screen3.png
Views:	6678
Size:	125.5 KB
ID:	4722896


Xposed Module Repository
Git repo release page

CustoMIUIzer is an open source project.
Git repo

Sources are provided under GPLv3 license.

OneSky project

XDA:DevDB Information
CustoMIUIzer, Xposed for all devices (see above for details)

Source Code:

Xposed Package Name: name.mikanoshi.customiuizer

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.6.4
Stable Release Date: 2019-07-15

Created 2019-03-13
Last Updated 2019-07-15
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13th March 2019, 06:43 PM |#2  
Mikanoshi's Avatar
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13th March 2019, 10:24 PM |#3  
zipsu's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 36
Finally some love for MIUI, nice module. I could see it replacing MIUI 8 Tweaks module (a lot of the stuff still works on miui 9/10) if you have the time to add more features!
21st March 2019, 04:27 PM |#4  
Mikanoshi's Avatar
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CustoMIUIzer 1.1.0
  • [New] Double tap on lockscreen to sleep
  • [Fixed][Android 7.0+] Module initialization, actions for toggles. Mods are not guaranteed to work.
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21st March 2019, 07:10 PM |#5  
dafervs's Avatar
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nice! Thank you.
Could you add a modification to separate the volume of notifications?
Thanks for the job!
23rd March 2019, 05:45 AM |#6's Avatar
Senior Member
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Please add "volume key to control cursor" option. It was available in miui 8 tweaks module. @Mikanoshi
23rd March 2019, 07:56 PM |#7  
Mikanoshi's Avatar
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CustoMIUIzer 1.1.1
  • [New] Configure separate volume for rings/notifications/system sounds in Settings
  • [New] Move text input cursor using volume keys
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23rd March 2019, 07:59 PM |#8  
zipsu's Avatar
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Could you add custom folder grid?
23rd March 2019, 09:03 PM |#9  
Mikanoshi's Avatar
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Originally Posted by zipsu

Could you add custom folder grid?

Can be changed using MIUI themes.
<integer name="config_folder_columns_count">3</integer>
<integer name="folder_content_visible_count">12</integer>
in com.miui.home
24th March 2019, 01:00 AM |#10's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 87
Thank you very much @Mikanoshi for adding requested features. Heres some more to do if you find time
Please add quick settings tile option 5*3, 6*3, 5*4
Cursor/music control buttons in navigation bar
And incallui option as seen in screenshot.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2019-03-24-05-25-58-061_com.hartec.miuitweaks8.png
Views:	718
Size:	166.8 KB
ID:	4729710  
24th March 2019, 01:06 AM |#11  
Mikanoshi's Avatar
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Sorry, I don't use phone calls
And isn't 5*3 QS a default and 6*3 a compact layout already in stock ROM?
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