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[HOW-TO][Root+TWRP Recovery][LB]Stock Marshmallow 6.0.1 (23.5.A.0.575/.291)

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Hello everyone,

Update 27.08.2016: It also works for version 23.5.A.1.291 (OS update that includes STAMINA). The procedure is identical, you just have to use the latest firmware available and create a pre-rooted .zip to update your tablet device.

I am pretty sure that I couldn't find a how-to guide anywhere that explains how rooting our precious Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact on Android 6.0.1 with locked bootloader works. This post simply shows the process of how I got root on my device (SGP611) and I am going to write the steps only in moderate detail so that hopefully everyone can follow without hassle. There are some steps that I'm not going to explain too much in detail but instead I highly recommend you to look around a bit on XDA to find theses already explained steps (I just want to get to the point on how to get root so that's why it may not be super noob friendly).
Edit: A little bit more info and additional steps that might help you further can be read in post #5.

Standard disclaimer:

Your warranty is now void.
I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, or any other issues that may arise from not following the steps correctly/carefully.

Also, I am not a developer so I am very sorry if I can't give you an answer to questions relating to problems with the tools we are going to use in this tutorial. It's better to ask the developers directly( I will link you to the needed threads).

1. Downgrade device if necessary
2. Root using KingRoot exploit
3. Install XZDualRecovery custom recovery
4.1 Get the latest Marshmallow firmware and create FTF file
4.2 Create the pre-rooted .zip file
5. Flashing the pre-rooted .zip file correctly
Extra: Already created pre-rooted .zip file download for the lazy ones (At the very bottom)

1. First thing you need to know is that if you're device is currently bootloader locked and on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 (23.5.A.0.575), as of the time I am writing this, you will not be able to achieve root directly through some kind of rooting tool. What you need to do now is to downgrade your device to an older version of Android, e.g. Android 5.0.2 or KitKat are good enough.
To do this you need to find the older firmware:
-Try this link to look for it: (If you can't find Android 5.0.2 for example, use Google or look around XDA)
-Downgrading the device will wipe data/factory reset, so BACK UP YOUR STUFF before downgrading.
-Use flashtool to flash the firmware and downgrade: (I will expect you to know how to use flsahtool to flash ftf. files, there are many tutorials on how to do this)

2. Why you have to downgrade is because older firmwares have an exploit that can be used to root the device even when the bootloader is locked. So yes, something like a one-click root method is possible now.
-You may use this tool called KingRoot to root your tablet:
Read the info carefully before doing anything.

3. Now, you should have managed to root your device with Android version other than 6.0.1. That is when another great tool comes in which is called XZDualrecovery. XZDualRecovery is "a" custom recovery that you'll need to be able to proceed from here.
-Install XZDualRecovery using the root method. That's the only way to get it onto the device.
-Link: (Read the instruction there carefully)

4. Great! Now you should have root and custom recovery. If not, you did something wrong.
This is when you can create something called a "pre-rooted" firmware which is basically all you need to get root on Marshmallow 6.0.1.
-Use the tool called Xperifirm to download the Android 6.0.1:
-Launch Xperifirm and on the left hand side browse to "Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact -> the model number of your device (look under settings on your device to find out model number)"
-On the right side top you'll see "Check all", click it to let it check for latest firmware number
-Android 6.0.1 would be 23.5.A.0.575 23.5.A.1.291 (latest firmware). You can choose any Market or Operator you want (Tip: Use "Customized XXX" and avoid carriers)
-After downloading you'll need flashtool again to convert those downloaded files to .ftf format (Again, there are instrutions on the internet that you can look for)
-Make sure you have the .ftf file
-Get two .zip files
--1) RecRoot:
--2) A dummy flashable file:
-Get PRFCreator:
-Open PRFCreator and put the .ftf file to FTF, the RecRoot .zip file to RECOVERY, and the to SUPERSU. Don't do any other way!
-Tick Kernel, FOTAKernel, Modem, LTALable and Sign Zip
-Click "Create" to create the pre-rooted Marshmallow firmware

5. You should have created the pre-rooted Android 6.0.1 firmware now.
-Put the pre-rooted .zip file and the RecRoot .zip file onto your device's SD card/storage (anywhere where you can find them later)
-Reboot your tablet into TWRP recovery. (XZDualRecovery even provides you an app to choose and reboot to recovery) Don't reboot into any other recovery!
-Now, in TWRP recovery, erase dalvik cache, cache and system just to be clean.
-FIRSTLY, flash the that you have put on your device. After flashing successfully, DON'T REBOOT YET!
-SECONDLY, flash the file
-Now you can reboot and if you did everything correctly, your Z3 Tablet Compact should boot up with Chainfire's SuperSU root and TWRP recovery (to access TWRP recovery, you have to reboot the device and while a green LED light appears for a moment, press and hold the volume down button. Then you will enter TWRP recovery. As for now, you cannot access the recovery any other way like using a reboot app, it will not work!).

CONGRATULATIONS! You have a rooted Z3 tablet with locked bootloader and you haven't lost Sony features.

