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By xzr467706992, Senior Member on 6th April 2018, 03:18 PM
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! This kernel is based on treble tree,so make sure you are on a treble ROM !

【! From R20 , it only support 4.4 compatible ROM since we are having 4.4 kernel !】

! Some profiles from /vendor will be replaced so if you want to fully uninstall this kernel,just dirty flash your current ROM!

If you are coming from other kernels,better to do a dirty flash on your current ROM to avoid any strange problems

#Build for z2 plus but it should work well on pro#

I can say with certain flashing this kernel is safe at all.Kernel will not go on OC freqs if u dont choose OC freqs by using tools like KA(from R12).So in fact u can use this kernel as a non-OC kernel Lol.

But the kernel has a lot of settings that could cause unstable like high OC freqs (2.53/2.46/780/2.0),so its strongly recommend to test the freq you want to use before you set it for daily use.Just lock min and max freq to it and see if theres kernel panic or crashes.If everything is fine,you can choose it for daily use.Or u can try to raise voltage for it and test again.

For every device:
OC 2.26+1.68+624 is stable

For most device:
OC 2.34+1.76+710 is stable

For some device:
OC 2.41+2.0(1.86)+780 is stable

For little device:
OC 2.5+2.0+780 is stable

So if this kernel is good at performance or battery depends on ur settings.Default settings(1.8+1.3+624) prefer battery + smooth.



-Big cluster OC 2.5GHz
-Little cluster OC 2GHz
-GPU OC 780mHz
-Intellithermal included
-Modified thermal config included
-Sound control added
-A lot of TCP govs
-Ghostpepper from AKT included(Less heat and better performance)
-Sound control added
-Arch power included
-Fsync control added
-A lot of optimization included
-Touch boost can be switch now(disable by default)
-CPU set 2.15+1.59 as default
-Upstream to 3.18.107
-Background tasks can load on both cpu0 and cpu1

I think you neednt do anything about optimization to this kernel because I have already do my best for it XD

Download here:

Flash it and reply this thread if ur phone dosent explode(just a joke)(It should be SAFE)

Spectrum download:


Anykernel repo:

Many thanks to:
@mracar (Help me fix audio problem on z2 pro)

@DD3Boh (This kernel is based on his tree)
@Star_king12 (for awsome works on 4.4 kernel)
@kenny3fcb (for awsome works on 4.4 kernel)

And thanks everyone works on z2 (pro)
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6th April 2018, 03:19 PM |#2  
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From R20 , it only support 4.4 compatible ROM since we are having 4.4 kernel. So go to flash a ROM with 4.4 kernel build in(Latest arrow,aex,etc.),or you ll get problem with video playback and usb.

The latest 3.18 kernel is R19.
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6th April 2018, 03:19 PM |#3  
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- Rebase on CAF "LA.UM.8.4.1.r1-00300-8x98.0"
- Linux 4.4.213
- Merge latest kernel/common
- Update qcacld wlan drivers to "LA.UM.7.6.r1-06700-89xx.0"
- Update simple lmk to v2.25.0
- Increase ZRAM size to 750MB
- Build kernel with clang 10.0.2
- Rebalance cpuset
- Update Anykernel3 and fix error on Android Q system-as-root
- Add msm_irqbalance binary from marlin
- (z2_plus) Restore to original zui touchscreen drivers, fixing touchscreen randomly fails on some devices
- Cleanup some useless commits
- Fix network signal guru not working
- Fix spectrum profile reset after booting
- Fix performance drain after locking screen for a while on some ROM
- Remove OC as it may influence EAS energy balance
- Improve smoothness under mobile data
- Improve app launching time
- Fix up PELT with backports from kernel/common android-4.14
- Move to PELT load tracking for EAS
- Enable iptable ttl target support
- (z2_plus) Add display panel refreshing rate overclock
* Need lock and and unlock (turn screen off and on) after booting or OC wont work.
- Add cpu undervolt
* uv1=undervolt slightly
uv2=undervolt extremely (mostly unstable)
* uv2 can bring about 15% power cost drop down for Kryo HP @ 2.15Ghz

- 4.4.184
- Merge latest caf tag
- Merge kernel/common
- Merge latest qcacld wlan drivers
- Update Clang to 9.0.5
- Update Anykernel2 to Anykernel3
- Move to simple_lmk
- Drop ZRAM size back to 512MB
- Update cpu_input_boost drivers
- Fix some more memleaks
- Support disable FP in latest lineage
- Include sultan's iommu,qos,mdss,cpuidle and many other optimizations
- Upstream f2fs and rapid gc changes
- Allow background tasks load on cpu1
- Slightly optimize touchscreen performance
- Drop z3fold and move back to zsmalloc
- Move back to stock lz4 modules

