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By zst123, Inactive Recognized Developer on 10th October 2013, 05:28 AM
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(A Small Collection of Unique Features Ported From Other Roms and Some by Me.)

Features of this Module

• Seconds in StatusBar Clock (eg. 10:59:59am)
(Customizable with SimpleDateFormat, Boldable and Option for Upercase/Lowercase )

• BatteryBar (grabbed from PACman ROM)
•Customizable color for Battery Percentages (20% interval)

• Xylon Transitions Animation (grabbed from Xylon ROM - to be exact)
TN Transitions Animation (slightly modified)
• Xperia Z1 Transitions Animation
TokoROM Animations

•AOKP Animation Controls
•Custom IME Animations
•Custom Toast Animations
•Custom Notification Ticker Animations

• ListView Animation (from RootBox)
• ListView persistent cache (Please experiment with this. Slower phones will have more noticeable effects.)
• Blacklist Apps from using ListView Animation

• Volume Disable in Lockscreen
(Useful for those who have volume wake. Don't want my pocket to change Ring Mode during meetings. Don't want to disable volume wake too, my power button is dying)

• Lockscreen Torch (inspired from mods for Samsung Phones)

• Randomized Quick Settings Tile Color (from TeamBAKED) for Android 4.2 and above only
• Classic Recents / Gingerbread App Switcher (from SlimRoms)

• Scrolling Mods
(Allows you to enable hidden overscroll bounce and customize scroll feel)
(Customize color of overscroll glow)

Video Review

• Have Xposed Framework installed

This Xposed Module is open source.
If you would like to help in the development, you may leave bug reports and development tips in this thread or fork and send pull requests
If you want to integrate anything in my module into your own ROM, no need to ask for permission, just mention me so I can keep track. (and place the APK in the /data/ partition if you can.)

This module is not possible without:
rovo89 for Xposed Framework, Xposed Documentation
Tungstwenty for Codes
C3C076 for more code
woorim98 (aka. jkl5616) for ListView Animation
RootBox for merging ListView Animation Commits into a Single one.
Xylon ROM for Transitions Animation XMLs
PACman ROM for BatteryBar Codes
Dzakus for code contributions
DeFcOn for TN transitions zip
SlimRom for Classic Recents
TeamBAKED for Quick Settings Tile Color
AOKP for Scroll Velocity & Friction Mods.
Jason Fry for Android Overscroll Blog Post & Code

XDA:DevDB Information
XuiMod, App for all devices (see above for details)


Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: v2.3
Stable Release Date: 2014-05-18

Created 2013-10-10
Last Updated 2014-08-19
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	device-2013-11-13-180358.png
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10th October 2013, 05:28 AM |#2  
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Download from Xposed Repo

Backup Downloads from Google Drive


Version 2.3.1 (18 May 2014 / 1555 / GMT+8)
• Fix German Translation (thanks @Schokonuss for pointing it out)

Version 2.3 (18 May 2014 / 1500 / GMT+8)

• Add Clock Size Option
• Add Support for multi-lines in Clock
(you must lower the size to see the 2nd line)
• Add Master Switch for Clock Mods
• Add Animate Once option for ListView Animation
• Fix Compatibility with Xposed 2.6
• Fix App Dialog not showing apps with same name but different package
• Improve Tinted Status Bar Tint Detection
• Add German Translation (thanks @Schokonuss)
• Add Chinese (Hong Kong + Taiwan) Translation (thanks @Pocket Fan)
• Update Chinese (China) Translation (thanks @Pocket Fan)
• Update French Translation (thanks @Micks29)


Version 2.2.1 (17 March 2014 / 2140 / GMT+8)
• Fix "Always Show Scrollbar" causing force-closes
• Optimize ListView Animations (Don't create animation if view is null)
• Add Chinese Simplified Translations (by Pocket Fan)
• Add Korean Translation (by Splendidevelop from Twitter)
• Add Turkish Translation (By Hakan Güven)
• Add German Translation (by @Schokonuss)
• Update Japanese Translation (thanks to @RyokoN (WedyDQ10) )
• Update French Translation (thanks to @Micks29)

Version 2.2.0 (28 February 2014 / 1520 / GMT+8)
• Add Option to place BatteryBar below Status Bar
• Add IME Animation Delay (to help reduce aniamtion lag)
• Add Ticker Animations
• Add Always Show Scrollbars Option
• Add Tinted StatusBar (StatusBar/NavBar) Icon Colors Support
• Add Restart SystemUI dialog when toggling BatteryBar, Notification Random Color, Ticker Animation
• Fix Android Crash when using "Kill app back press" with Toast Animations Enabled
• Skip TabletStatusBarView Hook in KitKat since it's removed from KK onwards (thanks @JamMasterClay for the tip)
• Updated Japanese Translation (thanks to @RyokoN (WedyDQ10) )
• Update French Translation (thanks to @Micks29)