Thank you for reading this tutorial. And don't forget to thank all these devs that provided us the needed tools.

Extra: I will also put a link here where you can download my created pre-rooted Marshmallow firmware. It's build 23.5.A.0.575 Customized Germany and for SGP611 only!!TQ4AwbSZ!LNw11quAW...eVM1M0s10eyt4g
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2nd July 2016, 07:07 PM |#2  
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Just followed your instructions with my SGP621, worked great!
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3rd July 2016, 12:05 AM |#3  
Originally Posted by Teella

Just followed your instructions with my SGP621, worked great!

Would you be so kind and share your pre-rooted SGP621 ROM?
3rd July 2016, 01:15 AM |#4  
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Originally Posted by janla

Would you be so kind and share your pre-rooted SGP621 ROM?

I would love too, but my upload is very very slow and would take week to upload. Follow the instructions it's very easy, it was the first time I've ever touched and FTF or made a prerooted rom. Well not really made, just clicked a few buttons in flashtool and waited.
4th July 2016, 12:06 AM |#5  
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SGP621 additions
Hey man,

thanks for this concise guide to unroot our beloved tablet! I tried a few times before, but always gave up under the flood of outdated info available. With your guide, I successfully rooted my SGP621 (= Sony Z3 Tablet Compact with LTE).
Since you refer to "available info on the net" quite often, I had a few moments where I was unsure what to do exactly. Maybe the following hints can help others like me who are new to the world of Sony android devices.

Step 1:
You could probably also downgrade to 5.1, but to be safe, I chose 5.0.2. The needed ftf files for SGP621 as well as the SGP611 and SGP612 are avilable here.
I used the most current version of the flashtool, which is as of this posting. I followed this (German) guide for installing and using the flashtool. To install the needed drivers, you'll have to navigate to wherever you installed the Flashtool to, there to the subfolder drivers, and execute the driver installer you find there. In the driver selection dialog install the first two, and of course the Z3TC driver you find somewhere in the list. Got two errors during the driver installs, ignored them, all went well.

Step 2:
Kingroot is a one-click-rooting solution you install directly on the phone, no pc connection necessary. After the tool is installed, you have to start it, swipe up a couple of times, and then tap on "Purify". The description in the xda thread made me think "Purify" is just an ad for an additional app, but it does start the rooting process.

Step 3:
After downloading and extracting XZDualRecovery, start the install.bat (under Windows, obviously). Connect your tablet, then choose menu item 1 (Install with SuperSU).

Step 4.1:
Many guides describe a decrypt / unpack step, you don't need this. The files are already unpacked after the download through XperiFirm. I did, however, delete the file "fwinfo.xml" from the downloaded files. No idea if that's needed, but it didn't hurt either.
To convert the downloaded files into an ftf file in the flashtool, select "Tools > Bundles > Create".
  • As "Source Folder" select the folder that XperiFirm created in the download path you specified. You'll then see a bunch of files in the "folder list" - select everything but the ".ta"-files (there were 5 ta-files in my case).
  • Doubleclick the empty "Device:" line, select the correct device.
  • I guess you can enter whatever in Branding and Version, I entered "German" and "23.5.A.1.291".

Step 4.2:
The "RecRoot"-File mentioned is indeed called "". If you download that file, you're good to go. The PRFCreator tool needs to have Java installed for the last step (signing the prerooted rom). The file with the prerooted rom is saved in the PRFCreator dir itself.

Hoping this'll help someone!
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4th July 2016, 01:53 AM |#6  
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More I am glad that I could help. Also, I'll thank you for your time extending my guide a bit with more detailed steps. That'll help users who are new to this stuff for sure. 👍

Gesendet von meinem SGP611 mit Tapatalk
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8th July 2016, 08:53 AM |#7  
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If I follow this way, can I restore my tablet in stock settings if I have any trouble?

8th July 2016, 06:04 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by bozo13


If I follow this way, can I restore my tablet in stock settings if I have any trouble?


For restoring your tablet to stock, you only need flashtool with Xperifirm. It's like the first step where you have to download the stock firmware from Xperifirm and flash it with flashtool. Then you only have stock and clean operating system on your device. Unless, I'm not sure what you mean with stock settings?

Sent from my Sony E6553 using XDA Labs
16th July 2016, 07:50 AM |#9  
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Thanks for the guide. Using this guide, how can i install xposed on prerooted MM.
Shud i flash it after flashing recroot. Or shud i enter the system and then do it.
Following these steps will i lose recovery once i reboot to the system?
17th July 2016, 02:45 PM |#10  
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worked for me but god i kept soft bricking it. twrp kept wanting to reboot after wiping. now to wait and see if it will charge above 49%
1st August 2016, 08:08 AM |#11  
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Thank you for your efforts and detailed instructions. I did it smoothly on my 612. In my case the RecRoot was named as RecRootV4_combined.
Oddly, MobileUncle does not restart device to TWRP recovery, although it is doable the hard way
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