- 4.4.178
- Rebase on caf's kernel.lnx.4.4.r37-rel branch with latest kernel/common changes merged in
- Update to latest qcacld wlan drivers
- Clang update to 9.0.2
- Gcc update to 9.0.1
- Add hall switch driver
- Upstream f2fs
- F2fs rapid gc support
- Bump up framebuffer boost value of performance profile to 1GHz
- Upstream anxiety io scheduler
- Cleanup defconfig
- Fix log spam on ROMs with hmp perf stack
- Upstream EAS
- Fix some memleaks
- Limit the rate of CPU clock-rate changes
* You can edit it at /sys/module/qcom_cpufreq/parameters
- Boost cpu when lmk decide to kill tasks
* You can edit it at /sys/module/boost_control/parameters/lmk_boost_ms

Change log:
- Update to latest qcacld wlan drivers
- Merge latest caf tag
- Improve idle drain slightly
- Fix USB tethering really
- Remove unused livedisplay drivers
- Underclock cpu on suspend
* You can edit the frequencies in /sys/module/cpufreq/parameters
* Underclock 307mhz+307mhz on suspend for battery profile and 1.0ghz+0.8ghz for balance profile
- Add shenqi_nv support
- Clang 9.0.1
- Improve fp speed slightly
- Remove in ramdisk patches and move changes into
- More cpufreq and io schedulers bring in
- Boost cpu when launch apps (You can edit boost time at app_launch_boost_ms)
*Default set 500 for balance and 1500 for performance and gaming.

Btw,I m now sure sound problem on aex is not kernel related.The problem is still there even after dirty flash aex.Now I have moved to los by dd3 and everything works fine.

Change log:
- 4.4.176
- Fix -4℃ in KA
(But the cpu temperature is still not accurate because KA is reading a wrong sensor)
- Improve standby.
- Enable iowait_boost.
- Move to dynamic stune boost(Improve battery slightly)
- Updated thermal config
- Move to /vendor/bin
- Fix broken sound in wechat videoplayback&Tik Tok
- Fix phone's mic when headphoes are plugged in
* Thanks to yaro's source
- Encryption (maibe) fixed(ROM support needed)
- Speaker gain is back
- Applied some upstreams from kernel/common

Change log:
- 4.4.174
- Latest caf tag
- Latest qcacld drivers
- Upstream f2fs
- Update fp drivers with yaro's one
- Add support for spectrum
- Support sultan's boost.And you can control it at /sys/module/boost_control/parameters
- Battery improved a lot (at least for me)(About -12%/h under wifi with performance profile on normal usage)
- Fix broken bt,fp and other sensors on aosip,pe etc.
- Switch to mount factory as vendor.
( If you are on a ROM with vendor mount as vendor,what you need to do is
1. Flash twrp with factory support( )
2. Flash vendor to factory ( )
3. Flash nameless and it ll work.
*Dont flash v2f after flashing the kernel,otherwise spectrum wont work and vendor ramdisk wont be updated.

*If you are coming from other kernels,better to do a dirty flash on your current ROM to avoid any strange problems

Spectrum profiles: st-value+sultan-boot-big+sultan-boost-little

Gaming:1.6+1.4+510+315+10+0.8+0.8 (For stable pubg experience)

Spectrum download:

* Reep for hmp build because its dead.Switch to R23.1 or R24 if you love it.(I rebase hmp build on eas ,but R25 seems not booting,so its time to stop maintain it)

Change log:
- 4.4.172
- Build with clang 8.0.7+gcc9
- Latest caf tag merged in
- Lastest qcacld wlan driver included
- f2fs upstreamed
- Add some memleaks fixes
- tcp partly backported from mainline
- cfq partly backported from mainline
- z3fold support
- memlat support
- upstreamed eas
- vdso patches included
- Switch to aosp's lmk
- Switch to yaro's fpc1020 drivers

Change log:
- Rebase on 4.4.169 with latest caf tags
- Remove all unnecessary changes and upstreams
- Performance seems better than last build
- Fix booting on z2 pro

Change log:
- Upstream to 4.4.163
- Build with LiuNian clang 8
- See github for more

Change log:
- Linux version 4.4.162
- Works on 4.4 compatible ROM only (ROMs with 4.4 kernel build in)

Change log:
-Upstream to 3.18.124
-Latest caf tags merged in
-Improve stability on high load
-See more on github

Change log:
-Upstream to 3.18.120
-Latest caf tags merged in
-Upstreamed some drivers
-Double click wake up enable by default(Works on P)
-Add support for hugepage but disabled by default
-Add support for ksm but disabled by default
*If your ROM is build with lineage trees in zuk-devs,hugepage will be enabled if your device have 6GB RAM and KSM will be enabled if your device have 3GB RAM.
-You can see gpu go 100mHz when theres no load this time
-Current information update every 5s
-See github for more changes
*If you are on Pie ROM with volte working.Flash R18[Volte] build or you ll lose volte after rebooting.