Version 2.1.1 (02 February 2014 / 2300 / GMT+8)
• Fix French Translation not shown (thanks @Micks29 for pointing out)

(Happy Chinese New Year!)
Version 2.1.0 (01 February 2014 / 2330 / GMT+8)

• Add Customizable Color for Overscroll Glow
• Add Option to disable Overscroll Glow
• Add new ListView Animations (Google Now Left/Right)
• Add Customizable Toast Animations
• Move IME Animation to separate screen
• Fix Color Picker not saving transparency properly
• Fix Lockscreen Mods on Kitkat
• Fix BatteryBar not shown on JB+ (already in v2.0.1)
• Improve ListView Animation Up/Down Position Code
(Reduces buggy Unfold, Fold and Google Now animations in the wrong direction)
• Add Spanish Translation (thanks to @viruslaura)
• Add French Translation (thanks to @Micks29)
• Update Portuguese [BR] Translation (thanks to @LaraCraft304)


Version 2.0.1 (17 December 2013 / 2140 / GMT+8)
• Fix BatteryBar not showing on Android 4.1 and above

Version 2.0 (17 December 2013 / 1215 / GMT+8)
• Added Portuguese [BR] Translation (by @LaraCraft304)
• Fix "Random Quick Settings Tile Color" not disabled together with "Select Random Colors" on JB4.2 & below.
• Fix System Animations on ICS
• Fix for Keyboard not closing after rotation when using IME Animation
• Fix some random SystemUI force-closes when changing settings
• Fix BatteryBar not updating length immediately on screen rotate
• Optimize + reimplemented BatteryBar hook (should work almost all devices now, even tablets.)
• Add BatteryBar on Navigation Bar
• Add Toggle for allowing batterybar to change according to battery level
• Add Volume Up and Down to Lockscreen Torch
• Backported Animation Controls to Android 4.0 onwards
• Optimize + Partially Fix Fold/Unfold ListView Animation Bug.
(Fixed flinging to an end, but bug still shows when scrolling super slowly)
• Add Option to Hide Launcher Icon


Version 1.9 (05 December 2013 / 0100 / GMT+8)
• Updated Japanese Translated (by WedyDQ10)
• Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Animation Controls
• Rewrote Test ListView Dialog (Now it allows translation)
• Scrolling Mods (Overscroll Distance, Overfling Distance, Friction, Max Velocity)


Version 1.8.1 (01 December 2013 / 2230 / GMT+8)
• Fix Animation Controls not disabled for those using Android 4.2 and below & wrong description
• Fix Notification Quick Setting not disabled for Android 4.1 and below

Version 1.8 (01 December 2013 / 1600 / GMT+8)
• Fix Seconds in Clock Skipping a little
• Change IME Animations Show/Hide Keyboard to proper APIs
• Small Optimizations to BatteryBar & System Animation First Loading.
• Small Optimizations to Volume Panel Mods.
• Randomized Quick Settings Tile Color (from TeamBAKED)
(Also works with Cyanogenmod's Quick Access Ribbon)
• Classic Recents / Gingerbread App Switcher (from SlimRoms)


Version 1.7.5 (21 November 2013 / 1140 / GMT+8)
• Fix Throwable on ICS causing Lockscreen Torch and VolumePanel Mods to not work

Version 1.7.4 (20 November 2013 / 0100 / GMT+8)
• Fix Throwable on JB4.2 and below causing IME Animations to not work
• Updated Japanese Translations (Thanks to WedyDQ10)

Version 1.7.3 (18 November 2013 / 1200 / GMT+8)
• Fix Exception on JB4.2 and below causing IME Animations to not work
• Fix BatteryBar not showing on reboot if you use Regular Bar/Non-Symmetric Bar

Version 1.7 (17 November 2013 / 2210 / GMT+8)
(This version has some bugs, please use v1.7.4)
• 1 Second Delay before Settings take effect when they are changed
(Settings should be less buggy)
• ListView Animation: Prevent unnecessary reflective calls to method if value is not used.
(Smoother Scrolling for all animations EXCEPT Fold & Unfold)
• Clock: Optimized custom clock time retrieving. (less lag)
• Clock: Option for Uppercase/Lowercase
• System Animation: Custom IME Animations <See attachment/video>
• BatteryBar: Gracefully Fade to new color. (when battery percentage change/settings changed)
• BatteryBar: Different Colors for different Battery Percentage. <See attachment>
• BatteryBar: Optimized updateSettings. (Settings will take effect faster)
• Lockscreen Torch: Added ICS + KK compatibility
(Note: As of the date this version was released, Xposed Framework is not compatible yet with KitKat)


Version 1.6 (14 November 2013 / 1200 / GMT+8)

Animation Controls: Fixed animation not resetting to default when disabled.
Animation Controls: Option for Randomized System Animation.
Prevent App Overrides & Animation Duration is now useable with Animation Controls disabled
System Animation: Added TokoROM Animations
ListView Animation: Fixed Exception/Throwable during scrolling
- (1) Fold and Unfold animations should work properly now
- (2) ListView Animation is smoother
Others: Updated Japanese Translations (Thanks to WedyDQ10)
Others: Added Color Picker (based on Daniel Nilsson's android-color-picker library)


Version 1.5 (10 November 2013 / 2340 / GMT+8)
AOKP Animation Controls - for Android 4.3 and above only
• Added Japanese Translations (Thanks to WedyDQ10)
• Added Sony Xperia Z1 Transitions. (extracted by @allenfoxtc)
• Added "Use HTML" to clock settings.


Version 1.4 (04 November 2013 / 2115 / GMT+8)
• Added ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission
• ListView Animations Blacklist feature.
• Modified Xylon Animations a little (Use Fancy Input Method Animation for normal one.)
• Added slightly modified TN Transitions Animation.


Version 1.3 (28 October 2013 / 0900 / GMT+8)
• Torch Options to use TeslaLED, DashLight Torch or CM Torch
• Fix for Torch turning on with a quick single tap.
• BatteryBar Background (Show empty battery amount; See screenshot in attachments)
• Cleared Clutter. Moved HW Buttons options to a separate window.
• ListView Animation Duration by @Dzakus.
• Code Optimization by @Dzakus.
(Listview Animations are smoother; Performance varies for every phone)


Version 1.25 (16 October 2013 / 1800 / GMT+8)
• Emergency Fix for App FCs (Caused by checking for HW Keys)
• BatteryBar Height Preview will show Bar Color.

Version 1.2 (16 October 2013 / 0700 / GMT+8)
• Cleaned up codes (By @Dzakus)
• Volume Panel Alpha Preference with Visual Preview (By @Dzakus)
• BatteryBar Height Preference with Height Preview (By @Dzakus)
• BatteryBar / Clock don't need to restart SystemUI anymore
• Lockscreen Torch (Hold HW Buttons to turn on Flash)
If some settings Force Closes, please clear the app data.


Version 1.1 (11 October 2013 / 1440 / GMT+8)
-Fixed Window Transitions Crashing Android on uninstall/update.
-Made Window Transitions require reboot
-Seconds will not skip from 59 to 00 anymore.
-Clock Settings and Seconds separated
(Bold,CustomClock will still work when seconds disabled)


Version 1.0 (10 October 2013 / 0000 / GMT+8)
First Version

This Xposed Module is best used in AOSP-based ROMs like CM.
Manufacturer ROMs should be supported but untested by me. However, I will do my best to maximize compatibility before releasing each version.
Also, please get ready your if anything goes wrong.
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10th October 2013, 05:29 AM |#3  
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Unfixable Bugs:

If you have any fix for these, please post it in this thread or on Github issues page.

• Tapatalk(-based) apps will have listview animating all the time or have visual artifacts.
Workaround: Use ListView Animation Blacklist to remove app from animating

• If you use Default in IME Animations, Duration and Interpolator will not apply.
Due to the way Android uses the animation, I had to use a "hack" to make this animation work. Thus, I cannot retrieve the default animation (without incompatibilities with ROMs) since this is not officially supported.

• Navigation Ring will not disappear
This is due to "Prevent App Override" in "Animation Controls".

• Animation Controls not working in HTC Sense ROMs.
The hooks of Animation Controls seem to be applied without error. It is possible HTC made the default codes unused and merely added new ones above it.

Tips for this module:
Colorful Clock Example using HTML and SimpleDateFormat
An Example to have multiple lines in the clock
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10th October 2013, 06:27 AM |#4  
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Really a good job buddy. Everything works for me here.

Sent from my Xperia Live with Walkman using Tapatalk 2
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10th October 2013, 06:28 AM |#5  
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Was waiting for this one. Giving it a go now. Thank you!
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10th October 2013, 06:43 AM |#6  
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Uxylon pie would be SICK.

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10th October 2013, 08:10 AM |#7  
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First Thanks for this amazing module, I would like to know why the transitions are choppy in some apps?
I have the galaxy note2 is my phone not powerful inoff?

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10th October 2013, 08:20 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by flexxoo

First Thanks for this amazing module, I would like to know why the transitions are choppy in some apps?
I have the galaxy note2 is my phone not powerful inoff?

I don't really know.. I've tested it for about a month and it is smooth on my phone(single core), and should be much smoother on yours. But I'll update this if I do find out the real reason. Perhaps you can enable "Force GPU Rendering" but I can't guarantee anything.
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10th October 2013, 08:30 AM |#9  
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amazing module dont ever stop coding for android!!!
smooth animation all around

Sent from my AMOI N828 using xda app-developers app
10th October 2013, 08:37 AM |#10  
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Going to try on my mt6577 device

Sent from my Micromax A110
10th October 2013, 09:06 AM |#11  
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The Transitions are awesome!

Sent from my GalS3xy SCH-I535 now Free
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