Change log:
-Upstream to 3.18.115
-Include a safetynet patch (need test)
-Added an interface to adjust cpu max freq after screen off(in interactive gov)
-Interface to turn on/off cpu input boost
-Dynamic fsync included
-Gpu min freq now down to 180mHz
-Wireguard included
-Latest caf tag merged
-Latest qcacld driver merged
-Performance improve

Change log:
-Build with DragonTC
-Performance improve
-Upstream to 3.18.110
-Latest source merged
-Faster boot-up speed(than last build lol)
-Back to use 2.15+1.59 as default

Change log:
-Revert something that can cause unstable
-Undervolt for less heat(May cause panic on some device when benching, use voltage control to raise voltage if u meet that)
-Some upstreams

Change log:
-Upstream to 3.18.108
-A lot of hotplugs included(Not recommend enable it on our kryo but u can have a try)
-Intellithermal removed because seems that it doesnt work.
-Use another sound control driver those problem may fixed

Change log:
-Merge latest caf tag
-Use more proper freq table
-Use more proper values for Gpu
-Check if supported before flashing
-Use stock voltage for cpu to fix panic on some device when benching

Change log:
-Upstream to 3.18.107
-Now cpus will not boost to OC freqs when device is booting and I lock it to a lower freq so there will less heat when booting but a bit slower than last version.So OC is quite safe now,cpu OC only when u select an OC freq,u can use this kernel as a non-OC kernel now Lol.
-Fix panic when booting on some bad devices.
-Big cluster OC 2.53 GHz now(Really unstable,I can only stay seconds on it with raising voltage to 1.25v (using voltage control).Hope some lucky guys could have a bench on it Lol.
!!!And do not use this freq for daily use!!!)
-Little cluster 1.86GHz added.
-“Performance” gov have got no performance now(because of those things before so lock min freq to max if u want to use something like performance gov)

Change log:
-Undervolt a bit
-Upstream to 3.18.106
-Latest source merged
-USB fast charge added

Change log:
-Fix voltage problem cause by a oversight
-Really less heat on this build because a ****ing problem is fixed Lol

Change log:
-Fix audio on z2 pro
-Switch to GCC 7
-Underclock 1.8+1.3 as default
-Voltage control added
-Intellithermal added
-Fsync control added
-Sound control works

Change log:
-Fix boot problem on aex0416 build
#Old tree with /factory mounting as /vendor is not supported now#

Change log:
-Darkness added
-maple added
-New thermal conf added with less heat
-LMK back to stock

Nameless Kernel R7
Change log:
-Fix lagging cause by LMK
-Upstream to 3.18.105
-ElementalX added
-Zen I/O gov added
-A lot of network I/O gov enabled (westwood default)
-Set gpu 624mhz as default
-Raise voltage for little cluster 1996mhz and gpu 780mhz,it should be more stable now.

Nameless Kernel R6.5
-Not really a new build
Change log:
-Fix performance on AEX5.4.
Try this if u feel performance on aex5.4 is a ****

Nameless Kernel R6.1
for z2 pro only
-Sound fixed(A lot of thanks to @mracar)

Nameless Kernel R6
for z2 plus and z2 pro
change log:
-Sound control added
-GPU now OC 780mHz
-GPU minimal frequency up to 214 mHz so it will be more smooth (Like recent UI)
-Added 1689 mHz for little cluster
-Lower voltage for non-OC frequencies for less heat
-Raise voltage for OC frequencies for stable
-Merge latest source for z2 pro from cosmedd's repo so sound problem should be fixed.
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6th April 2018, 03:31 PM |#4  
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lan toolboxs developer?(huaji
6th April 2018, 03:44 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by 江泽民1926

lan toolboxs developer?(huaji

6th April 2018, 08:10 PM |#6  
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Flag Heaven and Hell
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Holy shi*t! This OC is outstanding!

I will try on Cosmic.
6th April 2018, 11:44 PM |#7  
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Found perfect in AEX v5.3


Enviado desde mi Z2 Pro mediante Tapatalk
7th April 2018, 07:53 AM |#8  
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bug detected, no sound works on the mobile @xzr467706992
7th April 2018, 10:09 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by xino22

bug detected, no sound works on the mobile @xzr467706992

7th April 2018, 10:12 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by xzr467706992


AEX 5.3

Enviado desde mi Z2 Pro mediante Tapatalk
7th April 2018, 01:21 PM |#11  
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AEX5.4, the system has no sound
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